Nina Dobrev To Replace Kristen Stewart As Bella Swan in Twilight movie

Nina Dobrev To Replace Kristen Stewart As Bella Swan In New ‘Twilight’ Movie?

While it might be hard for Twilight fans to believe, it has been four years since Lionsgate released Breaking Dawn Part II. Movie News Guide reports Lionsgate has expressed an interest in reviving the Twilight Saga. The question is – is anyone other than Lionsgate on board with this idea?

Unfortunately for Twilight fans, Kristen Stewart has made it pretty clear that she is uninterested in returning to star in any more movies as Bella Swan. There is, however, another actress who has expressed how willing and ready she is to step up and take Kristen’s place as Bella Swan. Who is this actress, you wonder?

Nina Dobrev – who you may know better as Elena from The Vampire Diaries.

According to Celeb Dirty Laundry, Nina Dobrev left The Vampire Diaries because she wanted to make a change and pursue a career in movies. Ideally, she wanted to star in a young adult movie – or saga series. After all, she is a young and hot actress. She just wants to strike while the iron is hot.

The Divergent Series: Ascendant, which was also produced by Lionsgate, is being transitioned to become a television series. As such, Lionsgate is currently in the market for a new revenue generating movie. For this reason, it isn’t too surprising to hear that Lionsgate has started to toss around the idea of reviving Twilight with another movie.

The studio chief, Patrick Wachsberger, claims that a new Twilight movie is a “possibility.” He did clarify that if the author, Stephanie Meyer, wants to tell a new story related to the Twilight characters, Lionsgate was ready and waiting to make it into a movie.

Even if Stephanie Meyer never sat down to write another book for Lionsgate to transform into a Twilight movie, there is already movie than enough material to revive the saga for another movie. For example, The Short Second Life of Bree Tanner, which is a novel that recounts the transformation and experience of one of the newborn vampires in Eclipse is one option.

Using The Short Second Life of Bree Tanner to revive the series would be a great choice as Lionsgate would not necessarily need all of the main actresses and actors to make the movie work as the movie would be a bit of a spin-off from the original story line.

Another option Lionsgate could take is Life and Death: Twilight Re-imagined which is another book Stephanie Meyer recently published. This book is just a gender-swap that retells the story of Twilight from the point of view of Edward instead of Bella. If this was the option Lionsgate decided to take, Nina Dobrev has already expressed that she would be more than willing to take on the role of Bella Swan if they are unable to get Kristen Stewart to return to the role.

The question is – would they be able to get Robert Pattinson to reclaim his role as Edward or would they have to cast a new actor to take on the role of Edward as well? Would the new Twilight movie appeal to fans of the saga if neither Kristen Stewart or Robert Pattinson are in it?

While Kristen Stewart has made it pretty clear that she has no interest in taking part in anymore Twilight movies. Nina has made it clear she would be more than happy to take on the role of Bella Swan. Robert, on the other hand, hasn’t really given a clear answer either way. Though, he hasn’t always had the nicest things to say about the saga or Stephanie Meyer. So, it wouldn’t be that big of a surprise if he didn’t want to reclaim the role.

A third option Lionsgate could consider for a Twilight revival would be to focus on Jacob and Renesmee Cullen. It wouldn’t be too hard for a new movie and addicting movie to be made focusing on Jacob and Edward and Bella’s daughter. The only question is whether or not Taylor Lautner would be interested in doing another Twilight movie.

According to EnStarz, there is one Twilight actor who did admit to being willing to do another Twilight movie because of how much fun making the first five movies was. Kellan Lutz who’s known for playing Emmett did admit to being willing and even wanting to do another Twilight movie.

Do you think Nina Dobrev would do a good job of taking on the role of Bella Swan in a new Twilight movie? Would you still enjoy a Twilight movie without Kristen Stewart or Robert Pattinson? Share your thoughts on how you feel about a new installment to the Twilight Saga and what you think the movie should be able in the comments below.

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