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Missouri Couple Suing Doctor For Allegedly Decapitating Baby During Botched Delivery

doctor allegedly decapitates baby in botched delivery

Florissant, MO – Arteisha Betts and Travis Ammonette claim their son died after birth when the doctor separated the newborn’s head from his neck. The Missouri couple claims the obstetrician decapitated the baby, shoved the boy’s body back inside the mother, and then performed an emergency C-section to hide the deadly mistake.

According to the lawsuit, the couple claims that the OB-GYN refused to perform the planned C-section and detached the newborn’s spine while attempting to yank him from the birth canal, the New York Daily News reports. The 10-count complaint filed in the St. Louis County Circuit Court maintains the doctors wrongly pressured them into having a vaginal delivery, Courthouse News Service reports.

During an appointment with Dr. Susan Moore, the physician allegedly told Arteisha and Travis that the baby boy would need to be delivered via caesarian section because his abdomen was too large for a normal vaginal birth. Betts went into labor at just 28 weeks into a typical 40-week pregnancy.

St. John’s Mercy Medical Center’s Dr. Gilbert Webb, allegedly refused to go ahead with the planned C-section and would only agree to deliver the baby by way of attempted trial of a vaginal birth. Dr. Webb also allegedly refused to permit the couple to go to another hospital, and Betts eventually agreed to try a vaginal delivery under protest and duress, according to lawsuit excerpts.

During Kaden Travis Ammonette’s delivery, his head became breached and the rest of his body became stuck inside the birth canal. Dr. Webb is accused of applying traction to the baby’s head to pull the newborn loose, and separated the boy’s head from his cervical spine in the process. The parents reported seeing blood shoot out from their baby’s neck.

The St. John’s Mercy Medical Center doctor reportedly pushed the newborn’s head back inside the birth canal and initiated an emergency cesarean section. Betts claims the procedure occurred so quickly Dr. Webb was slicing into her body before the anesthesia had kicked in.

According to the lawsuit, Dr. Webb surgically and completely removed the newborn’s head from his body during the emergency delivery. The lawsuit names Moore, Webb, Signature Medical Group, and Midwest Maternal & Fetal Services as defendants. The hospital is not named in the lawsuit. The couple is seeking unspecified damages based upon wrongful death and negligence accusations.

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28 Responses to “Missouri Couple Suing Doctor For Allegedly Decapitating Baby During Botched Delivery”

  1. Tonya Jackson

    This is one of the saddest stories that I have almost ever read! OMG!

  2. Jennifer Sher Schellert

    Dr. Sue Moore was my OBGYN and delivered my baby a few months ago, she and her practice are the reason my daughter is here today. She is the most sincere, professional and amazing doctors I have ever encountered. I am not questioning the couple, but I find a few things a little off… very bizzarre and tragic.

  3. Sheila Greene-Dartley

    It doesn't look as if Sue Moore is involved in what happened. She is the one who recommended the c-section that another doctor allegedly refused to perform. So sad and tragic.

  4. Christa Michelle Hawkins

    My heart truly breaks for this couple and the horror they endured, and will continue to suffer from for the rest of their lives. And Shelia is correct. Dr Moore was not the delivering doctor. She is only involved in the suit because they are part of the same practice. The guilty doctor deserves everything the law throws at him. Loss of career…imprisonment…and uncalculatable restitution. Nothing will bring this couple's child back, but they can use that money and justice to make not only their lives a little easier, but also start a memorial fund to benefit other children. I feel no sympathy whatsoever for that moronic doctor. His lack of skill, preparation and rush to get on with it and get it over with destroyed a lot of lives.

  5. Rogue Planetx

    thank goodness it was a negroid or it might have been a loss.

  6. Rogue Planetx

    I don't believe a word of it, More likely scenario is the two hijinkers saw an opportunity to scam a professional and took thematter to its limit, I wouldn't doubt if the old man cut the baby in two and said it was the doctor who did it.

  7. Rogue Planetx

    It smells to high heaven if you ask me. Something is off here, No doctor would carry a sharp instrument when delivering a baby anyhow. I think the father had something to do with this shit

  8. Loria SosoBlessed Brown-Bennett

    Dr Moore was in my delivery room 6 months ago, and Dr Webb delivered my friends baby this past June….I am sick knowing we were under their care after this happened.

  9. Tricia Branham Cox

    holy cow. Dr. Webb was my high risk OB last year. I absolutely loved him and have recommended him to friends. This sounds so unlike him. He's normally very caring. I had a c-section myself, so I didn't see him as anti-section at all.
    My heart goes out to this family. I hope whatever happened, they can find the truth and it never happens to anyone ever again.

  10. Rachel Pasquarelli

    I just read the article-it sounds like something out of a horror story. Also makes me think, "huh?"

  11. Tricia Branham Cox

    Yeah, Rachel, me too.
    I just don't understand at all. Obviously what happened to this baby is just horrible, but I just have to believe there is some explanation, some freak accident.. something. Dr. Webb was always very kind and caring and a great doctor.

  12. Anonymous

    Any loss of life is tragic, but I think some facts are missing here…
    For example, the mother went into labor 28 WEEKS into a typical 40 week preganancy. And to think, her doctor "wouldn't let" her go to another hospital! If any of you have ever been in a neonatal intensive care unit, you would understand the obvious issues with a 28 weeker. If mom had already gone into labor, this was anything but a "typical" pregnancy. The concept of the OBGYN delivering the baby, decapitating the poor child, then placing the child back in the birth canal, then doing a c-section is absurd. I doubt any of that happened and I would have to question the purported medical knowledge of the birth mother. It is also unlikely that the doctor performed the delivery alone in the room, and any decent human being in the room would have reported such a heinous act immediately (I'm referring to actual trained health care workers.)

  13. Greta Freeman

    "I would have to question the purported medical knowledge of the birth mother." The word "purported" is not appropriate as she was not studying for med school finals, but instead recounting a crime, which she was there for. Additionally, the word "birth" is not appropriate either, as she was not planning to put the child up for adoption.

    "It is also unlikely that the doctor performed the delivery alone in the room, and any decent human being in the room would have reported such a heinous act immediately (I'm referring to actual trained health care workers.)" So your hypothesis is based on the assumption that individuals working under someone will generally call the police to report their boss as a criminal?

    However, I suppose you already were aware of the points above, as you have such an admirable purported knowledge and all.

  14. Anonymous

    Here is the contact info for this doctor:
    St. Luke's Hospital Perinatal Center.
    226 S Woods Mill Rd Suite 62.
    Chesterfield, MO 63017.
    (314) 469-3990 (Office).

  15. Trishia Pauline

    What I think a lot of you are missing is that this was a very premature baby.. much more delicate and underdeveloped than a typical full-term child. This father, and especially mother will be in my thoughts. I read elsewhere that the couple conceived through IVF treatments and I'm sure that is hell to go through, and to come out of it with this? Horrific.. I hope if this doctor truly did this to this mother and her child that he rots in jail.

  16. Sandra Dixon Peplinski

    Trisha, there is always more to the story than what you read publicly. It is sad but sometimes babies that are severely premature and unable to survive outside the womb do sustain such injuries during delivery and birth process. I did not read story so you know more about the situation I am speaking in general.

  17. Trishia Pauline

    I am sure there are many details that aren't being made public. However, as stated in my last comment if these allegations are indeed true I hope this doctor pays for what he did. A different doctor recommended to this couple that they have a c-section due to potential complications that may have arose and her warning went unheard. Also if the doctor knew he decapitated a newborn right in front of the view of parents (sounds pretty graphic) and then shoved the baby back into the uterus only to be cut out of the mother.. that sounds pretty darn unprofessional to me.

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