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Mariah Carey And James Packer: The Reasons Behind The Split, Diva Keeping The $10 Million Engagement Ring

The diva is done, so it seems. As the Inquisitr recently reported, Mariah Carey and James Packer are calling off the engagement and possibly calling their whole relationship quits for good, but why? Rumors have circulated and observations have been made that Mariah and James are quite opposite in their behavior while in the spotlight. Carey is all about the extravagant life and flaunting her fortune, as well as her assets, while Packer is more humble with his wealth, often opting for track suits and shying away from the cameras when on Mariah’s arm.

The Daily Mail, however, shares what brought James to the point of dumping Mariah and calling off the wedding.

“James Packer has called it quits with fiancée Mariah Carey, according to a new report. According to Australian publication Woman’s Day, the billionaire casino don, 48, dumped the 46-year-old pop-star over her ‘extravagant spending’ as well as a falling out over her new reality TV show, Mariah’s World. “

This past week, a family friend confirmed to the publication that “it’s all over,” between the pair. The source went on to share that James was not keen on the reality show which Carey is set to star in, noting “James had huge reservations about Mariah’s new reality TV show and the fact that she was willing to expose their lives to the world.”

It’s been reported by said source that Packer is allowing Carey to hang onto the $10 million engagement ring he wowed her and the rest of the world with. The diamond is so big on the ring that in many post-engagement pictures it looks like the diva is struggling to hold her hand up while showing it off.

The pair had become engaged back in January of 2016 following a whirlwind 6-month romance. The relationship started by Packer jetting Carey around to various destinations and ensuring she was always enjoying life in the lap of luxury. However, following their engagement, rumors began swirling that the wedding might be off when initially there were claims it would be held this past summer and then it was put off to next year. Carey shut down the rumors noting the delay in wedding planning simply had to do with her busy schedule seeing as she was completing the last legs of her Sweet Sweet Fantasy tour, performing at her Vegas residency and filming Mariah’s World.

There has, however, been talk lately by certain well-known outspoken figures that the relationship was doomed to fail. Wendy Williams, of The Wendy Williams Show, had no problem giving her opinion about Mariah and James’ engagement this past month while on the air. Essentially, Williams stated that the two should not be rushing into a marriage when Mariah is not even fully divorced from Nick Cannon yet. Wendy predicted that the two would never make it down the aisle.

The Mirror recently reported about the “shade” Williams threw Carey’s way regarding the engagement, and essentially the talk show host was insisting that Packer realize that the person he’s put a $10 million ring on is always going to be a demanding diva.

“James – here’s the deal. The way you met her is the way she is. Like it or not. You’re late to the party…We’ve heard the rumours that she only likes her own music playing when she walks into venues and places and her house….The engagement ring? Is really, really pretty and he can afford to give it to you but Mariah don’t wear it as a ring – why don’t you ask James to get it made into a broach or something. Good luck Mariah…These two will never get married and I continue on with my opinion.”

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