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Kanye West Gets Angry After Almost Bumping Into Kim Kardashian’s Ex In Miami

Kanye West

Kim Kardashian and her current boyfriend, rapper Kanye West, almost encountered a truly awkward moment when they nearly bumped into her ex Reggie Bush on Sunday night in Miami.

Dining in the upscale steak house Prime 112, West was angered when a camerawoman asked him if he congratulated Bush on becoming a father for the first time. He then went over to the woman and pushed her camera away with Kim at his side.

Kardashian smiled throughout and then tried to calm him by holding onto his arm before the couple then drove away.

It was rumored that Reggie, who was with his pregnant girlfriend Lilit, narrowly avoided meeting up with Kim and Kanye as they looked for places to eat on Sunday night in Florida’s largest city.

A witness said, “Kim and Kanye arrived to Prime 112 for dinner at about the same time Reggie Bush and Lilit arrived for dinner across the street at Prime Italian.”

Kim is currently filming a new series of her reality show with her sister Kourtney in Miami whilst Reggie plays for the NFL side Miami Dolphins. Rumor has it that Kim is fuming over the fact that Bush is now expecting a child with the 25-year-old professional dancer.

“Kim is very upset,” A source told RadarOnline, “Kim had pressured Reggie for a very long time to get married while they were together because she wanted to have a family with him.”

Kim is currently still in divorce proceedings with her estranged husband Kris Humphries

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4 Responses to “Kanye West Gets Angry After Almost Bumping Into Kim Kardashian’s Ex In Miami”

  1. Maria Gregorio Frazelle

    soooo, he wasn't the love of her life I see the source doesn't state, just that Kim was mad he didn't marry her and give her a baby? hmmm

  2. Donna Outlaw Plank

    Awww, gosh, I know that should make Kanye so happy to hear the woman pregnant with his baby is upset another woman is pregnant with an ex's baby. And since most state laws are that a baby born while you are still married to your ex is legally that child's father shouldn't come as a surprise to Kim either. I feel sorry for Kris Humphries who was played. Kim and Kanye deserve each other.

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