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Romney, Ryan Attack Obama Administration For China Currency Manipulation

Mitt Romney Criticizes Obama On China

Mitt Romney and his running mate, Representative Paul Ryan, spoke out against China on Saturday, calling the country “cheaters” in the global economy. They also criticized the Obama administration of being soft on the country, whose current trade and policies are damaging the US manufacturing sector, as well as the middle class.

Romney and Ryan spoke at separate campaign stops in Ohio, criticizing the Obama administration for delaying a decision that was due on Monday to address whether China is manipulating its currency to gain advantages in the trade market, reports Fox News.

Romney spoke at a rally in Shawnee State University in Portsmouth, Ohio Saturday, saying:

“Over the past several years, the president has failed to call China a currency manipulator. Let me tell you, on Day One of my administration I will label China a currency manipulator. We have got to get those jobs back and get trade to be fair.”

The Republican presidential candidate made similar remarks later on Saturday in Lebanon, saying, “China’s been cheating, and I’m not going to let if go on.”

Romney’s running mate, Wisconsin Representative Paul Ryan, stated that he and Romney will “hold cheaters accountable.” Ryan added:

“The administration had its eighth chance to label China a currency manipulator. And they’ve indicated they are going to push this deadline off until after the election. That’s eight opportunities to say: ‘You know what, play fair with us, trade with us fairly.’ “

Romney and Ryan are referring to a decision made by the US Treasury Department on Friday, according to ABC News. They decided to postpone the October 15 report deadline, which allows for the meeting of finance ministers and central bankers from the G20 on November 4 and 5. The move, however, will also avoid publishing the report before the November 6 election. Romney went on to say:

“We’ve lost hundreds of thousands of jobs according to one study because of just this problem. Two million jobs we’ve lost, according to the International Trade Commission, because of one country, China, taking our intellectual property rights, meaning taking our patents, taking our goods that we make and copying them and selling them — that’s not correct, that’s not right, that’s cheating.”

Ryan was citing a study from the US International Trade Commission, which actually says that two million jobs could have been created, not that they were lost.

Romney has consistently asserted that the Obama administration is soft on China, even though they chose to expand an initiative by George W. Bush to spend $17 billion trying to limit China from stealing Pentagon technology. Two months later, Defense Secretary Robert Gates also started a new US Cyber Command station to address threats to the Defense Department’s computer networks.

In response to Romney and Ryan’s statements that the Obama administration is soft on China is contended by the administration, which says that it is incongruous to do so. Do you think that Romney and Ryan are right to criticize Obama for his policy on China?

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4 Responses to “Romney, Ryan Attack Obama Administration For China Currency Manipulation”

  1. Rohinton Irani

    Mitt Romney and his running mate, Paul Ryan, took up the issue in Ohio at separate campaign rallies across the state, saying China is costing American jobs.
    You know what? Willlard.

    If there was a PICTURE in the Dictionaryy of HYPOCRITE…..YOU would have to be IT!

    I mean YOU have The DAMM NERVE to Criticize The President's China Policy?

    When YOU are CLOSING down a PLANT in Freemont, Il. on NOVEMBER 5! ONE DAY before The Election!

    YOU have AMERICAN WORKERS who are about to LOSE thier Jobs! Train thier Chinese counter parts for THIER Jobs!

    And then to ADD Insult to Injury….Like MSNBC REPORTED, LOWER The AMERICAN FLAG!


    I mean are YOU Freakin' Frackin' Kidding Me?

    I'll say this AGAIN! The ONLY REASON People are VOTING for YOU…after ALL YOU'VE Said & Done!

    Is out of PURE RACIAL HATERED for the President! I mean HOW MUCH MORE can any LOGICAL PERSON come to any other CONCLUSION!


  2. Sanjay Patel

    Dammit, stop attacking each other and tell us what your goning to do for the American people. Give me your plans, the expected output and who's head is on the block if the outcome is NOT achieved. Period. Tell me what I can expect from each of you in year 1, 2, 3 and 4. And if not achieved per what you "sold" me on, tell me the repercussions. I.e. your accountability. To much attacking od each other and not enough SPECIFICS from anyone. WE SHOULD BE ASSAMED that this is how our politics is being show cased.

  3. Church State

    Did evasive, unaccountable, sworn to secrecy, and buzzword Republican presidential hopeful Willard Mitt Romney say he plans to get tough with China? I truly do not think he would do such a thing, especially since the religion to which he is a devote member (the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints – the Mormons) has for years pleaded with the Chinese government to allow Mormon missionaires to proselytize in their mainland country. The LDS church has settled for having only a "presence". Now as for controlling government spending. I certainly hope Mitt Romney makes it a priority to greatly reduce or better yet eliminate all of U.S. federal tax dollars spent to support the funding of the LDS Missionary program (60,000+ worldwide), and now in October 2012 the number of enrollees increasing from 700 to 4,000 per week since LDS church leaders lowered the eligibility of missionary minimum age of men to 18yrs and women to 19yrs old. There seems to be no maximum age limit (55+) so wealthy retired persons are eligible. Worst yet upon their return of serving their LDS missions, U.S. federal tax dollars will then be used to pay for the college education because they supposedly served as community "volunteers". The loophole being exploited is the proselytizing cannot be in "scripted" form (maybe consistent use of keywords is acceptable). The U.S. federal tax payers can hold Utah Senator Orin Hatch (senator of host state of Romney's 2002 Winter Olympics and state headquarters of the LDS/Mormon Church) and other LDS faithful lawmakers, responsible for sponsoring early amendments to and finally the 2009 Kennedy-Hatch bill Serve America Act (to triple the number of AmeriCorp volunteers to 250,000 and boost the educational stipend they recievie for tuition assistance). The irony of the entire situation is the LDS faithful pay minimum if no U.S. federal tax dollars (example Mitt Romeys multi-million dollar contributions to his church on his 2010 tax forms) to payout to the Hatch Serve America Act since their 15% tithings are considered eligibile federal tax deductions to a private non-profit. The LDS church collects a tithing for a Missionary fund why is that money not being used to support its growing worldwide missionary program?

  4. Morodok Funan

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