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Amanda Todd Reporting Team: Facebook Page Attempts To Fight Back Against Teen Hate Pages

Amanda Todd Reporting Group

The Amanda Todd suicide controversy has brought out internet trolls en masse. From the repeated posting of her nude picture to constant hate speech against the dead teen, internet losers continue to sit behind their computer screens as they attack the death of a teen girl. One group has had enough and has decided to use the unfortunate event to fight back against hate groups geared towards bullying teens.

Known as the Amanda Todd Reporting Team, the group has a simple goal: to find and report any groups that promote direct hate speech and actions against teenagers.

The group is still very new with 675 signed up members, and we honestly would not have heard of it had group member Nate Noerper not stepped forward to introduce himself. In an email, Noerper explained:

“What were doing is trying to get people to post the links of hate pages and photos about Amanda and then the fans can go and report it. Facebook isnt doing anything about the reports and what im trying to say is we are sick and tired of seeing Amanda pictures on Facebook of her flashing her breasts.”

While the pages posted against Amanda Todd are not technically illegal, Facebook will remove offensive content if enough users chose to report certain images, post conversations, videos, and more.

With bullying is at the forefront of many conversations in American today, groups like Amanda Todd Reporting Team are needed to police the web, ensuring that impressionable teens are not pushed in the wrong directions as “part of the crowd.”

Will the Amanda Todd Reporting Teambe successful? If we all do our part and join, it may be. Who knows; perhaps with enough volunteers, this group can spread out and prove the power of social good within the social networking sphere.

You can join the group here:

I personally like the name Users Report Abusers, so here’s hoping campaigns can be launched and some social good can come out of such a tragic event.

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31 Responses to “Amanda Todd Reporting Team: Facebook Page Attempts To Fight Back Against Teen Hate Pages”

  1. Amanda Todd Reporting Team

    We wanted to change the name to "Users Report Abusers" in order to encourage longevity and reach a bigger audience suffering- as you can tell by the slogan on our logo. However, within 48 hours – we were well past the allotted 200 "likes" ( Facebook only allows you to change the name of a group if it has less than 200 likes ).

    However – it was Amanda Todds story that brought us all together – so it is a pretty fitting name to stay with moving forward.

    ~Stay Strong :)

  2. Anonymous

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  3. Eric Melita

    Wow. Do something more productive with your time then defending a dead whore. You idiots are why the world is turning to shit.

  4. Seth Morrow

    How come nobody cares about Shania Grey, a young girl who was raped and murdered. Why does Todd deserve to be placed on a media pedestal. Shania wasn't important enough for you people to care about, what about all the other child murder victims and child suicides, do they not matter. Instead of trying to police people right to free speech ( yup freedom of speech dosent mean " free to say what I find acceptable" why not lobby for harsher laws on rapists and pedophiles, start programs that promote parental envolvment in there child's social lives or suicide awareness skills, maybe you should minister what your children are doing online and encourage other parent to do the same.

  5. Seth Morrow

    I had no idea this would post to Facebook. Also I'd like to think Farmer for telling me about Grey

  6. Theo Popa

    A bunch of stay at home, jobless conservatives trying to get other hard working people who actually work for a living and don't spend their time reporting pictures on the internet fired. This is why the economy is in the shitter and this is also the reason why this media site gets only like 20 views per day, keep up the good work scumbags.

  7. Mary Campanella

    The story to all who still don't know.

    Amanda Todd. She went in chat rooms with her friends a few years ago to meet new people. They complimented her, then they asked her to flash, so she did. About a year later somebody messaged her telling her that if she didn't give him a 1 on 1 show that he would send her boobs out to all of her friends, family etc. A few weeks went by, and it was christmas b
    reak, 4am the cops were knocking at the door. Her boobs were sent to everyone. She was depressed, and her anxiety was off the charts. She lost every friend. So she moved, different school, new beginning. Not too long after, he found her and sent her boobs out again. She got into drugs, and alcohol. Started self harm. She became so depressed, she didn't go out. So she moved in with her mom in a completely new place. She stared to talk to an old guy friend that was now leading her on, saying he liked her. He had a girlfriend. He invited her over. She went, they hooked up. She later got a text saying leave your school now. She ignored it. Everyone surrounded her. Two girls came up to her telling her to look around, and nobody likes her. A boy screamed out "Just hit her already". They threw her to the ground and hit her several times. She ran to a ditch and her dad found her later. When she went home she chugged beach, attempting suicide. She was rushed to the hospital, and they flushed her system. She gets home and sees posts all over facebook telling her to drink bleach again, saying nobody likes her, and telling her to die. She cried every night. Everyone hated her because of on mistake. One little mistake. She started cutting again. She attempted suicide and failed.

    On October 10th, 2012, Amanda Todd killed herself because of bullys. One mistake she made, made her life hell. She hung herself after attempting suicide multiple times. Share this, people need to know her story.
    Rest In Paradise, Amanda. We love you. ♥

  8. Mary Campanella

    Amanda Todd – Bleach Drinking Champion
    10 minutes ago
    So the page got removed, I somehow think Connie and Mark Fuckerberg is responsible for this… New content coming soon!!

  9. Mary Campanella

    I received my very 1st. threat last night on my life.Im actually pretty excited as this is a form of Bullying in it's finest moment.

  10. Mary Campanella

    “The woman who follows the crowd will usually go no further than the crowd. The woman who walks alone is likely to find herself in places no one has ever been before.”.
    ― Albert Einstein.

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