Was Zero Wing commemorated by Google?

If you visited Google on September 5, you may recall the above doodle, featuring a UFO beaming up one of Google’s ‘O’s. The search engine is renowned for its adapted logos, which often appear to mark a holiday or famous event. Usually, letting your cursor hover over the logo brings up an explanation.

This one was a little more mysterious, however, with no annotation offered. The only clue? A tweet from Google later in the day, which simply read:

“1.12.12 15 1.18.5 20.15 21.19”

The Telegraph’s Shane Richmond donned his deerstalker, and discovered that changing those numbers to their corresponding letters produced the following phrase:

“All Your O Are Belong To Us”

The meme-fluent amongst you should recognize that immediately – it’s Zero Wing! Google actually remembered Zero Wing! For those of you who are still bamboozled, Zero Wing was an obscure Japanese shoot-’em-up which Wikipedia states previously stated was released in arcades on September 5, 1989 (though this has now been changed to September 19).

The game shot to Internet fame a few years back, thanks to its endearing Engrish-filled introduction producing the kind of phrases you see in the shot below. September 5 was the game’s 20th anniversary, so it seems we have our Google doodle explanation!


[Via Telegraph]