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Karl Lagerfeld Believes Today’s Models Are Not ‘That Skinny’

Karl Lagerfeld Models Aren't That Skinny

Karl Lagerfeld, the controversial Chanel head who isn’t at all afraid to speak his mind when it comes to a wide variety of topics, recently stated during an interview with Channel 4 News that today’s models are actually not as skinny as many have been led to believe. Lagerfeld also explained that, contrary to popular belief, nobody works with anorexic girls in the industry, calling such allegations “ridiculous.” However, when asked if it would be okay for women to be heavier at some point in the future, the designer offered up an interesting observation.

“Unfortunately, yes,” he stated. When asked if it was okay for women to carry a little bit of extra weight right now, Karl Lagerfeld kept his response simple: “No.”

The designer’s definition of “not that skinny” might be a little different than most, especially considering Lagerfeld famously declared that award-winning singer Adele was “too fat.”

“There are less than one percent of anorexic girls, but there are over — in France, I don’t know about England — over 30 percent of girls who are big, big, overweight,” Lagerfeld said, explaining that the fashion industry isn’t at all interested in extremely skinny girls. He added, “The models are skinny but they’re not that skinny. All the new girls are not that skinny. You know, there’s a new evolution.”

Of course, Karl Lagerfeld doesn’t spend all of his free time discussing the expanding waistlines of actresses, singers, and celebrities. According to the Daily Mail, the Chanel designer revealed that he would love nothing more than to dress Kate Middleton in his clothing.

“She’s beautiful … the state of the economy in Europe, not especially in England, I think she’s perfect for that … she cannot come like a red Carpet girl, but for times being, she’s perfect,” Lagerfeld said.

Do you agree with Karl Lagerfeld that today’s models are “not that skinny”?

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25 Responses to “Karl Lagerfeld Believes Today’s Models Are Not ‘That Skinny’”

  1. Patti Mounce

    all his "women" look sickly. They are so skinny, I think he likes women who are invisible. He says "look at my clothes, not at this thing that's wearing them".

  2. Mariann A. Morgan

    yes, this puts oput a message to young women/girls that this is beautiful and the norm, it is NOT. she looks like she could use something to eat other than a piece of lettuce.

  3. Cathy Mae Kutterhoff

    Somebody give those girls a sandwich already, my god! They are gross looking, wow!

  4. Diane Quilghini

    The picture that inticed me to read the article was just too thin. Women need a certain amount of body fat just to keep the female body functioning properly. I was Never skinny, but I was never fat, I had and have curves. I thought I would love to be thin and look like these skinny models, but then when you see them like this I am sooooooo glad I am not. I enjoy curves and so do the guys who look at them. My husband once said "don't get to thin I want to know there is someone in the bed with me" I guess that was enough for me. If girls are naturally this thin good luck, but that's not me. I want to be healthy.

  5. Randi Sommer Naquin

    Make it a 4 course steak dinner and some dessert. Wouldn't matter. They'd just barf it up
    anyway! Nasty!

  6. Cynthia Duprey

    I think they shouldint be "perfect" because that's giving young girls the wrong impression of what real beauty is they should be a normal healthy weight and I think they should do away with plus sized models and just have them model with the others that's something I hate about clothes they have something really nice that you like in the store but they have shit for the plus sizes it should be just one whole thing then that might stop stereotypes of overweight people and send a good message not just to teens but to adults also.

  7. Beth Horne-Bowling

    These women are not beautiful, look at their faces. They are merely 'clothes hangers' and if they had normal curves then it would be harder to fit his sample sizes to different models. It's easier to make a sample then put it on a stick. Then, when a REAL woman, one with breasts, hips, thighs, and of various heights wants to wear the outfit, it is made specifically for THAT woman, and that is why his clothing is so expensive. Couture clothing is not 'sized' and hung on a rack, it is made to fit YOU…and the idiots who brag about being skinny enough to wear 'samples' are fools! If you are wealthy, you don't wear samples, you have your clothes fitted. The most beautiful and wealthy women are not a size 0, nor are they 5'10" weighing 100 lbs…beautiful women have beautiful, soft curves!

  8. Madeline Lenore

    Actually he's right. He's talking about Kate Middleton who is supposedly a size 6, plus size in the industry. Compared to a 00 I think that's quite the improvement.

  9. Sheila Prudhomme

    These girls look so sickly, looks like they can barely stand under there own meager weight! I much rather have some meat on my bones then look like this. Wake up Largerfeld this in not beauty! I bet if all the "over weight" people banned his products his tune would change! I for one will not be using any Chanel products anytime soon!

  10. Sheila Prudhomme

    Oh by the way Mr Largerfeld, if you think that purple jacket and tie with silver gloves is fashionable you sadly mistaken, you look like an old wrinkled freak! But what more do you expect from someone with so much money they don't know what to do with yourself, expect being an eccentric freak, because no one around you has the guts to tell you otherwise.

  11. Jared Weir

    I am not down for trying to snuggle with a skeleton. "I am hungry, I think I will have some ice cubes with my salad".

  12. Robbin Moede

    I think most models are skinnier then they should or need to be. I think the models should be a size 8, or between 6-10 that's not to small or to big.

  13. Lisa Roloff

    Oh for crying out loud! When are these foolish designers going to realize (and the public in general) that they freaking work for us! If we would stop trying to cram our normal bodies in clothes designed for a body with the metabolism of a humming bird that hasn't past puberty or starving ourselves to try to match what they think we should look like trust me… they would get over it fast and start designing clothes and have models that match reality. this guys smug "artist" attitude wouldn't last 5 minutes if we stopped buying into his dream world and he couldn't sell clothes. Wake up people! art and clothing design is a service industry. If you want to create art for your self and don't care who likes and who doesn't, it's called a hobby. if you want to make a living at it you have to at least partway cater to the masses. we are letting them rule us. stop it! it's time to tell them what we want not the other way around!

  14. Cass Hull

    I love the 'metabolism of a hummingbird who hasn't passed puberty yet'…I need to remember that one!!!

  15. Patricia L Holman

    it is almost impossible for a developing young woman to maintain that kind of body frame without either near starvation or methamphetamines. these girls look like something from a concentration camp…..

  16. Beth Horne-Bowling

    Honey a British size 6 is a US size 4. And runway models are expected to be 5'10 and that size. Can you imagine being your height and that skinny? No, the smallest I ever was at my height was a size 7 and you could count my ribs.

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