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Bufori Cars: Company Struggles To Keep Up With High Demand For Hand-Crafted Vehicles

Bufori Motors can’t make its cars fast enough.

Auto World News reports that people interested in purchasing one of the hand-crafted cars from Malaysia may have to wait as much as two years before they receive their vehicle.

The Bufori Cars cost about $150,000 but buyers can make special customization requests that can raise the price of the vehicle to $300,000 or higher.

According to Reuters, the company is creating buzz because it is designing its cars to cater toward individual needs. For instance, one woman had her Bufori car customized with tea-making features so that she can enjoy aromatherapy while she drives.

The woman told Reuters:

“I love drinking Chinese tea. The car allows me to make tea and drink it while I’m travelling. Both features are unique and satisfying comforts that I had always wanted.”

The car’s hefty price tag limits the company’s clientele to the extremely rich. But due to the company’s ability for extreme customization it has seen a boom in orders. The company has received so many orders from China, Europe, Japan, and the Middle East that it can not keep up with demand.

The main reason for the long wait, according to Auto World, is that each Bufori car is hand-crafted. The Bufori Geneva, for instance, takes nearly 9,000 hours to complete.

Several clients have cancelled their orders due to the long wait but Bufori Motors said that it had no plans of introducing machines into its factories. The company did say, however, that it plans on adding more workers to more locations to keep up with demand.

Here’s a video about Bufori Cars.