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Kate Middleton Pregnant? Baby No. 3 Rumored As Duchess’ Sister Considers Delaying Wedding [Report]

Is Kate Middleton pregnant with her third child?

This seems to be the most popular topic in reports about the royal family since at least one celebrity gossip tabloid reported about the rumored pregnancy of the Duchess of Cambridge.

Rumors suggest that Kate Middleton is expecting her third royal baby and that the Duchess is already four months along.

While there is still no official announcement from the Royal Family about the “news,” at least one family member appears to be unhappy with the report.

Kate Middleton with Sister Pippa
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According to an anonymous source cited by the Life & Style magazine, Pippa Middleton is not happy with Kate Middleton’s rumored pregnancy and is afraid that the baby would steal her thunder.

“Pippa is worried that Kate’s pregnancy will overshadow the nuptials. Pippa desperately wants the focus to be on her rather than her sister’s baby bump.”

The Duchess of Cambridge’s 33-year-old sister considers postponing her wedding if Kate Middleton is indeed expecting.

“She may put off the wedding until Kate has had her baby. Pippa is planning things around Kate.”

While she may not admit it, Pippa seems to be craving to get a chance at the spotlight, so much so that rumors have targeted her and the obvious envy she has with her sister who scored the jackpot when she was married into the royal family.

If Kate Middleton is pregnant, it might become a major reason for the Middleton sisters to drift apart.

Fortunately for Pippa, rumors about Kate Middleton’s third pregnancy are not true, according to Gossip Cop.

In a recently published article from the outlet, it was reported that the pregnancy rumor — which made the cover of Star magazine’s recent issue more attractive to consumers — has no official basis and is therefore not true.

Star magazine used a photo dated September 27 and declared that the Duchess of Cambridge is already four months pregnant based on that image.

“It’s A Girl! The Royals Are Ready To Welcome A Sister For George And Charlotte!” the headline screams.

Apparently, Star got hold of someone they dubbed as a “royal source” who told them that Kate and Prince William were “actively trying for another little one.”

“Now Palace insiders are buzzing about the baby’s gender. Everyone is convinced it’s a girl, because even though her bump is still small, Kate appears to be carrying high, a sure sign,” the article adds.

The alleged snitch also told Star how the Prince is being extra careful around Kate and that while the Duchess of Cambridge is not expected to suffer much from morning sickness since based on how she experienced it with George and Charlotte, William is not letting her lift a finger.

The source goes on to say that Kate intends to name their supposed second princess after Prince William’s mother, the late Princess Diana.

“Kate knows how much Diana meant to William, and indeed, the citizens of England. It will be the perfect way to show their affection for such a beloved icon.”

The source also pointed out how Kate let Princess Diana’s death anniversary in August pass before letting her husband know about the pregnancy.

While it may be wonderful to witness another little prince or princess added to the royal family, this news about Kate Middleton was fabricated, according to Gossip Cop.

Proof of this are recent photos of Kate looking her usual slim self during her trip to Canada with no baby bump in sight.

If Kate Middleton has been pregnant for four months already, wouldn’t it be obvious?

Another clue that debunks the Star magazine article is the fact that they admitted to having based the pregnancy report on “signs” and not an official statement from the parties involved.

Most of all, if Kate Middleton is pregnant with her third baby, the Royal Family will be the first to announce as they did with Prince George and Princess Charlotte.

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