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Roseanne Barr Says ‘Romney Is Pro-Rape,’ Gets Added To Florida Ballot

Roseanne Barr is crazy

Actress and “presidential candidate” Roseanne Barr angered and embarrassed a lot of people when she tweeted “Romney is pro rape” earlier today.

Roseanne concludes that GOP presidential hopeful Mitt Romney and his running mate, Paul Ryan, are effectively pro-rape because they oppose paying for abortions in cases of rape or incest. She explained further with a series of tweets:

“both romney and ryan oppose paying for the abortions of our raped and forcibly impregnated FEMALE troops!” she said. “Romney no longer believes that his health care program should pay for the abortions of our raped/forcibly impregnated troops. Denying our raped and impregnated female troops the right to paid abortion is pro rape, pro rape culture, and anti american.”

Roseanne’s comments on Twitter arrive at the same time as news that she will be among a dozen presidential candidates on the Florida ballot come November, thanks to very liberal ballot access rules in the state. She’s running under her California-based Peace and Freedom Party, the platform for which calls for the legalization of marijuana and same-sex marriage. Her running mate is Cindy Sheehan, an anti-war activist who received some national fame for staging a long-running protest outside of former President George W. Bush’s ranch in Texas.

In a statement on her website, Barr says “the bankers and the (U.S.) Federal Reserve need to be brought down” to help fix the US economy. “They have stolen our money, our future and the American Dream and continue to enslave us with a broken monetary system,” the statement says.

“We definitely do not have any serious choices in this election besides me,” Barr says in a video on her website.

We’re guessing that “Romney is pro rape” has been added to Roseanne’s campaign platform.

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169 Responses to “Roseanne Barr Says ‘Romney Is Pro-Rape,’ Gets Added To Florida Ballot”

  1. DREGstudios! Art & Design

    The dynamic duo of Romney and Ryan would drive the entire economy into a nose dive as long as it benefits the richest Americans. Income inequality is endangering the Middle Class and making paupers of us all who don’t have those millions upon millions of dollars. Read more about the role of Romney’s riches in this election and the power of his sacred undergarments at The working class of our country can’t AFFORD to allow this election to be bought and sold!

  2. Klud Klud

    Makes sense, it's rare than someone can be against something, without being for it, and vice versa.

  3. Ralph Moore

    What a nut case. Paid abortion can't be her #1 running platform. What about Jobs, Hunger, Crime, Oh! I forgot she hasn't a CLUE!

  4. Anonymous

    Roseann Barr, is a big mouth, and I wouldn't listen to anything she has to say. I can make my own decision as to who I want to vote for, I don't need a big mouth to tell me who to vote for.

  5. Lori Brown Copeland

    talk about two faced. She disgraced our country when she "sang" the national anthem and totaly made fun of our flag and country. And who really gives a crap what she thinks. She's not all that!

  6. Klud Klud

    I agree that she did, but then fixed it the SECOND time she sang the Star Spangled Banner.
    Also, you can tell she's a whole lot more honest than most of our current politicians – why? Simple. She doesn't have the same agenda to protect and follow.
    Just because someone isn't a cookie-cutter, Confederate flag-waving, Patriot, doesn't make them a bad citizen, and certainly not any less informed. Think outside the box. All of us should.

  7. Klud Klud

    I just blocked some guy named Steven Coleman for calling me or the poster above a "retard". Sorry, Steve, but intelligent conversation doesn't come in the form of calling someone names. A difference of opinion can be explained in a million other word choices.

  8. Sharmie Recher

    Abolition in case of rape no matter who or what they do for a living should be paid for. First they have to go thew the rape, and them you say they should pay to get rid of something they didn't ask for in the first place. Not right.

  9. Kelly Knapp

    Her own life is a mess and she wants control of mine? I think shes looking for a career boost. lol

  10. Anonymous

    I don't think Roseann is nuts, I think she's just as sick of things the way they are and wants to actually do something to change it instead of the same thing every 4 years. I know most of you are to young to remember 1994, but the same issues are being discussed now as they were then. Gays having the right to marry, abortion and economy and even the legalization of Marijuana. You would think after all these years it would be something different. Oh and she didn't make fun of our flag, she was acting like a typical baseball player. But because G.Bush the 1st thought she was disgracing our flag she got condemned for it. All she should have gotten condemned for was bad singing.

  11. MissAnne Thrope

    You've got to be kidding me? The fact that ONE person believes this psychotic imbecile scares me to death.

  12. Pamela Burk

    This is an absolute disgrace to politics. She is a nut case. I am glad I don't see her face on the TV anymore. She is very wrong on Romney's stance on abortion.

  13. Bryan Carpenter

    Although her comments are a bit out there, the comedic value is priceless! I admire her for speaking out against the hatred and vile language of the right-wing.For they are the true enemies of freedom and human rights….especially for women! G.O.P.= tea party Get it?

  14. Annette Levan

    Shes an idiot! They said the opposite of that. In case of rape or incest. What a joke, I cant believe she is even running, What qualifies her for anything other than a low rate comedian.

  15. George Williams

    This just illustrates the old Hollywood motto: There is no such thing as "bad publicity." Rosanne will say anything so long as it feeds her own ego.

  16. Anonymous

    Roseanne Barr believes that all men should have their penises cut off.

  17. Anonymous

    Roseanne Barr needs a job. She has way too much time on her hands these days and is just as foul mouthed as ever. Making a statement like this is over the line. Dry up Roseanne. Go plant some more peanuts or something.

  18. Maryann Hartman

    Actually Romeny did say he would do away with paying for woman to have abortions no matter the reason. Roseanne is as entiltled to her opinion as you are but, she shouldn't have said what she did the way she said it.

  19. Brick Harrell

    she`s low class and always has been. She`do all of us a favor if she would just GO HIDE IN PARAGUAY TIL SHE DIES OF HOOF AND MOUTH DISEASE.

  20. Steve Cumiskey

    sorry klud clod, i agree with steve coleman, u are a nut-job. heres another steve u can block too. lol like it matters u pawn idiot! lmao. block me please but my comment will stay. what a piece of unstable humanity u are. get a job instead of sucking off uncle sams tit all year! nut. lol

  21. Steve Cumiskey

    Steve Coleman clud clod is a whack job, whats more i cant tell from its picture if its a man or woman or both lmao.

  22. Dawn Ryder Gagnon

    Some needs a career boost maybe? Why do celebrities keep trying to influence the American public? Since when did being a celebrity make you qualified to tell everyone else what to think?

  23. Anonymous

    love roseanne but that pro-rape statement is crazy. she hit the nail on the head about the bankers and fed reserve stealing our money, destroying our future and enslaving us under their 'fake' monetary system.

    all in all I'd vote for her. at least she's not completely controlled by the illuminati, like the other 2.

  24. Carol Mckenney

    What a ticket! Barr and Sheehan! IF these two had any chance at winning, other countries would convulse with laughter at ALL Americans. Barr's publicist must have quit….she's desparate to keep her name in the news….

  25. Zenos Pipkin

    Carol and Dawn, you must have forgotten that the state of Minnesota ELECTED the so-called "comedian" Al Franklin to the U.S. Senate not too long ago! Most of us (at least those of us who are SANE) thought THAT could never happen, yet it DID!

  26. Scott Boyd

    Klud Klud what a moron u r she is a disgrace to the US and if you support her u r too

  27. Scott Boyd

    Jodie Higgins you need to go back and keep your place in line for your food stamps loser

  28. Anonymous

    She banged Tom Arnold. So much for her decision-making abilities.

  29. Anonymous

    Maryann Hartman Site your sources, because I have never heard him say that at all.

  30. Anonymous

    This cow is a disgrace. She just needs to shut up and go out to pasture.

  31. Brendan FitzPatrick

    When the two party system that maintains the status quo limits the choices and renders franchise meaningless, the only meaningful vote is the one for a third party candidate. It's not even necessary to evaluate the ideology of said candidate…ANY vote against the status quo is a vote for the future.

  32. James Barrs

    Klud Klud, I agree with you about thinking outside the box. But, you are talking about thinking outside the species. Roseanne is a fruitcake of the 1st order.

  33. Jodie Higgins

    well scott, insulting people is a really mature approach. you're obviously far too intelligent for me to bother with. ass.

  34. Linda Brunson Pouncey

    Roseanne is a vile woman. why should anyone quote anything she says?

  35. Jodie Higgins

    brendan, i'm with you. neither of the two is worth my vote. if enough people go outside the system perhaps they will get the message.

  36. Stephena Helms Held

    May not be pro-rape, but certainly is not pro-women..Ok to let a woman die, but protect the fetus that may, or may not be viable, and will not pay to help that single woman raise that child, once it is born. No such thing as "unborn children" only children who live after birth and they may need help to grow up well. Not on the R/R agenda.

  37. Elain Kangas

    I hope she takes votes from Repub's or she hurts our cause! Does NOT Sound like it!

  38. Anonymous

    Bill McCroskey exactly..unforgettable..along with her nasally monotonic diatribes

  39. Jennifer Smith

    Omg I am so tired of hearing about the national anthem like Clinton amd Monica weren't a disgrace and bush running us into the ground… people make mistakes get over it….good for you Rosanne working up all of these sheep.. Wake up people the govt. Is not our friend… there like the rich uncle that helped u but raped u along the way….

  40. Henry J Swift

    Roseann Barr dosen't have to worry about anyone raping her ugly self ugh!

  41. Paul White

    I heard somebody say they heard Harry Reid say he thought somebody said Roseanne wanted to be President so she could pardon Charlie Manson and make him the Warden before he got too old and they wanted to form a commune to educate Monkeys for Congress, and also get Al Gore & Barack to Boss the Marijuana Plantation in the Everglades and domesticate alligators & crocodiles & pythons and many other useful programs this Country needs. So why not just elect her & turn her loose? Sounds better that what we have now.

  42. James B Cameron

    I am pro life but I am pro choice on rape an insest forsing a woman to have a baby in that situation is wrong but at the same time if she waits longer then a month then it is murder with the exeption of life of the mother this issue is grey ok for argument sake lets say a pregnet woman who is 5 monthts goes into an abosion clinic and she tells them she was raped but later on you find out she lied and she did it because the brake up with the father was bitter the abosion issue is complex and it isn't a black and white issue.

  43. Judi Guy Neely

    I would vote for my dog before I would vote for Roseanne Barr….

  44. Judi Guy Neely

    glad i am not living in Florida now…what an embarrassment for Florida….

  45. Antonio Travello

    Yeah and they also elected a former professional wrestler as governor

  46. Antonio Travello

    Nothing funnier to me than watching morons who have no idea what the issues are call someone with an opinion a fruit cake or a nut job. Have you actually heard Roseanne speak? She's actually VERY intelligent and she doesn't buy into the BS fed to her by the government. I know it's difficult for most lay people to understand, but there is logic behind her original statement and she backs up her statement with valid arguments. Does no one think that it's ridiculous to be able to tell someone what they can and can't do with their body, especially in the case of forced rape resulting in pregnancy? I guess it's just one of those things that small-minded people are unable to think outside of themselves and be able to understand how difficult that situation would be for a woman.

  47. Anonymous

    I would vote for her before the other 2 choices. At least she's REAL.

  48. Anonymous

    Klud Klud,

    ‘Romney Is Pro-Rape". Yeah, she's a lot more honest than current politicians.

  49. Ally Quinn


  50. Anonymous

    Roseanne Barr and Ciny Sheehan? Tweedle Dee and Tweedle Dumb running for the Oval office…YIKES! On the Peace and Freedom party line, even dumber. I would have thought that even those two idiots knew that freedom is not free and in order to preserve it we must be ready to and fight for it again…still…forever!

  51. Brendan FitzPatrick

    Pamela…forced breeding is slavery, it amounts to rape by the state. That's what Romney stands for, restricted rights to abortion. Rape or incest is irrelevant. Abortion is the woman's jurisdiction not over her ow body, as is what she eats while pregnant…eve if it's murder it's her body! If you dot have to give your property to the hungry she doesn't need to give her body to the fetus. Think about it!

  52. Chinsea Paddock

    make that 2 then lol she came from nothing so she's going to understand us 99% better than these other 2 clowns– it's about time a woman was in office, long overdue

  53. Ann Williams

    Actress and Presidenital candidate – NO THANK YOU! She needs to go home and take care of her own life. That would be a good start. Just go home.

  54. Judy Neville

    She has as much right to say what she pleases as you do. You want her to shut up and go away? Then let everyone do the same and the robber Barons can have their way a lot easier

  55. Judy Neville

    More than you would believe, I wish they would listen to her more than to Romney and that clown her
    selected to run for VP. Talk about a comedian.

  56. Brendan FitzPatrick

    Proud that you support the people who want you to give you body over to breeding slavery? Let's look at the logic here…a republican feels it is stealing to take their property and give it to the hungry…even if a person is starving o your doorstep they don't have the right to steal your food, but a fetus has the right to steal the woman's body for nutrients? She becomes a slave. Yes, its murder if you let a person starve on your doorstep, and it may be murder to abort the fetus, but both situations are beyond the states jurisdiction over your property or your body.

  57. Carmela Marangolo

    is pro-baby. it's amazing how the most important thing to so many women in this country, including nutcase Roseann, is the right to mercilessly rip apart or burn from the inside (with saline) a human being who is yet to be fully formed and out of the womb. What a sick society! If you want to do it and that's what gives you satisfaction, then go ahead, just don't ask me to pay for it! Rape is a horrible thing, but maybe not as horrible as what is done to an innocent "fetus" ( a convenient way to de-humanize a baby in the womb) during an abortion.

  58. Justin Gibbons

    I can already see the damn commercials of her butchering the national anthem playing over and over even having to see that once was too much.

  59. Jean Ackerman Schupp

    I'd call her a pig…..but pigs are actually very nice, and intelligent animals. Ms. Barr is neither.

  60. Anne Beliveaux

    Do you expect anything else but STUPID remarks coming out of Roseanne Barr's mouth – I certainly don't. Anyone who would sing the National Anthem with such disrespect has no class whatsoever.

  61. Cheryl Grochowski

    It is time for this nut case to crawl back under her rock. She is a no talent we have have forced on us at every turn. It is time for people to stop giving her the time of day, and realize she is absolutely insane. Shame on networks, and others that give her platforms for her demented ideas and opinions. We have enough unqualified people running, we don't need another.

  62. Danice Corbin

    Nut bag will say or do anything to get attention. Even if it's bad attention. Just pathetic!

  63. Anonymous

    Are you kidding me, what a total loser she is. She's done nothing for how many years. Who the? cares what she has to say. Stay irrelevant like you've been for a long time.

  64. Lorne Rouse

    @Ann Williams So because she's an actress she's automatically a bad candidate? Lemme refresh your memory. Ronald Reagan was an actor before his Presidential candidacy in the 1980 and 1984 Presidential elections and considered by some to be one of the greatest Presidents of all time.

  65. Lorne Rouse

    I love how people are criticizing her for this just because it Roseanne. If it was anybody else, everyone except GOPs would be saying she has a good point she just presented it wrong, which I disagree with. Think about it. If she just talks about how Romney wants to cut pay for abortions from rape, she gets no attention. She says "Romney is pro-rape" she grabs everyone's attention, then she talks about how he wants to cut pay for rape abortions. She may not be the most stable person, but it's not like she's one of those who needs to be institutionalized. She's smart. She gets you to pay attention to her before she speaks, rather than just say it and nobody hear about it.

  66. Anonymous

    abortion is a killing of a human life no matter how much you want to sugar coat it, there are more woman that get abortions because they choose to have unprotected sex, as for woman who get raped there is a pill for that no need to wait months. stop trying to give sob stories of woman getting raped and incest, woman keep your legs closed or get your tubes tied instead of making an innocent life pay for your decision.

  67. Paxton Mcmillan

    omg did she grab her balls again like she did at the world series after she sang the national anthem?

  68. Henry J Swift

    Dont get your bra in a uproar judy, truth hurts. And by the way; I guess your an expert on who's a redneck. You must be a libtard.

  69. Iam Thelight

    Wow! So the only people who get raped are grown women?!!! rice8119, your post is completely offensive to every woman who has ever been or will ever be raped and to all the children and young girls who have ever been or will ever be molested or taken advantage of. You assume that everyone knows about this pill you speak about and that they are aware that they are pregnant after such incidents. Furthermore to imply that rape and/or incest victims are sugar coating anything in order to have an abortion is absolutely ridiculous. I hope no one in your family including you(if you are a female) is ever faced with a decision like that since you and the R/R ticket think you know better than the people in these situations.

  70. Dominic Magliocco

    she is beyond replusive! NO ONE supports RAPE…she is a freaking idiot! why does she even get any press? OMG…

  71. Dominic Magliocco

    Psychotic imbecile?? where do you people come up with this stuff??

  72. Dominic Magliocco

    HALF of her "platform" is so hypocritical. How can ANYONE or anything support this type of garbage??

  73. Dominic Magliocco

    WFT are you talking about?? Slavery of the body? are you serious when you just antiquated slavery to a women who is pregnant??

  74. Dominic Magliocco

    and she is running with Cindy Sheehan as her VP. Great!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  75. Brendan FitzPatrick

    If people would lost this mindset we might get somewhere. The only way for the idea of 3rd party to get traction is for us to go out and vote for one. ANY vote against the status quo is a vote for the long term future. Any vote FOR a status quo candidate is wasted. The 2 party system limits choice ad renders franchise meaningless

  76. Ginger Young

    I agree with you Carmela! It's not the innocent baby's fault if the mother was raped. I know it would be hard to carry a child after rape..but why kill the child for what the father did. If you could'nt raise the child..there is always people that want to adopt children.

  77. Shalei Morse

    Romney Sucks! That's all there is to it! He gets in office we will all be living on the streets!

  78. Meg Renae Doud

    Wait a minute: "anti-American?" Correct me if I'm wrong, but wasn't this the woman who spat and vulgarly grabbed herself during the National Anthem?

  79. Anonymous

    Our country is filled with redneck mentality…that being said, maybe she has stated something obvious; f..k both parties' choices! WE NEED MORE THAN A TWO PARTY SYSTEM FOLKS! WAKE UP!

  80. Anonymous

    WE have a psychotic system here much the same where religion states (GOD) says '; you have a choice as long as you believe in me…CHOICE???!!! BLAGGHHH!!!!

  81. Chris Olsen

    We all make mistakes or do things that aren't understood, but we can all change and improve ourselves. I think she's come a long way since her earlier days. I hold nothing against her and admire her courage for actually running for President. I'd vote for her way before I'd vote for Mitt Romney. He and Ryan are pathological liars and they both, but especially Mitt, scare the you-know-what out of me. I think that both he and Ryan have no respect for women and their rights. Mitt ONLY cares about the 1% and if you don't believe me just wait and see what he does as President if elected. His campaign has been taking tons and tons of money from a group of about 3 dozen multi billionaires, two of whom are the Koch brothers (corrupt as Hell). Do you think all these billionaires are going to be willing to dump money into Mitt's campaign without expecting favors in return if he gets elected. Mitt does NOT care about 100% of the citizens of this country. He ONLY cares about the 1% and they are the ones whose lives will improve if Mitt is elected, not yours or mine.

  82. Lorne Rouse

    Reading comprehension. You should try it. She is saying Roseanne is a bad candidate just because she is an actress. I am saying that just because she is an actress does not mean she is a bad candidate, considering we have already seen an actor become president and be praised as one of the best Presidents by many.

  83. Judi Guy Neely

    Lorne, you and many others gave your opinion of this article…well, Ann Williams stated her opinion…and did not really say anything to offend anyone…she could have said worse….as i have read worse from others….

  84. Lorne Rouse

    Right above mine. In case you can't see it, it says "Actress and Presidential candidate – NO THANK YOU! She needs to go home and take care of her own life. That would be a good start. Just go home." And I disagree that she said nothing offensive. Not so much offensive (to me) as it was just rude, basically just saying Roseanne is incompetent so she should just quit now. And I never said she couldn't state her opinion. And my last (rude) reply was to Frances Holley and I was rude in that because of the fact that she twisted my words to act like I was comparing Roseanne to Reagan.

  85. Judi Guy Neely

    Lorne: i am not going to argue with you about this..and i can understand what i read…but there are hundreds of other people that have made some really rude statements about RB….and out of all of them you pick Ann to say she is rude….did she just seem to be more an easy target?

  86. Lorne Rouse

    Argue about what? Nobody is arguing, unless you're arguing with yourself. I wasn't being rude to you. You said you couldn't see her comment, so I quoted it for you, and I disagreed with you in a rather nice way and gave my opinion. And in my opinion it was rather rude to just count her out and give her not even a bit of credibility simply because she's an actress. And yes, you're right, other people are also making rude comments about Roseanne, but I don't have time to read and respond to every single negative comment about her, not that I even would if I did. I was responding to that one because she counted her out simply for being an actress, when we have already seen someone form the film industry become a good president.

  87. Judi Guy Neely

    Okay sir….God bless you and have a good day…nice to meet you….

  88. Klud Klud

    I don't think she's an idiot, but no, I am not casting my vote for Roseanne. I do, however, strongly believe our current top two choices are more of the same BS.

  89. Klud Klud

    Steve Cumiskey , Scott Boyd, Mark Shields – Sorry, boys, my comments were meant for grown-ups.

  90. Klud Klud

    The most important thing, in any case, should be the basic right for a person to have autonomy over his or her own being.

  91. Ginger Young

    What about the baby's autonomy? The baby has the right to live too. There are too many people that have the me,my I attitude..Let the child live..people need to understand the baby is a life..NOT a choice. God loves that baby..It says in the Bible..Thou shalt not kill. Women are killing their babies because it's just not convenient for them to have a selfish.

  92. Pamela Burk

    What I think about is the killing of an unborn child. Mr. Romney is not going unlegalize abortion he just believes that the taxpayers should not have to pay for it. I agree with that. If a woman chooses to have an abortion it is not for me to judge that is between her and her God, I just don't want to pay for it. Brendan, you thoughts are a little extreme. I don't believe in abortion but that's my opinion and I would not force it on anyone else. If someone asked what I thought about abortion I would just share my thoughts and they can take it for what it's worth.

  93. Brendan FitzPatrick

    I believe the "pro-life" position is defined as one that supports restricting access to abortion. The position you take "that is between her and her God" is in fact "pro-choice". Your position is not Romney's, but it is correct. As for my "extreme" opinion, I believe that to force a woman to carry a fetus in her body against her will amounts to compulsion, which is slavery. Where am I wrong?

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