Tom Cruise Is ‘Narcissist, Insecure, Kind Of Babyish,’ Says Ex-Scientologist

Tom Cruise has often been associated with the controversial religion of Scientology, but this time, the actor has talked about it openly. Radar Online has reported that the religion helped the actor a lot through his life. He went on to call Scientology a “beautiful” religion.

“It’s something that has helped me incredibly in my life, I’ve been a Scientologist for over 30 years,” he answered.

He went as far as to say that he wouldn’t be what he is if it wasn’t for the religion.

“It’s something, you know, without it, I wouldn’t be where I am. So it’s a beautiful religion, I’m incredibly proud.” Those are a lot of good words.

Radar Online has said that a 10-story condo is being prepared for the Hollywood megastar. It’s at the center of the Church of Scientology’s Clearwater, Florida, campus.

Radar Online had talked to an ex-Scientologist, actress Cathy Schenkelberg, who didn’t have a lot of good things to say about Tom Cruise. She was blacklisted from the church after she insulted the actor.

“I went into the room and just like any audition, the camera starts rolling. It was fine, the first few questions and then asked me what do I think of Tom Cruise,” she told Radar.

“I shoot from the hip – I’m a Midwest girl, I’m from a huge family and I just went, ‘Ugh, I don’t like him. I’m not a fan. Risky Business is OK and I was really upset that he and Nicole broke up. I really liked her and kind of find him to be a bit of a narcissist, insecure, kind of babyish.’ I don’t know … I spewed it out.'”

She went on to say that she knew him from the church.

“So I kind of got a bitter taste in my mouth and other people can say ‘Oh she’s just a disgruntled, failed actress’ but I wasn’t,” she insisted. “I was a girl who thought I was helping mankind and contributing to Scientology and its health groups but now I have to leave? I’m not a big celebrity but I did pay for it.”

Radar Online also did an exclusive on the secret life of Tom Cruise inside the Church of Scientology. The publication talked to his agent, Michael Ovitz. Ovitz has said that he made himself familiar with the religion by reading a Scientology textbook.

“Because I had no idea what Scientology was, I read the book ‘Dianetics,'” he recalls.

However, he said he wasn’t really shocked, adding, “I was in the entertainment business; there’s nothing that could shock me, okay?”

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He says the nature of their work attracts a lot of actors to Scientology or something like it because it grounds them.

“I could see where actors would like Scientology: They’re gypsies, in a way,” he explains. “They don’t go to an office, so it grounds them.”

Ovitz also had a game plan when it came to handling it all. He said he had considered fighting them.

“I decided there were two ways to handle Scientology: Tell them how bad it is and fight them, or just embrace it and try to control any fallout.”

“I love Tom…He’s probably going to be the biggest star in the world,” he claims he told Scientology leader David Miscavige.

He went on to say that he worked with Miscavige to make sure Cruise’s image was right, explaining, “We’ve got to work together to make sure it all stays chill and cool and his image is right.”

He went on to say that while Cruise was with them, they made sure that there was no controversy because it was important to maintain the image of the megastar.

“By the way, let me tell you something very interesting: When Tom was a client of ours, you didn’t hear any criticisms on that, not while he was with us,” he insists. “We surrounded him, and we were so careful.”

Do you think Tom Cruise is hiding something about the Church of Scientology?

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