Duggar Family Fans Don't Like Jim Bob's Courtship Questionnaire

Duggar Family Trouble: ‘Counting On’ Fans Tired Of Repetitive Show, Disgusted By Jim Bob’s 50-Page Courtship Questionnaire

Some fans of the Duggar family are getting tired of watching the same stories play out over and over again on the Duggars’ reality shows, and they’re especially unhappy that the family’s new series, Counting On, has morphed into a 19 Kids and Counting reboot by focusing so much on Jim Bob Duggar and his controlling ways.

According to the Hollywood Gossip, Counting On isn’t just in trouble because numerous companies have asked for their ads to be pulled from the show — the Duggars are also turning off their fans by leading repetitive lives. Viewers are getting tired of watching the Duggar daughters follow the same life plan laid out for them by their father, which begins with their suitors asking Jim Bob’s permission to court them. The girls have all adhered to similar courtship rules, and their main objective in life has been to get married and give birth.

So great having all of our older daughters together while Jill is temporarily back in Arkansas! ????

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Jinger Duggar, 22, and her fiancé Jeremy Vuolo, 29, are the latest courting couple to remind Duggar family fans about the relationship rules, which include saving their first kiss for their wedding day and only going on chaperoned dates. However, fans of the Duggar family were more accepting of Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar’s courtship rules before the cancellation of 19 Kids and Counting. This is likely because viewers were still blissfully unaware of the sexual molestation that took place in the Duggar household. As the Inquisitr previously reported, Jim Bob and Michelle knew that a teenage Josh Duggar had molested his younger sisters on multiple different occasions, but they didn’t remove him from the house until he added his then-five-year-old sister to his list of victims.

“The fact that the Duggars seem to be more strict about these guidelines in the wake of revelations that they turned a blind eye to the fact that their eldest son molested four of his sisters is the most appalling kind of hypocrisy,” the Hollywood Gossip writes.

Jim Bob Duggar has made Counting On viewers uncomfortable by telling Jinger and Jeremy that he doesn’t think that they should be “swapping spit.” During a recent episode of the show, he also interrogated Michelle Duggar about whether Jinger and Jeremy front-hugged after they got engaged, which is a big no-no.

Jim Bob Duggar didn’t appear in the most recent episode of Counting On, in which members of the Duggar family took a look back at memorable moments from the TLC series’ second season. However, as the Daily Mail reported, the Duggar family patriarch’s presence was certainly felt when Derick Dillard, Jill Duggar’s husband, revealed that Jim Bob made him fill out a 45-page questionnaire after he began courting Jill. Jessa said that Ben’s questionnaire was 30 pages long, and Jeremy revealed that he had to fill out the longest one yet.

“I got sent a 50-page questionnaire,” Jinger’s future husband said. “I sent it back at 105 pages.”

Unlike Derick and Ben, Jeremy had to fill out his questionnaire before he began courting the Duggar daughter he had his eye on. Jeremy said that he spent the most time answering a question about how he became a Christian and “came to the Lord.” According to Jessa, the questionnaires also include a finance section.

Some Counting On viewers were appalled when they learned about the questionnaire.

“My dad trusted that I was smart enough and mature enough to make my own choices. Seriously, a 30 page questionnaire? That’s ridiculous. That’s just Jim Bob trying to maintain control over his daughters,” one fan wrote underneath a post about the questionnaire on the Counting On Facebook page.

“Jim Bob is a controlling creep who should’ve kept better check on his eldest son instead of checking on other people’s sons,” another commented.

“Jim Bob has sent a very clear message to the world about his daughters. He thinks that they are to stupid to ask these questions for themselves. How sad,” one disappointed viewer lamented.

Unfortunately for Duggar family fans who are tired of watching flashback footage on Counting On, Zap2it reports that next Tuesday’s episode of the show, “Duggars at the Altar,” will take yet another look back at Jill and Jessa’s weddings.

There’s one sign that TLC is aware that fans don’t want the network to keep dragging out the Duggars’ big life events. TLC has teased that there are two Season 2 episodes left before Jinger walks down the aisle, so this season could end with her wedding special. In other words, viewers may not have to sit through a full third season focused on Jinger’s wedding preparations before getting the big payoff.

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