Pot and Bonfire in Chicago

Pot Farmer Ignited Bonfires To Protect Marijuana Plants

Aurora, IL – Twenty-three-year-old Daniel A. Selmon of Aurora, Illinois was arrested at 2:45 am on Saturday morning when he started two large bonfires. The man was attempting a last ditch effort to protect his marijuana plants from decreasing temperatures.

Police in Aurora were patrolling the area when they noticed the illegal fires in the criminal’s backyard. As the officers drove up to the home, they quickly noticed the marijuana plants.

The fire occurred on the 800 block of Robert Street.

Police found three large marijuana plants growing in the corner of the man’s yard. Selmon later admitted to police that frost would kill the plants, so he set the fires to keep them alive until they were ready to be harvested.

Selmon was charged with felony possession of cannabis and misdemeanor production of cannabis. The plants, which were hauled away, had a total weight of 6.5 pounds. If the marijuana was any good, it could have brought its seller thousands of dollars in street sales.

The lesson to be learned here is twofold First, any idiot can grow marijuana if they have a backyard and no common sense. Second, those same idiots continually get caught because they start bonfires or call the police to report a missing bowl.

I have a feeling this is not the last we’ll hear of Daniel Selmon and his pot growing business.

Do you think Illinois and other states should legalize marijuana?