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Who Won Debate? Joe Biden Leads In Instant Polling During Kentucky Showdown With Paul Ryan

who won debate biden

Who won the debate seems to be the leading question as the head-to-head showdowns commence ahead of the election, and it seems Joe Biden burned up the state last night with his no-nonsense approach to many of the questions and statements made during the 90 minute showdown.

While Paul Ryan whipped out many of his common talking points, Biden (who is known for stumbling over words on occasion) managed to shoot them all down with a smile, holding firm in a way President Barack Obama seemed to struggle to do during last week’s tete-a-tete with GOP challenger and Paul Ryan running mate Mitt Romney.

Biden hammered Ryan back on relations with Iran, firmly and continually debunking insinuations made by the congressman, but some of his best riffing was on Mitt Romney’s damaging “47 percent” remarks, seen on a secretly-recorded video released last month.

During a segment about the economy, Biden fumed:

“I’ve had it up to here with this notion that 47 percent — it’s about time they take some responsibility here. And instead of signing pledges to Grover Norquist not to ask the wealthiest among us to contribute to bring back the middle class, they should be signing a pledge saying to the middle class we’re going to level the playing field; we’re going to give you a fair shot again; we are going to not repeat the mistakes we made in the past by having a different set of rules for Wall Street and Main Street, making sure that we continue to hemorrhage these tax cuts for the super wealthy.”

The veep continued, squeezing Ryan on middle-class taxes:

“They’re pushing the continuation of a tax cut that will give an additional $500 billion in tax cuts to 120,000 families. And they’re holding hostage the middle class tax cut because they say we won’t pass — we won’t continue the middle class tax cut unless you give the tax cut for the super wealthy.”

Biden also called Ryan out on his assertions that he and Romney look out for vulnerable segments of the population, saying:

“Stop talking about how you care about people. Show me something. Show me a policy. Show me a policy where you take responsibility … And, by the way, they talk about this Great Recession if it fell out of the sky, like, ‘Oh, my goodness, where did it come from?’ It came from this man voting to put two wars on a credit card, to at the same time put a prescription drug benefit on the credit card, a trillion-dollar tax cut for the very wealthy. I was there. I voted against them. I said, no, we can’t afford that … And now, all of a sudden, these guys are so seized with the concern about the debt that they created.”

President Obama 'Proud' Of Biden Following Debate

As for who won the debate, organically, opinion seems to be divided based on which party any given commenter affiliates with: Republicans tended to find Biden off-putting and overly gregarious whereas Dems classified Ryan as somewhat petulant.

The Huffington Post, a noted left-leaning blog, conducted smartphone polling during the debate and said that voters across the spectrum tended to favor Biden’s performance over Ryan, perhaps gaining back some of the ground ceded during the first Presidential smackdown between Obama and Romney.

Who won the debate between Ryan and Biden last night in your opinion? Sound off in the comments!

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37 Responses to “Who Won Debate? Joe Biden Leads In Instant Polling During Kentucky Showdown With Paul Ryan”

  1. Vanessa Berben

    I thought it was really funny that the same Republicans who lauded Mitt Romney's disrespectful stance towards the President (not calling him by title, constantly interrupting) got so angry when Biden treated Romney's running mate in the same fashion. "Let the man speak!" I kept hearing from my (sad to admit this) Tea Party leaning father-in-law (from the next room… because we can't share TV space when politics are involved). While Ryan was by far more respectful and kind to his debate opponent than Romney was, Biden won this debate by a landslide – he arrived prepared, sharp, and on fire last night! It was fantastic television!

  2. Kyle Ragner

    As an Independent, and someone who left Europe- I'm not voting for Obama. I've seen what he's offering before, its all unmistakably the same, except at a slower pace.. I don't like how the movie ends, so I'm not voting for him, to allow it to be played here. As far as the VP debates, not as exciting as Romney/Obama, nor important. However most, and CNN first, surprisingly concluded that Ryan won the debate. Only 1 news network thinks Biden won, but nobody watches them so who cares- though surprisingly it wasn't MSNBC, who also showed that Ryan won, but who cares about MSNBC either lol.

    All Ryan needed to do basically, is perform better than Sarah Palin did- and he did far beyond better than her. Biden's job was to appear strong, and fire up the base- due to Obama's poor performance, so he won in the eyes of the base. Ryan was going for Independents, he also looked respectful, whereas Biden did not, which turned many off (he looked so weird, cranky, disrespectful and annoying, I also didn't like his finger pointing at the moderator)- he also wasn't honest, especially with Libya. The polls show Romney/Ryan have a very nice lead in Independents, and Biden's performance didn't do anything to gain them. Romney/Ryan also have their base fired up, and more voters who are dead set in voting for them.

    Romney was passionate, and forceful in his debate- but he was also RESPECTFUL. Obama was also respectful, but his record is nothing to be championed, as it is one of failure sadly. Obama will try to be strong in his debate, but if Romney is behaving like he did in his first debate, Obama will lose his next debate as well- as it will not come across very well, except for maybe those already set on voting for him.

  3. Carol Baker-Murray

    Biden was rude, obnoxious and laughed constantly. It was NOT A GOOD SHOW on his part as VP. He got angry and got off issue. He was performing a laugh-a-thon about things that are NOT funny- economy, foreign policy, unemployment, taxes, military, etc. It is common sense to send security to an Ambassador in a war torn country! Why should they even have to ask? What a joke our current administration is! Biden is a clown. Do I want him in my Whitehouse? Heck no! Romney/Ryan all the way. Ryan won by a landslide. He has poise, class and knowledge. Those are something our current people are lacking – Biden proved that last night.

  4. Donna Stenerson Liend

    for an Independent you sure lean pretty far to the right??? I thought Biden won the night because he was more informed, more prepared, and more passionate. I loved his fiery attitude and his no nonsense approach to the debate. Ryan and Romney change their position so often it's hard to figure out where they stand on any issue. The reason Obama hasn't had more success is because of the obstructionist right. They won't pass legislation that would provide jobs and economic growth because they are determined to make sure Obama is a one term president, they vowed that from the day after the last election. Why can't people see that!? We need to re-elect the President, take back the House, and keep the Senate, then we'll see this economy turn around. Why did you leave Europe by the way? It's beautiful!!

  5. Jo Jo S

    Biden “embarrassed himself” in the face-off by snickering and giggling, laughing rudely (and at inappropriate times) and he spent more time interrupting both the moderator and Ryan than I have ever seen in a debate after 30 years of watching them. The vice president has found other forums in which to embarrass himself, and here is just another one. He didn't know his facts, could not decide whether to point, wiggle in his chair, giggle or not to giggle, or basically interrupt all evening. I wonder if other foreign countries watched the antics of the Vice President of the United States last not? I sure hope not…. How embarrassing!

    He argued that Americans will “long forget what they said over the hour and a half,” but that they would remember both candidates’ demeanor. And he defended Ryan’s handling of the many questions related to foreign affairs, contending that he “held his own.”.

    “He’s not running to be the defense secretary,” he said.

  6. Portia Barham Hubbard

    I agree! I can't believe Biden flat out lied about NOT knowing that The now dead Ambassador asked for more security! The State Deptartment knew why didn't you Joe?

  7. Susan Williams Voyles

    I am an Independent voter and I have always looked at every candidate with an open mind and in great detail regarding their policies and how they would affect me individually and our country as a whole; whether it would be beneficial to the population in general; how the international community would perceive it & be affected by it, and so on. From what I've seen the in the last 4 yrs. I already had my doubts about this admin. because of all the divisiveness, broken promises, lack of cooperation (on both sides) and the general dysfunction that has been displayed, but to see the VPOTUS act like a drunken buffoon on national television in such a crucial debate on very serious matters, was just despicable, insulting & unacceptable.

    I cannot, will not, vote for someone who can sit there in a debate and laugh, snicker and show utte.
    r contempt for the "other side" on such serious issues in a crucial time in this country rather than find common ground and actually "debate" their differences and try to solve the problems this country has.
    We have got to have Washington start working together and get these problems solved or we will pay a very devastating price in the future, near and far. There has to be cooperation and sacrifices made on both sides so that we can start moving forward and get this country back on track to prosperity. The only way I see that happening is by a change at the top and a "mix-up" in the Senate & Congress.

    I will be voting for Mr. Romney this year because I feel he has the ability & experience to bring both sides together and find common ground for the good of this country. Although I may not agree with all of his proposals or ideas, he has made it clear he is open to suggestions and willing to compromise. That is where our Senators and Congress come in. Those are the ones we will have to let our voices be heard from and if they don't do their job then they can get voted out too.

    We the people have got to take back control of OUR country and put a stop to all this contention & division. We need to start treating each other with respect, equality and honor.

    If we don't, this country will surely suffer an ugly fate that will affect us ALL.

  8. Kyle Ragner

    Donna Stenerson Liend And if I was supporting Obama/Biden, I'd look like I lean pretty far to the left. I don't care about parties, or limiting ideologies such as Liberalism, or Conservatism. I only care about the truth, no matter how ugly- and only care for the country. Part of why the country is falling apart, is because people don't pay attention to anything- and are too concerned with the R's, and the D's- being loyal to a bloody party, and not the country. Personally I feel, one should have to take a test before they vote; and if they fail, they don't vote in that election… Veterans, active duty, and the elderly are exempt though. I stated why I'm not supporting Obama/Biden- and to add to the fact that I don't like what he's offering- I don't even think he's a good person, the more I've studied about him.

    Now on to the obstruction argument… Its weak mate, seriously. When Obama came into office, him and the Democrats had full power- the Republicans were pretty much irrelevant- and he could have done whatever he wanted… He chose to push a bill that was quite highly unpopular among Americans, which further hurt the economy- how?

    In the Federalist papers, it states that if congress passes a bill that is too big, and confusing to the public, let alone its progenitors- it will cause business to halt. Which is what happened. Many business big and small, didn't know how this would hit them, what it would, or could do to them. The more they learned, the more they didn't like it, and saw how taxing it would be for their business, so they cut down hiring, or stopped- which hurt jobs, and the economy. I looked through the HC bill, and saw things in there that had absolutely nothing to do with HC, though just helped make the gov bigger.People laughed at Sarah Palin's "death panel" comment, though recently one of Obama's adim, admitted that there would have to be rationing… Or as Palin put it "death panels"

    The Democrats rejected Obama's budget plan, and when the Republicans came in, in 2010- they too rejected it, because its rubbish. He's not meeting with anyone, or working with anyone- he squandered everything, and has proven to be a poor leader, and poor president, I couldn't vote for such a pathetic little man.

  9. Donna Stenerson Liend

    While I respect your right to feel the way you do I must respectfully disagree. It is true, the Democrats controlled (if you want to call it that) things for awhile. But, if you will remember, the President tried working with both sides on the Health Care bill. He disappointed Democrats when we didn't not include a public option in that Health Care Bill, which we all wanted. So, he was trying and continues to try to appease the right. He has been trying harder than I wanted him to, to appease the right!! And it is true that the right has been obstructing progress: check the amount of filibusters, check the jobs bills that haven't passed. They have blocked him so many times it's not even funny anymore. I believe he passed the Health Care bill before Republicans had a chance to take the house because he knew he would never get it passed with them in charge. The HC act has already started helping people. Now my son can stay on our insurance until he's 26, which gives him a chance to work at his job long enough to qualify for their insurance. Also, it covers people with pre-existing conditions, among other benefits. Is the bill perfect? Of course not, none of them are because we can't all agree on ANYTHING!

    And there are still no death panels. What the bill says is that there will be cooperation between doctors so treatments can be streamlined and excessive testing will not be done. So, if people are "doctor shopping" and getting three cat scans done, this will eliminate them. I take offense at people to talk about this. This is a scare tactic, and shouldn't be used.

    Here's the thing about Romney and Ryan that's the most disturbing. They won't give us specifics. They say they'll close loopholes and eliminate deductions but lower taxes for everyone. It doesn't add up, check out independent studies that show it just plain won't work. They can't give specifics because they know if they do, they'll never get elected. Because they are in the pockets of the Koch Brothers and other big business that they favor. Check out this study that was done by the Economic Policy Institute regarding Obama and Romney's plans. This is an independent group made up of some very smart people who know what they are talking about. Obama's ideas are the ones that would work!!

    Yeah, don't get me into his energy policy either, because it's wonderful and I know you don't like it. I'll just say one thing…. there is no such thing as "clean coal"…So, now read this article:

  10. Reginald Duffie

    Any excuse to not vote for the black guy . . . Just conveniently overlook Romney lies and flip flops as he etch-a-sketch his way to the middle. his past political record, like destroying state owned computer hard drives after his tenure as governor was over. Getting the big government to front the Salt Lake City Olympic bill also getting the big government to bail Bain out of bankruptcy. And are we convenientlyForgetting that Romney pioneered out sourcing American jobs, change the dynamics of how business is conducted based on profit margin without an actual product being made in this country thus causing a multitude of layoffs. Susan Williams Voyles, are you really in love with Jesus because Jesus says it is easier for a camel to fit through a eye of a needle then it is for a rich man to get into heaven . . . Romney and men like him personify the problem with this country. Consult and face your racial bias, you just stumbled on the truth, get up and take action, demand that Romney show at least 10 years of his tax return. I bet you $10,000 that he was on the IRS Amnesty program for tax havens.

  11. Reginald Duffie

    Talk about flat out lies, Romney whole debate performance was based on lies as he changed his positions on a dime, and yet, most polled, thought he won. Can you say double standards . . . I wonder why?

  12. Reginald Duffie

    Kyle Ragner, try and sound neutral all you want, but I read a racial bias in you words. If you are not voting for Obama, then I guest Romney, the proven lier, is you man. You excuse the republican congress, drinker of the house Boehner and the words of Mitch McConnell. You my friend, have no idea of the political dynamics of Washington DC. I would like to see how you would handle things being the first Black President of these United States. At every turn, you will be carrying the weight of that extra burden, that is secretly codes on the lips and mind set of the right wing movement. Yes, the proverbial "Elephant in the room" President Barack Obama, has done and is doing a fantastic job in spite of the do nothing obstructionist party of "No" The President offered his hand of unity across the isle, only to have it slapped away, The Health care bill mostly was from Nixon time in office and modified by other republicans along the way, implemented by Romney and expanded by this president, only to have the very people who champion the exact same bill, reject it. Any excuse not to vote for the black guy. Kyle Ragner, you are a phony! Period.

  13. Carol Baker-Murray

    Double standards is exactly what the dems do all the time – hide and seek with issues, etc. Where were they when the ambassador was getting killed? Oh yes, no-brainer went to a fund raiser in Vegas. Shows what they think of this country. biden was rude, obnoxious and VERY disrespectful. What a bunch of all out loosers. Romney and Ryan are going to win this.

  14. Carol Baker-Murray

    Romney did NOT interrupt no-brainer. Bummer stumbled over his words because he didn't have a teleprompter and a pre-written speech. Biden did better than I expected but he did not win by a landslide. I wonder if you watched the same debate we all did. He was rude, obnoxious, a laughing joke, and was not dignified at all. I am not proud to call him my VP – oh wait, I've NEVER called him or obummer my pres and vp….and come NOV. they won't be anyone's.

  15. Carol Baker-Murray

    Donna Stenerson Liend – more informed? more prepared? And if you call that passionate that's as big a laugh as biden thought the whole thing was. What is so funny about all this? Not a thing! Yet, he laughed, made faces and acted the fool at every chance he could. He did not win by a landslide. What economy are you talking about? The one obummer ruined? Yes, Pres. Bush was no winner but obama has made a total mess of this country – and blames it on Bush! What a joke that is. Biden is nothing but an undignified clown.

  16. Carol Baker-Murray

    Reginald Duffie – playing that race card again are we? The color of his skin should have NOTHING to do with the horrible job he's done. The ONLY ones who seem to play that race card are the socialist, left wing, liberals.

  17. Kyle Ragner

    Donna Stenerson Liend Actually he didn't try to work with both sides with the HC bill, and you'll have people on both sides even, who said he didn't- and doesn't. A lot of things were done behind closed doors- and in all honesty, it was actually Nancy Pelosi, and Harry Reid who were doing most of the work. The bottom line is, Obama and the Democrats had the control, and power- and they squandered it. He should have immediately tackled the economy, and jobs. Implementing a massive tax/entitlement, when people are losing jobs- which further hurt jobs- was not smart. If he did that first, and then went into his HC- AND worked with both parties, AND listened to doctors who kept suggesting things- he would have had far better standing, and the bill wouldn't have been such a confusing mess… This was the first display of his poor leadership.

    His behavior during the BP oil spill, was also another display of his poor leadership. There were many private companies, putting out all sorts of great ideas on how to effectively, and quickly clean up the oil, with 0 harm to the environment. They all kept trying to get in contact with him, and when and if they did… They were ignored.

    And ever since the Republicans came in, in 2010- members of both parties- have mentioned how he's not meeting with people, he's not working with people. Its not surprising, because he actually doesn't even like that stuff.

    As far as Biden's performance, he's been getting called out big time on a lot of the things he said- that were factually wrong. He appeared strong like he was supposed to, to give the base more encouragement, after Obama's performance- but he looked, and behaved ridiculously, and told a lot of untruths. It would be horrible if something happened to Obama, because Joe Biden as president? Hell no! That man is the definition of clown.

  18. Kyle Ragner

    @ Reginald Duffie

    1) There is no need for me "to try to sound neutral". I clearly stated I was voting for Romney, and why… I also remember saying how I don't think Romney is some magnificent savior- though given the fact I've seen what Obama is offering before… When I lived in Europe- and don't like the ending, and know what Romney is offering is far better… Romney proudly gets my vote… Period.

    2) Take your race baiting rubbish some place else, that's a tired game- that makes blacks look ridiculous and weak. Blacks such as yourself are the dream come true of Margret Sanger, and other Progressive leftist, and Democrats who saw blacks as inferior- though put a happier face on their new ideas to keep them down. Blacks such as yourself, also make me remember Harriet Tubman's quote, upon being championed for freeing many slaves- how she said she could have freed hundreds more, if only they knew they were slaves… It amazes me how loyal many blacks are to the Democratic party, and many leftist ideology, that has not helped, but further ruined the black community… But then I see how Democrats have done this, which only makes LBJ's quote sadly true..

    Do some homework- and my wife is black, so do be careful of your assertions in the future so that you don't make yourself look like a ridiculous fool… As I said, the truth can be ugly. Thankfully not all black Americans are so weak, and allow themselves to be slaves. Black Americans who reject the failed policies of the left- and the race baiting morons who hustle and champion the very policies that further hurt blacks. They are proud and strong- and remind me of the best parts of America- and the great history of black Americans in this country, that schools sadly do not teach… Academia is primarily run by the left- so you need to ask why it is, they keep this history from being told… I know why, and it isn't pretty… Now say something else foolish about race so I can further tear you apart.

    3) Explain to me where Romney has lied, and please don't use any talking points- from talking heads on news networks, or Obama supporters. I want your answers to be based on research you dug for yourself.

    4) It isn't very difficult to fix the problems we're facing. The problem however is, we have too many worried about ideology, and party- and not the country. We also have too many people, Obama being one of them- who aren't leaders. We also have many idiots, you being one of them, who also care too much about parties- and so clowns get into office.

    5) Reagan faced far more difficulty than Obama did economically, though he had things set on a clear path-which improved things quite quickly. If Obama was behaving like Reagan, things would have been put on a clear path before 2010, more so in 2010, big time in 2011, and he'd be well beyond Romney in the polls now in 2012.

    6) If you want phony, I suggest you look in the mirror, you'll also see a mindless slave at that.

  19. Kyle Ragner

    @Carol Baker-Murray Yep, the left are always the ones who are so concerned with race, and can't see people for people, action and character, for action and character. I was quite surprised to learn that Romney took no pay as his time as gov, or when he went to fix the Olympics…Then actually stepped down as gov when he fixed the things he saw that needed to be fixed. Very impressing, and not the actions of a cold greedy money obsessed man the media tries to paint him as.

  20. Susan Williams Voyles

    Reginald Duffie yes…i am really in love with Jesus and he has nothing to do with my election views. Mr. Romney will have to answer for himself. I only will have to answer for my own sins Mr. Duffie. Mr. Romney isnt whats wrong with this country sir….its the man in the whitehouse that has it so messed up. He made promises…he kept none. We cant afford to base the next 4 years of our life on someone that could do anything but get us into deeper trouble….period! God Bless and Good day Sr.

  21. Susan Williams Voyles

    Vanessa….I guess we were watching two different debates….according to the polls….lol…there was no land slide there. And ma'am for your info….Obama got more time to speak then Romney did. He had to keep interrupting so he could speak and still in the end he got less time. As did Ryan.

  22. Susan Williams Voyles

    lol…oh yes…lets give him another for years so he can mess up America even more. He has done NOTHING Donna….NOTHING. We dont need a muslim running our country.

  23. Susan Williams Voyles

    Oh…and I guess Obama didnt change his position on Gay Marriage….just to get elected. And lie….check fact checkers. Biden lied most of the night….and you can check that out too. Do your research Reginald.

  24. Susan Williams Voyles

    Reginald Duffie oh by the way…..Obama is rich as well…in case you dont research who your voitng for. Harvard is not for the poor. My choice….A successful millionaire busineesman over a crooked Attorney any day.

  25. Kim LaCapria

    Muslim? For PETE'S SAKE PEOPLE. Is that lie all you have? Why not attack the man's policies instead of what you fantasize his religion to be?

  26. Reginald Duffie

    Carol Baker-Murray to the rescue . . . Oh, Look, it's the big fat phony Kyle-etch-a-sketch jr.-Ragner, to back her up. One thing I can say about the republican party, they will toe the line, even if it's means voting against their own interest. I don't know if that is to be admired or pitied LOL!

  27. Reginald Duffie

    "Oh, my wife is black' . . . "Oh, I work with a black" . . . "I did my fair share in 2008 by voting for a black" No my phony friend, you are the one who are still in bondage. Kyle, did you smile at a black today? Smiling at a black will get you some do-gooder points. I must have hit a nerve of truth. So many words, just to bring down pol lil reggie, try again phony man, this time use the N word. Don't bother my friend, that would only put a smile on my face. Matter of fact, I'm smiling as I reply. You are easy! Thanks for the entertainment!

  28. Reginald Duffie

    Ms. Susan, there is a big difference between Obama rich and Romney rich. One did it the good old fashion American way, the other had his daddy's help while walking over and trouncing the little guy. And yes, all of your life choices should be dedicated and influenced by and to the teachings of Christ and here you are, witnessing first hand the intensional lies of Romney and yet you still would elect a man who help caused this economic downfall. You have seen the tapes of Romney vs. Romney.

  29. Kyle Ragner

    Reginald Duffie LOL You couldn't have hit a nerve with me, as clowns are suppose to make people laugh- not get angry ^_^.. Yes I'm calling you a clown, not only are you a clown, but you are also inferior, because your words show you are stuck in a slave-like mentality- you're stuck on race, you are nothing more than a stereotype, and it is you who have done it to yourself. None of the black Americans I know, are weak, inferior, and simple minded like yourself. They're strong, proud, intelligent, and good people… lol you're a joke. Now go get ready to blame Obama's losing of the race, to racism- and not the fact that he just sucks lol.

  30. Reginald Duffie

    No Phony Kyle, you are by far the worst type of white person. The kind that claims to have respect and friendship with the, so called, intelligent strong, proud and "good black folks" who are different and who won't confront a schmuck like yourself of cowardly watered down covert racism. The more you speak, the more of your true nature is exposed and pretty soon Mr. Kyle the phony, you won't be wearing any clothes. Period. Fact . . . you will never be anything more then a pretentious coward. You say "Obama sucks", why not President Obama? Are you upset because he is more intelligent and has accomplished more then you, a white man, would ever achieve in a life time. He is the leader of this free world, So call him President Barack Obama. Romney and the likes, fall way short and pale in comparison. President Barack Obama is the epitome of all black man and women, before, now and yet to come. Kyle, you and those like you are a dinosaur and will soon be obsolete. For most of American history, our political system was premised on two conflicting facts . . . one, an often stated love of democracy and the other, an undemocratic white supremacy inscribed at every level of government. In warring against that paradox, African Americans have historically been restricted to the realm of protest and agitation. White folk like yourself is afraid the President, Barack Obama, just maybe the The Spook Who Sat by the Door. Chew on that for awhile you phony.

  31. Kyle Ragner

    @Reginald Duffie I only respect intelligent, wise, and noble people.. You are none of those things, therefore I do not respect you. You are weak, and typical- and quite embarrassing. You're stuck on color, and race.. Old issues, which makes you the dinosaur, and phony- because if Obama was white, and doing the same terrible job- you'd be screaming bloody murder lol. I am far above and beyond rubbish like you. You're the only person who has made this a race issue in here, because you're a racist, a weakling- and because you cannot argue the record, or failed ideology… Bring out the race card, sorry that kind of stuff may work on apologetic silly white liberals, but it does not work on people like me. Apparently slavery is still alive and well in this country, and you are proof of it… Now chew on that ^_^

  32. Reginald Duffie

    My point is, Romney is an out right lier and cheat with no core. A dinggleberry attached to the hypocrisy of plutocracy. Say what you want about the president, I don't care, it's a free country, and he's a politician but to fall in line with Romney as an advocate of his many proposed shallow policies, of which are oxymoronic and cancel each other out. Sorry, you my friend, are a white slave who think he is intelligent but lack wisdom and conviction. A drift wood floating aimlessly and without direction, going where ever the changing tides takes him. afraid not to toe the line of division, thus failing to understand the significants of being on the right side of history. Making you a big fat phony. Brace yourself, the flood gates are opening and a new future is coming this way and if you are not on board, get out of the way. Period.

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