Carly Waddell and Evan Bass of 'Bachelor in Paradise'

Carly Waddell And Evan Bass Joke About Pregnancy And Wedding Dates: What’s The Latest From This ‘Bachelor In Paradise’ Couple?

Carly Waddell and Evan Bass fell in love last summer on ABC’s Bachelor in Paradise Season 3, and the two are still doing quite well together. They were engaged during the finale, and from the looks of things, they are in a great place now as a couple. What’s the latest from Carly and Evan?

Evan Bass and Carly Waddell embrace the fact that they are both a bit quirky and nerdy, and they both have a sarcastic sense of humor. This is clearly part of what brought the two Bachelor in Paradise stars together, and it is obviously a major component of why they work so well together. Carly and Evan banter back-and-forth on social media frequently, and they recently generated some buzz after doing it again.

Shortly after the Bachelor in Paradise finale, Bass and Waddell posted a photo on Instagram and teased that they might have eloped to get married. The two remain engaged and have not yet shared specifics about wedding plans, but a joke they shared via Twitter this week did get some fans speculating that they might tackle having babies before tying the knot.

Carly noted via Twitter that her fiancee gave her his cold, and she didn’t think that was very nice of him to do. In response, Bass asked if she was sure that it was a cold she had and not “the morning kinda sickness.” He added a smiley face at the end, and it didn’t take long for followers to joke about how this would surely spark pregnancy rumors.

It was pretty obvious from the posts that Carly isn’t pregnant right now, even though she has made it clear that she is planning a future with Evan and adores his three sons. Since Bass and Waddell both lived in Nashville before doing Bachelor in Paradise, and his three sons live in Nashville as well, they have all had plenty of time over the past few months to bond and build a relationship.

It sounds as if continuing to connect with Evan’s sons Nathan, Liam, and Ensley is the priority in terms of kids for now for this couple. However, Bass and Waddell did hint that they might actually be making progress on those wedding plans. Bachelor in Paradise fans are anxious to see if these two will wed, and viewers would be thrilled to get the chance to see it air on ABC if at all possible.

Evan tweeted about Carly naming her dog Huck, noting that it’s awful because the dog runs to him whenever he uses a certain curse word. Waddell was quick to reply that it wasn’t true, and he was being mean to her, but he quipped he didn’t realize that picking a wedding date made him a mean guy. The two went on to joke about even getting married the next day, but clearly, that wasn’t the plan.

Granted, with these two, the odds are always high that any reference of this nature when it comes to a wedding or babies is more fiction than fact. Did Carly and Evan just set a wedding date? The two were just on another quick trip together to Scottsdale, Arizona, as it seems that Bass has had work commitments out there, and she went along for the ride. Lately, they have been focusing quite a bit on things like Halloween decorations and Christmas plans. However, they did say that after the Bachelor in Paradise finale, they were excited to get married, so working toward a date to truly tie the knot wouldn’t come out of left field.

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Three couples emerged engaged from Season 3 of Bachelor in Paradise and so far, all three remain together. Josh Murray and Amanda Stanton are living together in California with her daughters Charlie and Kinsley, and despite early rumors of problems, they seem to be doing well.

Josh and Amanda had previously talked about moving to Georgia after the show, but they were recently doing some house hunting in California, and many suspect that due to her daughters, they may stay out there. In addition, Grant Kemp and Lace Morris remain together, and they are living in San Francisco, California these days. Not one of the three pairs has shared specifics about wedding plans yet, but it wouldn’t necessarily surprise BIP fans if Carly and Evan did head toward tying the knot first.

Bass and Waddell might have shared some rocky moments with one another during the early days of Bachelor in Paradise, but they won one another over, and fans are tickled to see how well they are doing. Will Carly Waddell and Evan Bass get married and have babies together? Fans will have to wait a bit yet to see, but people are definitely rooting for this couple and can’t wait to see where things head next for them.

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