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Bruce Willis Donates Idaho Ski Resort To Non-Profit Organization

Bruce Willis Soldier Mountain Donation

Bruce Willis recently donated his Idaho ski resort to a non-profit organization, according to Entertainment Tonight. Soldier Mountain Ski Area, Inc. will now own and operate the aforementioned resort, which has been in existence since 1948.

“I couldn’t be more pleased with the organization that will be responsible for the management of the Soldier Mountain Ski Area,” Willis explained of the donation. “The community came together, established the SMSA organization, and now assures its continued success. It was exciting to see that the very people who ski at Soldier care so much about its future. I wish them the very best.”

Contact Music reports that Bruce Willis purchased the ski resort back in the 1990s when he was still married to actress Demi Moore. Soldier Mountains reportedly sports over 1,150 acres of snowy terrain perfect for those folks who fancy themselves skiers.

Justin Nyquist, spokesperson for the non-profit group, told the Idaho Mountain Express that Bruce Willis’ move was a “total donation.” In other words, The Soldier Mountain Ski Area Inc. — which was co-founded by Will Varin, William Wardwell, Robert Thomas, Jamon Frostenson, Russell Schiermeier — will assume complete control of the property and its operations without having to pay the actor a dime.

“Soldier Mountain is the pride of Fairfield. The new owners want to keep it that way. This community meeting is a chance to lay out the ownership change to the town and offer residents an opportunity to ask questions,” Nyquist said in an email to the Idaho Mountain Express.

When Bruce Willis isn’t handing over large ski resorts to non-profit organizations, he still finds time to crank out motion pictures on a fairly regular basis. Next year, audiences will once again be treated to the big screen adventures of John McClane in A Good Day to Die Hard. The film is currently scheduled for release on February 14, 2013.

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8 Responses to “Bruce Willis Donates Idaho Ski Resort To Non-Profit Organization”

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  2. Rumple Stiltskin

    Hmmmmm, sounds to me like ol' Bruce had a bill to settle with a certain "family" organization and signed over the ski resort he never used anyway to settle up the bill. Wouldn't surprise me one bit. He sure hasn't gotten all those cool movie parts because of his acting ability. If he had to depend on his acting ability to get movie parts he would be homeless and starving. Hack.

  3. Tom Frieder

    Just so the commentors here are aware: this was a ski area that barely gets any visitors located in an out of the way place (no hotels or restaurants even), I've driven past it a few times…it's a nice gesture but it's basicly a local bunny hill that Bruce decided against his original upgrading plan, when free or $10 lift tickets were available, we still did not think it was worth the 1hr. drive

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