Concept of a UFO over water

UFO Sighting ‘Confirmed’ By US Homeland Security Video: ‘Leaked’ Footage Shows Object Morphing Into Two UFOs

An intriguing bit of UFO (Unidentified Flying Object) video footage reportedly “leaked” from the U.S. Department of Homeland Security is now being hailed as “confirmed” proof of a UFO sighting. The video clip shows a metallic object soaring across the ocean, becoming submerged, then reappearing as two slightly altered UFOs, prompting some to insist that the footage is proof of aliens.

The Daily Star reported this week that video footage has recently come to light of a UFO swiftly moving over the Atlantic Ocean. The Scientific Coalition for Ufology (SCU), a multinational/multi-organizational think tank of scientists and researchers, claims that the footage came from the U.S. Department of Homeland Security (DHS) and was originally shot in Aguadilla, Puerto Rico on April 25, 2013. The SCU says it obtained the UFO video clip from a whistle-blower.

The four minutes of footage, according to the SCU, is video confirmation of the original UFO sighting made by the crew of an aircraft from the US Customs and Border Protection (a division of DHS) that “monitored” the mysterious object.

According to members of the crew of the aircraft, the object was first noticed as a strange, pinkish, red light traveling above the ocean. Since they had not been notified of any traffic in their vicinity, the object was reported. They were informed that the air traffic tower had also seen the object.

The aircraft reported that the UFO was between three and five feet across, flying at speeds that ranged from 40 to 120 miles per hour. At one point the object disappeared into the ocean for about a half-mile, then resurfaced, splitting into two distinct objects.

Concept of DHS plane flying over water
A US Customs and Border Protection aircraft first spotted the mysterious UFO off the coast of Puerto Rico in 2013. [Image by i am way/Shutterstock]

A spokesman for SCU said: “There is no explanation for an object of travelling [sic] under water at over 90mph with minimal impact as it enters the water, through the air at 120mph at low altitude through a residential area without navigational lights and finally to be capable of splitting into two separate objects.”

Nick Pope, a UFO expert and journalist who worked for four of his 20 years at the Ministry of Defence in the United Kingdom investigating UFO reports, said the footage taken off Puerto Rico was “fascinating.”

“Assuming the video isn’t a clever hoax – which is always a possibility these days – it’s a fascinating piece of footage.

“About the only conventional explanation that might fit the bill is that this is some new drone, but the entry and exit from the sea and the apparent splitting in two of the object makes even this explanation seem unlikely.”

UFO pair hovering off island coast
The mysterious UFO video footage taken off the coast of Puerto Rico indicates the object submerged itself for about a half-mile, then re-emerged and split into two separate objects. [Image by M. Cornelius/Shutterstock]

According to a detailed analysis of the UFO sighting by SCU, the think tank has confirmed that the leaked footage originated from a DHS whistle-blower who wishes to remain anonymous. SCU also claimed that, since releasing the UFO video, several more witnesses have come forward to corroborate the sighting.

According to SCU, the think tank spent two years reviewing the video footage to attempt to confirm the video’s authenticity, ultimately creating an in-depth analysis of its work. SCU attested that at least sic scientists and researchers were involved in the investigation.

In the conclusion to its report, SCU invited an open examination as well as alternative explanations of its findings — as long as proper scientific methods were employed.

From the report, which referred to the UFO as a UAP (Unidentified Aerial Phenomenon), noting that there was less of a negative connotation than the term “UFO,”: “Logically, there should be nothing negative associated with the study of a video that displays an object that appears to be capable of movements not readily explainable by current technology. If others can establish a plausible explanation that reasonably accounts for the characteristics of the object in this video, then so be it. But any explanation must be supported by a detailed report and not assertions or what-ifs. This video is the best documentation of an unknown aerial and submerged nautical object exhibiting advanced technology that the authors of this report have seen.”

The Daily Star reportedly reached out to the U.S. DHS for comment on the UFO matter, but it remains unclear if the government has even acknowledged the query.

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