kordell stewart admits transvestite rumors ruined his career

‘RHOA’s Porsha Williams’ Ex Kordell Stewart Admits Talk Of Transvestite Fling Ruined His NFL Career

Former NFL player Kordell Stewart admitted that rumors of his steamy rendezvous with a transvestite destroyed his career. Real Housewives of Atlanta star Porsha Williams’ ex-husband has been dodging gay allegations for years.

Real Housewives of Atlanta star Porsha Williams and her husband, Kordell Stewart, were confronted with gay rumors throughout their marriage. Now, the former NFL player is finally coming clean about his past sex life, according to Radar Online.

In a new memoir, Truth, the former Pittsburgh Steelers quarterback stated that he has been plagued with rumors of his homosexuality for nearly two decades.

In the new tell-all, Stewart, 44, writes about a night in 1998 when a friend called him.

“A Pittsburgh cop had supposedly arrested me in Schenley Park for performing lewd acts with a transvestite. The rumor was so absurd it was almost funny.”

Stewart said that he laughed off the rumors and did not think they would stick like they did.

“I dismissed it as barbershop talk. I had never been arrested or even pulled over by a cop for something as harmless as speeding in the city of Pittsburgh.”

Whispers continued to spread around town, people began to talk, and soon, word got around to his team and the league.


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The RHOA star’s ex-husband described how he was forced to address the claims and shut down any misconceptions.

“Y’all know me. Nothing happened last night, and I wasn’t arrested. All I did was watch a movie.”

However, the rumors continued and talk about his sexuality got to be out of control.

“It came out that I supposedly went to jail. It came out that I was seen in four or five different parks. It came out that I paid my way out of the situation.”

Stewart explained how one false story turned into a million different false stories that eventually ruined his reputation.

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“The year before, I’d had all the respect a man could ask for. In 1998, however, it felt like there was a dark cloud of negative energy hovering over my head all the time.”

The former NFL player said that he looked to God and the Bible frequently during that time to help him through the painful period.

“I wasn’t defined by what people said about me; I was defined by what God said about me.”

After he left the NFL, Stewart resurfaced as the husband of Porsha Williams on the Real Housewives in 2012.

It wasn’t long before the gay rumors began sparking up again. It didn’t help when Porsha Williams claimed that her ex-husband was never sexually attracted to her on an episode of the Bravo reality show.

Porsha Williams and Kordell Stewart endured a nasty divorce, and Williams did not hold back about the things she said about Stewart to the public.

“I put on my lingerie, I worked out, I kept my body up and I felt like, hey, what is going on?”

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Last year, things got worse for Stewart when a viral video star named Andrew Caldwell claimed that he dated the former football player back when he was married to the Real Housewives of Atlanta star.

Caldwell even called out Porsha Williams for her husband being gay in a radio interview.

“Girl, you know your husband was gay!”

The video star later admitted that he made the entire story up, and he had never dated Stewart.

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Kordell Stewart goes into detail about the effect that the transvestite and gay rumors had on his career as a football player and on his life afterward.

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