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‘General Hospital’ Spoilers: Sonny Plunges Into Darkness, Lashes Out At Jason – Is Their Friendship A Thing Of The Past?

Sonny and Jason have a long history together on General Hospital. Stone Cold had been his main man ever since he went to work for the mobster after his car accident. Not only was Jason his hitman, but these two could always count on each other no matter what. However, that seems to be a thing of the past now that Jason has chosen to walk away from the business. Their friendship has suffered and now that Sonny is spiraling back into darkness after Morgan’s death, he has banished Jason from his life. Is it really over between them?

On Wednesday’s episode of General Hospital, Jason saved Sonny from hurting Scott Baldwin. The two men were going at it as the grieving father blamed Scott for keeping Julian Jerome out of prison for his crimes which ended his son’s life from a car bomb meant for him. Sonny is lashing out at everyone, even at Jason, as Daytime Confidential had noted.

Sonny is angry, hurting, and blaming everyone in his path. His own guilt is eating away at him and now it is about to become dangerous. He left his office and was seen standing on the bridge holding a gun. He blames himself for what happened to Morgan and has lost everyone in his life who he thought he could count on. Carly has left him, Michael is trying to deal with it on his own, and now he is blaming Jason for not being the old Stone Cold that he used to be before he was shot and presumed dead. He blames Jason for not taking Julian out for him like he would have in the past.

After Sonny told him to leave, Jason did just that. Some General Hospital fans may think that the old Jason would never have left him by himself in that state. He would know that Sonny was just lashing out because he was grieving and most likely off of his bipolar meds. Mix that in with lots of alcohol, Jason would know not to leave his BFF alone at this point. However, Jason is not the same person that he used to be and that part of his life with Sonny has ended. So, what should he have done when Sonny wanted him gone?

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The good news is that Jason is not giving up on his old friend. He did come back to the office, but found Curtis rummaging through it instead. These two may just team up to find out the truth of what happened with the car bomb that led to Morgan’s death. As for Sonny, he will end up on that bridge with the gun in his hand. However, he will find one person who loves and cares about him no matter what, and that person is Robin Scorpio.

According to spoilers by Soap Opera Spy, actress Kimberly McCullough will be back as Robin on General Hospital for just a short time. Everyone had been wondering why she was returning and now the answer is that she came back for Sonny Corinthos. Those two have a special bond and upon learning of what happened to Morgan, she came back from California to be with him.

Robin is sure to talk some sense into Sonny before something bad happens. This could even be a wake up call for his family that seems to have abandoned him. Will Carly go back to him once she knows just how low he is right now? Nelle had warned Michael that his dad is drinking and not doing well and now Michael has gone to his mother to let her know that as well. However, Carly is angry and blames Sonny for this terrible accident that has supposedly claimed their son’s life. She may just continue to turn her back on him and ignore what Michael has to say.

The speculations on what will happen on General Hospital soon is that someone will find out that it was not Sonny’s bomb that was planted in that car. His hit was called off and that will ultimately be found out as well. But for now, everyone is playing the blame game until the truth comes out. As for Sonny and Jason, their past relationship has been tarnished now that Jason is no longer willing to work the mob business. At least that is how Sonny sees it.

Do you think Sonny will eventually accept that Jason is no longer the Stone Cold that he can count on?

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