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Dottie Sandusky Throws Son Under Bus In Sentencing Letter

dottie sandusky letter

Dottie Sandusky, wife of jailed and disgraced former Penn State assistant football coach Jerry Sandusky, has stood by her man even as he likely heads to live his life out behind bars after a harsh sentencing earlier this week following dozens of convictions for sex abuse charges.

Dottie Sandusky and husband Jerry made a legally risky move as he was sentenced, writing accusation-filled, victim blaming letters to present to the judge as a sentence was set to be handed down.

The letters by Dottie Sandusky and embattled spouse Jerry didn’t just protest or proclaim innocence in the wake of mountains of damning evidence that abuse was ongoing and rife — the letters also ripped into victims in the case, attacking their credibility, character, and backgrounds in detail.

And Dottie Sandusky’s adopted son was among those targeted by the letters in which Sandusky’s wife wrote:

“Jerry was a wonderful father to our six children. We thank God each day for bringing them into our life. He treated each one as if they were our biological children. Our house was a fun house with lots of games, picnics, laughs and caring. There were always lots of people around whether it was friends of our kids, Second Mile kids or neighbors.”

Dottie also insisted:

“I never saw him doing anything inappropriate to any child, if I had, as a Mother and Grandmother I would have taken action. Jerry is not the monster everyone is making him out to be.”

Jerry Sandusky blames victims, not himself

Of the testimony of her son, Mrs. Sandusky said:

“As far as our son Matt goes, people need to know what kind of person he is. We have forgiven him many times for all he has done to our family thinking that he was changing his life, but he would always go back to his stealing and lies. He has been diagnose with Bipolar, but he refuses to take his medicine. He has had many run-ins with the law and stolen money and items from our family. We still love him and want the best for him, but because of his actions we cannot express this to him.”

Do you think Dottie Sandusky is in denial, or are the letters a calculated insult to those victimized?

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106 Responses to “Dottie Sandusky Throws Son Under Bus In Sentencing Letter”

  1. Ceilie Barnes

    This is a mother? or a person that brought new meat into the house for her creepy man? Can some one please say "shame on you Sandusky people"? They need a reality show. What a train wreck!

  2. MiMi Blanchard

    She is as sick as he is. Don't blame your son for his conviction. What about all the others who saw him or were involved in his sick acts. Is everyone wrong about this pig. Lock her up with her loser husband. They belong together.

  3. Christine Segura

    Your as sick as your husband, denial is not a virtue of which I think you are your sick husband has any much less morals or values!

  4. Andrew Tenorio

    She should be in the cell across from Jerry. She is either Stupid, Deaf, Blind or a part of the entire scheme as far as I am concerned…

  5. Carolyn McPherson

    She is sick as he is. It just kept him away from her. That's why she did not see anything, she did not want to see.

  6. Mike Scanlon

    Naah…she could care a whoot about insulting anybody else, just wholly calculated on casting doubt on the accusations directed towards Jerry. Total denial, she could not care less about the myriad of victims, there is no evidence that would convince her that Jerry was guilty… Why is it that we should care again?

  7. Deb Swezea DeBusk

    She should be in jail with him. What about the earlier reports (recordings) of her talking to the victims? She just didn't what to give up her lifestyle and prestige associated with Penn State. Quit blaming everyone else and go take a good long hard look in the mirror lady!

  8. Kathy Pickett

    So she thinks EVERYONE is lying EXCEPT her husband? She reminds me of my mother who thought if she yelled louder it made her more right. Actually, this doesn't surprise me. She's been characterized as the loyal wife who was, herself, deceived by a husband she trusted and that she's in denial, etc. Now, however, it's clear to me that she was neither deceived nor is she in denial. I think she just doesn't care what he did to those boys, or that he abused them. I think it just doesn't matter to her. I think she's just very angry that her life and security has been ripped away and it's all the fault of those nasty boys who had to go and blab. if she blames Jerry then some of the blame would have to be hers, so she's blaming the victims. She's just as sick in her own way as Jerry is, which is probably why they were happy with each other.

  9. Anonymous

    He has been convicted – what is wrong with this woman? She is as guilty as he is and should be locked up with him as a criminal just like he is. She covered up for him for years. I can't imagine someone so cold hearted as to do something like this to her own son.

  10. Carolyn Hoyt

    She had to have known what was going on, but after all the perv was her meal ticket "Our house was the fun house" yes sort of a Disneyland for perverts. I do not have any sympathy for the "victims" if the man is raping you why the hell are you getting on the plane to fly to the big game? No one is claiming he had people tied up in closets. Why were you in the shower or the house or wherever with this freak? Oh yeah he paid you.

  11. Tom Watson

    She is like a victim of physical abuse herself in complete denial; or she is involved and trying to put up a defense for herself. Sandusky fits the classic profile of a pedophile and that's lots of victims, who are believable, over as many years as he can get away with it.

  12. Kimberly Brown-Roberts

    God, I cannot stand people that so call pull the wool over.. Honestly, 12 boys are not going to tell the same lie.. She knew something was wrong. All the molesting he was doing how could he sex her? She is as messed up as he is.. This woman will burn in hell right along with this sick man.. How do you explain the shower incident? YOU CAN'T!

  13. Anonymous

    Look at this article! It characterizes the jail sentence as "HARSH" is this person unaware that he received less than one year for each count? Who wrote this nonsense Jerry's cousin? I think the judge was brilliant, because this is a life sentence, but it will NEVER be overturned or lessened on appeal because it is so small compared to what it could have been! But to say the jail sentence is "harsh" is just unbelievable. (BTW I apologize for insulting the Sandusky cousins by comparing them to this writer".

  14. Haruka Tenou

    She's in denial. She refuses to believe that her husband of 46 years could do such a thing. I'm sure in her heart of hearts she knows its true but can never admit it because it would reflect badly on HER for tolerating such acts, therefore she would be another guilty party like Paterno for not doing anything to stop it.

  15. Kim LaCapria

    Harsh is not a value judgment on the sentencing, it just means that he will likely die in jail. To pass a judgment on it would be to say it was "too harsh."

  16. Mykl Wike

    Some people don't know when to shut up. If she wanted to talk about this she should have testified against her husband. Children who have been abused often have indiscretions later in life caused by the abuse. I don't believe in using that against them as victims.

  17. Ruth Dinger Mondak

    I don't think she is in denial….she knew exactly what was going on and turned a blind eye to it because it might jepordize her standing in the community as the wife of the Assitant Coach at Penn State. In many ways she may be more disgusting then her husband.

  18. Layton Harman

    Margrita, Penn State's role in this is rather small. The people and organizations fail to look at are 1.(the obvious) The Second Mile and 2. Corrupt Politicians such as Tom Corbett, Ed Rendell, Ed Savitz. This goes way beyond Penn State. Sandusky had ties to a pedophile ring where he was associated with Ed Savitz(look him up) These politicians were involved in these pedophile rings for personal and financial gain (Savitz was a pedophile himself too) And you also have to realize the officials at Penn State would or should have easily known about this. Yes, its a shame they weren't able to put all the pieces of the puzzle together, but that doesn't necessarily mean they helped cover anything up. It wasn't like Sandusky would just start going around and telling everyone he works with "Oh yeah on my spare time, I like to dupe kids into coming into the Second Mile Foundation just so I can have sex with him" People are forgetting that pedophiles usually are very good at keeping that part of their lifestyle a secret and very low key and "appear" to be just like your average everyday citizen.

  19. Layton Harman

    where it says "the officials at Penn State would or should have easily known about this" I meant to say "wouldn't neccessarily" and removed "should"

  20. Sue Haskins

    What kind of mother believes her husband over her son in child molestation? I think the reason he has bipolar disorder is because jerry molested him. BTW, lying and stealing are not necessarily traits of people with bipolar diagnosis.

  21. Teresa Dougan

    Her comments about her son show what an unfeeling woman she is. I always felt she was a bitch

  22. Sue Haskins

    No, the officials at PSU did cover it up. There was an undercurrent at the university about this man. Paterno did know and the President did know but they covered it up to save the football program's integrity. Why do you think the new coach fired everyone and started over? Clean slate. No one really knows who knew what. Even faculty admit they knew. And many students have said they knew and alumni knew. So, it wasn't a very well-kept secret. But there are rumors that he was part of a pedophile ring that reached high into government and business including the Second Mile and the Governor's Office and that he furnished boys for high powered men. Let's see if the Patriot-News can confirm that and it will be next year's Pulitzer.

  23. Sue Haskins

    Oh yeah, blame the victims. You are no better than the Sanduskys.

  24. Anonymous

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  25. Layton Harman

    Sue Haskins Funny how you say "rumors" about him being part of a pedophile ring, but you act as if you are 100% certain that it was a complete cover-up at Penn State and 'everyone knew' but kept it hidden to save the football program. Let me guess, you probably think the Freeh Report was legit all based on an email that says "coach is anxious to know where things stand"

  26. Layton Harman

    Sue Haskins Interesting that you work for PA Public Welfare Sue, because their has been alot of controversy concerning them with Jerry Sandusky and their role with the as Jerry Lauro, an investigator for the DPW, said he never got the evaluations from Dr. Chambers on the young boy, but he got Seasocks evaluations and accepted them and told then DA Ray Gricar to close the case. Thus, allowing Sandusky to reign free on his would be future victims. Oh and whats this? How ironic that you worked there from 1991-2008, which just so happened to be during the time all of this was going on! Weird.

  27. Layton Harman

    Sue I'm going to continue calling you out, and I hope others do too! You worked for the PA Department of Public Welfare who also is said to have done nothing to prevent Jerry Sandusky from harming kids. And once again ironically, you worked there from 1991-2008 when all of this was going on.

  28. Douglas Robb

    Jurors are supposed to be impartial. But let's not lose sight of the fact that jurors are PEOPLE just like you and me, capable of the same fears, biases, prejudices, flaws and imperfections as anyone. Prosecutors and attorneys are skilled at making persuasive arguments that appeal to people-especially jurors. That's who they have to convince to convict or acquit someone. It's been shown many, many times that jurors were swayed by their own flaws in wrongfully convicting people. I'm not saying that's what happened with Sandusky, the compendium of evidence is obviously against him. But is it not possible that one or two of the victims "made it up" to cash in on a big "lawsuit payday," knowing Penn State will have to pay out millions of dollars in compensation to the victims?

  29. Carole Vail

    I am prepared to take all your slings and arrows, but I am compelled to say that INMHO Dottie should be left alone regardless of whether you think she knew or not. There are studies which show that even wives are sometimes unaware that their husbands are pedophiles and are devastated and even suicidal when they find out. Read Dr. Gladwell's article in The New Yorker Magazine. In fact, no one knows the truth about Dottie, and ad hominem attacks which ridicule her size or appearance are mean spirited and reflect badly on those who post them. Someone smarter than I once said, "Let he who is without sin, cast the first stone."

  30. Debra Ruscitto

    Sue Haskins Please show your proof that all you said knew, actually knew. Or stop spreading you propaganda… I wish people like you would just shut your month unless you are speaking facts. You are a joke!

  31. Debra Ruscitto

    OMG Sue Haskins, you do work for the PA Department of Welfare… I bet YOU KNEW TOO!!!

  32. Douglas Robb

    "another guilty party like Paterno?" Lying nonsense NOT supported by the facts. Paterno had NOTHING to do with enabling Sandusky. That's a lie! Try learning to think instead of swallowing whatever media Kool-Aid you're drinking.

  33. Douglas Robb

    But Carole, that would require that people think for themselves, listen to the facts, and not be swayed by their own petty biases and prejudices.

  34. Douglas Robb

    Sue Haskins, so you work for the Sandusky enabling DPW? And you criticize Penn state? and lie about Paterno? You have no facts, and you're just trying to deflect blame for the agency that could have stopped Sandusky years ago-and failed. YOU are guilty Sue Haskins. YOU and DPW allowed Sandusky to go on raping kids for years.

  35. Douglas Robb

    Sue Haskins You have no facts, just your opinion. O'Brien hired 2 of Joe's assistants and other admin people who worked for Joe and the football team for years. As a liar and pedophile enabler from PA DPW, you'll tell ANY lie to cover for your pedophile enabling activities, won't you?

  36. Douglas Robb

    baloney, Ruth! I grew up in State College, I knew the Sanduskys and the Paternos. You sit there in North Carolina and make judgments about people you don't know like you KNOW something. You DON'T. If you're gonna make an accusation, PROVE IT! Otherwise, keep your mouth shut and your uninformed opinions to yourself. Don't moralize to me. I know people who sat on Sandusky's jury.

  37. Carole Vail

    Sometimes I think we are not far removed from the period of the French Revolution when the masses demanded the blood of whomever the powers that be told them to.

  38. Hugh Gibbons

    DOUBT on Jerry, But As to the one adopted son Matt, peole who knew say he probably just trying to get some money out of it. he is not a real great person. done alot of wrongs in his life.

  39. Carolyn Hoyt

    Sue Haskins when you repeatedly get on planes, go into showers, accept gifts from a perv you are not a victim you are a greedy little opportunist. All these "victims" could have easily defended themselves, reported the "rapes", gone to the cops etc. Not two year olds, not tied up, but oh my they got to be" da friend of da coach." They smelled money & alll aboard for the grave train when the shit hit the fan. A prostitute is a prostitute. No better than the Sanduskys ?if the basted had been my husband I would have cut it off and feed it to him.

  40. Scott E Phillips

    Deb, recordings? You might be thinking of the report from Syracuse. ESPN had a tape of a former basketball ball boy talking to the wife of asst coach Bernie Fine.

  41. Sue Haskins

    So. . I didn't work in county Children and Youth Service or the state's Office of Children's Services. I had nothing to do with this and didn't know about it until the articles started to appear in our local paper this year. What, because I was one of 20,000 people who worked at DPw, I should have known? That is one of the most bizarre conclusions I ever read.

  42. Layton Harman

    "What, because I was one of 20,000 people who worked at DPW, I should have known?" Why, not? You and the rest of these clowns that cast blame on Joe Paterno use that logic. Also what's funny is that you say you "know" PSU officials and Paterno knew about everything and covered it up for the integrity of the football program. So I'm suppose to believe you "know" all of that, but you didnt "know" or hear anything even once about Jerry Sandusky during the 17 years you worked there? Get real. Your logic has a lot of flaws Mrs. Haskins

  43. Sue Haskins

    I don't know any PSU officials, I am not a student, faculty member or alumnus. The Freeh report reached that conclusion about Mr. Paterno as did the PSU board. I don't care whether or not you believe me. I worked in a county office that determined eligibility for Medicaid. I never even heard of Sandusky until the media put out the story. I don't follow PSU football, either. You have some weird idea that all state employees know each other and know what is going on in bureaus other than the one they work for. Nothing could be further from the truth.

  44. Layton Harman

    to quote you "No, the officials at PSU did cover it up. There was an undercurrent at the university about this man. Paterno did know and the President did know but they covered it up to save the football program's integrity. Why do you think the new coach fired everyone and started over? Clean slate. No one really knows who knew what. Even faculty admit they knew. And many students have said they knew and alumni knew. So, it wasn't a very well-kept secret. But there are rumors that he was part of a pedophile ring that reached high into government and business including the Second Mile and the Governor's Office and that he furnished boys for high powered men. Let's see if the Patriot-News can confirm that and it will be next year's Pulitzer." You seem to have quite a bit of knowledge about all of this. Also could you please tell me how you know that many students and alumni knew? Right there you're accusing thousands of people knowing and covering it up. You seem to be opening mouth and insert foot alot here Sue.

  45. Douglas Robb

    You're BOTH pretty pathetic for being in the legal field and making the unsupportable accusations you make against Dottie Sandusky. Dottie knew, huh? PROVE IT? You two "legal eagles" ever HEARD of due process? I doubt it.

  46. Douglas Robb

    Mark, the trial convicted JERRY Sandusky. I saw NO accusations of any kind leveled at Dottie Sandusky. Joan said, "She saw but she is in denial." She is accusing Dottie Sandusky of a crime. I say PROVE IT. CAN YOU READ? Or did you miss that fact?

  47. Douglas Robb

    Sue Haskins, you're a hypocrite. You accuse people like Joe Paterno without one shred of credible evidence, accuse thousands of PSU people who did nothing wrong of covering up a crime and then claim innocence when YOUR state agency enabled Sandusky by their failure to act in 1998. How many victims paid the price for YOU and YOUR agency's inaction? The rapes are just as much on your hands and DPW as anyone you so hypocritically accuse. All you know is what the media tells you to think and if you're stupid enough to put any faith in the Louis FACT Freeh Report, you really have no critical thinking skills.

  48. Sue Haskins

    Boys, boys, boys. The information I stated can all be found in the Freeh report, the NCAA sanction and the Grand Jury indictment, and most importantly the Puliizer prize winning stories in the Patriot-News. You boys can stop making it personal. I used to be a reporter and I know exactly how the process of news gathering works. I have more critical thinking in my pinkie that you two have in your whole bodies. The media doesn't tell me what to think. I was trained as a journalist many years ago, and critical thinking is part of the job. You can stop the name calling — hypocrite, stupid. I find when people are losing the argument, they resort to name-calling. Once again, I had no part in the investigation, as you allege. I believe your statements are slanderous and libelous. They are made with prejudice and the intent to defame.

  49. David Rohrbach

    Sue, then you were one LOUSY "journalist" if you're taking the Freeh report as fact. Your critical thinking skills would have told you that the report is full of assumptions and opinions. If people on the Freeh report panel came out after the fact and said "Oh, well that report was not supposed to be used like that" in regards to the sanctions. The Freeh report was a result driven "investigation" that was not independent it was internal since the University paid for it. They said "this is the result that we want, here is $6.5 million, whatever it takes to make it appear like that is what happened, do it." That reports lacks the most important part, facts. As a journalist wouldn't you interview the most important parties involved? McQuery, Spanier, Shultz, Curley, Paterno (offered before he died) were NEVER spoken too. Why does this all fall on Penn State? Money. The Second Mile, Corbett, State Police, DPW, CYS are MORE involved than Penn State.

  50. Layton Harman

    Wow Sue you think calling you a "hypocrite" is name calling and were slandering you? All we're doing is making observations to your so called "critical thinking" and (lack of) facts. And I never even called you any names that would defame you, all I said is it's funny how you can claim that essentially thousands of people knew at Penn State because then by your logic, you're defaming and slandering them. I don't feel like I'm losing the argument, I'm just calling you out for the same things you call Joe Paterno and other PSU officials out for. Tha'ts why we're saying you're a hypocrite.

  51. Todd Speck

    Sue, no name calling or insults from me. However you claim the NCAA and the Freeh report state that the faculty, students and alumni know about Sandusky. I have read the ENTIRE report and not just the summery as you may have done, and have never seen anything about this. Please tell us where this information can be found. Mr. Freeh also reviewed 3,000,000 emails and was unable to find any emails, not one email, that stated anything about covering Sandusky and his action up. Don’t you find that a little odd? 3,000,000 emails and nothing talking about “we better keep this quiet” or “we can’t let this get out” or “we can’t let this get out or it will ruin the football team”. In fact there was nothing to tie Sandusk’s actions to the football team other than Sandusky used to be a football coach. I ask you to go back and read the entire report and form your own conclusions. If you insist on reading just the summery, try it again, this time remove Mr. Freeh’d “Reasonable conclusion” and “speculation” comments and you’ll see it reads completely differently. As for your comments regarding “firing” the entire coaching staff as evidence they all know is not true. This is common practice when new coaches are hired. The new coach always brings in their own staff. On top of that Coach O’Brien did keep two of the old coaches (very uncommon). The linebackers coach and the defensive line coach were retained, both had been there for 20+ years under Joe Paterno and both coached with Jerry Sandusky. I encourage you to do a little more investigating…..

  52. Kevin Bligan

    This particular son came into their household at the age of 16 (possibly older). I am not defending Sandusky in any way, but know that a 16+ year old does not revert back to infancy when he finds a new and accepting home. He had deep, serious problems at that point that are obviously still ongoing…

  53. Kevin Bligan

    Nope….you prove it. We are not defending Sandusky, just sick and tired of the millions of super self-righteous people who know what went on, declare it over and over again until it's believed, and don't do any thinking for themselves. Maybe you work for the media?

  54. Ruth Dinger Mondak

    Douglas, I put you in the same category as the Sanduskys…..too much PROOF against the pervert, and his wife turned a blind eye to it all……he is sick, she is sick, and so are you fro defending a man who stole the innosence of children. I don't have to prove it….a jury did it for all of us.

  55. Karlene Renee Arment

    Sue Haskins, since you claim to be a jounnalist, face the fact …… you lost this debate! BUAAAAAHAAAA

  56. Sue Haskins

    Todd Speck No, I said the information I based my comments on, came from the Freeh report, NCAA and news articles written by Sara Ganim. The comments you are referring to came from those news stories. I certainly never said all faculty, all students and all alumni knew about the coverup. That is comparable to saying I was respinsible for not reporting Jerry because I was an employee of DOE.

  57. Sue Haskins

    Karlene Renee Arment I don't claim to have been a journalist; I was a journalist, both reporter and editor. I didn't lose any debate. I stand by my comments. Do you even know the rules of debate? Probably not and I bet you have some affiliation with PSU. I don't and therefore am objective.

  58. Andrew Tenorio

    Not sure if you're a married man Douglas Robb But I can promise you that NO WIFE I KNOW OF would be unaware of her husbands actions for that many years.

  59. Haruka Tenou

    Riiiiight. With people reporting what they saw in showers, you think NOTHING got back to Paterno? He should have fired him immediately, but chose to look the other way. You're drinking denial "kool aid".

  60. Douglas Robb

    What "people" reported to Paterno? Give me their names. You can't. You don't have a clue what you're talking about. Just your emotionally mismanaged ideas you dreamed up. Anybody can talk out their butt like you do. It's another matter to back it up with proof. You make a claim. PROVE IT! You can't. Denial Kool-Aid? You're drinking media based crap. Try to learn to think for yourself for once. In 2001, Sandusky wasn't employed by Paterno. More false facts on your part. You're just damn clueless about this story, and really don't KNOW anything you're talking about.

  61. Douglas Robb

    Well Andrew, Sandusky fooled Penn State coaches, players, administrators, his State College community neighbors, people who went to his church, and Second Mile employees and board members for almost 30 years. And fooled CWS and DPW workers who investigated two different incidents involving Sandusky as well as PA adoption agency investigators who placed 6 adopted children in the Sandusky's home over the years. But Dottie knew, huh? Why? Because YOU say so, because YOU know how ALL the wives in the world operate? Great standard. "I believe it, therefore it's true." Sorry Andrew, here in the real world, you gotta PROVE your beliefs. Or no matter how accurate YOU or I think we MIGHT be, it doesn't hold up under scrutiny.

  62. Andrew Tenorio

    Douglas, Sandusky didnt fool ANYONE people turned a BLIND EYE and hoped someone else would take care of the problem among them As far as IM concerend they are JUST AS GUILTY as Sundusky. Im not hear to argue this IT HAS BEEN settled in a court of law already. Question would you trust your son or grandson w him.

  63. Douglas Robb

    But Hugh, NO ONE dares questions the victims, because WE are all to blame since victims cannot report their abuse and get law enforcement, parents, social workers and other persons in positions of responsibility when it comes to "reporting" to listen to the stories of victims. So even in the case of troubled kids who had a checkered past who might be in a position to manipulate the Sandusky crimes into a big payday. we DARE not question ANY victims claim that they were abused.

  64. Phil Haley

    People may let slide signs of abuse out of reluctance, denial, experts contend

    By Chris Rosenblum and Rob Hotakainen — Centre Daily Times and McClatchy Newspapers

    The boy cried. Jerry Sandusky did something to him, he said, something wrong.

    School officials responded. They told the boy and his family to think carefully about their accusation because Sandusky, the founder of the Second Mile charity for troubled youth, “has a heart of gold and wouldn’t do something like that.”

    Jurors heard the recollection during testimony in Sandusky’s ongoing trial on 52 counts of child sex abuse.

    Another alleged victim testified about staying with Sandusky on a trip to the Alamo Bowl, showering together in a hotel room and being forced to perform oral sex. Then Sandusky’s wife, Dottie, walked into the room, prompting Sandusky to leave the bathroom hurriedly, the alleged victim said.

    The boy heard Dottie Sandusky ask her husband, “What are you doing in there?” When the boy got out of the shower, she was gone from the room.

    Read more here:

  65. Phil Haley

    Douglas Robb, I hope the above article helps, Tennessee Law reads suspicion, knowledge, or should have had knowledge. Ignorance or denial is not an excuse

  66. Andrew Tenorio

    Thank You Phil Haley. Juanita Karels I agree good ol boys sticking together is a very nice way of putting. Lets see how many of these gool ole boys go down. This is over Once Penn State starts getting the lawsuits the FUN WILL REALLY BEGIN….

  67. Sharon Cooke

    Are we as a society sure on all this? If enough people say the same something does that make it all true? The man that states he saw something and walked away….can a man really do that? Is there any more evidence besides the hearsay?

  68. MiMi Blanchard

    I heard of due process. Due process is letting people like her off the hook so maybe she can start where her husband left off. You must be an attorney…..We need less of people like you.

  69. Joan Smith Morgan

    this is my own personal opinion. I don't have to prove anything Mr Douglas Robb. so many grown men told , you don't spend that many years with a man and not know somethings wrong unless you are walking around wearing rose colored glasses , if a man does that to young boys , it will show in the bedroom. wake up and smell the coffee.but like I said this is my personal opinion I didn't say she held them down while he did it , but to me the indifference of good men is just as bad.

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