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Celebrity Apprentice 2013 Cast Announced By Donald Trump [Video]


Donald Trump went on the Today Show this morning to announce the new cast for the upcoming season of The Celebrity Apprentice, which will premiere in March 2013.

The new edition, Season 13 of the television reality franchise that launched in 2004, will be TheCelebrity Apprentice All Stars. “We wouldn’t have done the ‘All-Star’ concept unless we were able to get the right contestants back,” Donald Trump claimed.

Shooting begins Monday for the show which will feature the following returning contestants: Trace Adkins, Stephen Baldwin, Gary Busey, Penn Jillette, Lil Jon, Bret Michaels (the winner of the 2010 Celebrity Apprentice), Dennis Rodman, Dee Snider, Marilu Henner, La Toya Jackson, Claudia Jordan, Omarosa (who appeared on the first season of the non-celebrity Apprentice), Lisa Rinna, and Brande Roderick.

In general, when a reality show goes the “celebrity” route, it usually means the series is on the way out. The Celebrity Apprentice, however, continues to pull good ratings with that format, so it must be a guilty pleasure for a large segment of the viewing population.

The “celebrities,” most of whom are looking to reboot their careers via the NBC reality show, donate their winnings from the various challenges to charity. The overall winner gets $250,000 for his or her designated charity.

According to Entertainment Weekly, several other notable former cast members will also show up:

“… Former winners Piers Morgan. Joan Rivers, John Rich, and Arsenio Hall will all be returning — but not as contestants. Instead, the four Celebrity Apprentice champs will show up alongside Donald Trump in the Boardroom at some point as advisors.”

Watch Donald Trump reveal the new cast of The Celebrity Apprentice on the Today Show:

Are you a fan of The Celebrity Apprentice?

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22 Responses to “Celebrity Apprentice 2013 Cast Announced By Donald Trump [Video]”

  1. Kelly C. Hitchcock

    They couldn't get 16 more B-listers to volunteer? Same old faces? Snooze.

  2. Brenda Bernier

    Enough w/Lisa Rinna and her botox lip, but even more so, Omarosa is not worth watching! Seriously now, lets get some new people. These are all recycled!

  3. Deborah S Rhoderick-townsend

    Bret Michaels on celebrity apprentice hell yea baby

  4. Nicholas Michael Ewen

    All they needed was Vincent Pastore and it'd be perfect. Can't wait!!!!!

  5. Cat Summers

    As some said: recycled people… Trump having a hard time getting people for his little "dog & pony show".

  6. Joe Soja

    Lame. Why are all these shows recycling old casts…guess the economy won't allow for new ones^.

  7. James Curry

    Wow! Nothing new here but old retreads! Not worth watching. Omorosa! The poster child for arrogant black women! Trump really had to scrape the bottom of the barrel to find her. No wonder the ratings are going south!

  8. James Weaver

    Donald. You spouted off about politics and your sorry little spoiled rich boy rants against the President……and now you threaten to sue Mac Miller………nope will not do anything to support you EVER again. Go rot in a hole you arrogant worthless POS. I hope you lose a ton on this hopefully last season.

  9. Susan Hutchison

    Enough already. Please no more calling a has been a celebrity. They are no longer popular or famous. Why even have them on television? Are these people paying DT to be on the show? Why have them on the show again? All of these people act childish, selfish, self centered and immature…Please, how about real people, real celebrities, not rejects. I will not be watching this season…getting bored of all the drama, childish behavior adults.

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