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‘Grey’s Anatomy’ Season 13 Spoilers: Is Jo Pregnant With DeLuca’s Baby?

Grey’s Anatomy actress Camilla Luddington just announced her pregnancy to the world, and it’s got fans of the long running medical drama believing that her character, Jo, could potentially do the same.

Camilla took to Instagram on October 26 to tell fans of her pregnancy with a sweet message, posing with a pumpkin that read, “Baby arriving Spring 2017.”

“I am SO excited to FINALLY share with you all news that I’ve managed to keep secret for what seems like forever now,” Luddington told Grey’s Anatomy fans via the social media site. “I am pregnant!!!!!! This girl gets to be a ‘cool mom’ ha!”

“We are beyond happy,” Camilla continued in the caption of her big pregnancy announcement photo, adding, “I cannot wait to bring you all on this journey with me!”

Grey’s Anatomy producers are yet to reveal exactly what Camilla’s pregnancy means for the ABC medical drama, but that didn’t stop fans of the show from speculating that Luddington’s big baby news could spell drama should her pregnancy be written into the series.

A number of Grey’s Anatomy fans flocked to Twitter to speculate on Camilla’s big pregnancy announcement, suggesting that Camilla’s baby news could mean that Jo and her estranged love interest Alex could potentially discover that they’re expecting a baby, despite splitting earlier this season.

“Since Jo is already pregnant,” Grey’s Anatomy fan @Lorey_El tweeted executive producer Shonda Rhimes upon hearing Luddington’s pregnancy news, “Can you just tie that into the show and make her pregnant by Alex? So much drama will happen.”

“Since Camilla Luddington is pregnant, I hope they make Jo pregnant with Alex’s baby in Grey’s Anatomy, I need more drama,” Grey’s Anatomy viewer @VomitsHerMind added and @mbjoclhs tweeted, “Holy s*** @camilluddington is pregnant what if they write in the script Alex and Jo get back together and Jo gets pregnant??”

But while some Grey’s Anatomy fans speculated that Camilla’s pregnancy could potentially spell a reconciliation for Jo and Alex, others ventured that, if Jo does in fact become pregnant on the show, her baby may actually not be Alex’s.

Some Grey’s Anatomy fans were quick to guess that Jo could actually potentially become pregnant with DeLuca’s baby after the two have been growing closer in Season 13.

“Now Jo has to be pregnant [with] DeLuca,” Twitter user @aphroditenugwa claimed of Jo potentially being pregnant, while @sloansavery tweeted, “What if they make Jo get pregnant by DeLuca? I will actually kill myself that’s so disgusting.”

It’s not yet clear if Camilla’s pregnancy does mean that Jo will become pregnant with Alex or DeLuca’s baby on Grey’s Anatomy, though Luddington made it pretty clear before announcing her big news that Jo and Alex are pretty much completely done, which could spell serious drama ahead.

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According to Entertainment Weekly, Camilla recently revealed that Alex and Jo are now “dunzo” following their drama, which included Alex beating up DeLuca in the Season 12 finale, and even hinted in a recent interview with Cosmopolitan that Grey’s Anatomy fans could potentially see Alex move on and date Meredith.

“I don’t think that’s a crazy idea, because a lot of relationships end up blossoming from friendships,” Luddington admitted of Alex and Meredith potentially dating somewhere down the line after being close friends for several seasons.

“I understand how sometimes it can take a long time for those feelings to develop,” Camila continued of what’s ahead on Grey’s Anatomy prior to announcing her real life pregnancy, “and then suddenly you realize that that person has been standing there all along.”

Grey’s Anatomy airs on Thursday nights on ABC.

Do you think Camilla Luddington’s pregnancy will be written into Grey’s Anatomy? Should Jo have a baby with Alex or DeLuca?

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