McDonalds iPad Free Use

McDonald’s Store Begins Testing Free iPad Use

Sitting down to eat your breakfast, lunch, or dinner at McDonald’s may soon come with the option to browse the web and watch various pieces of entertainment via the company’s table-installed iPad tablets.

The program is currently being tested at a new McDonald’s location in Virginia Beach. Under the new program, customers can sit down with their Big Mac meal and browse the web and play iPad games for free.

The idea for the program came about after various international McDonald’s locations began offering the program, which started with the help of a French supply company.

Hugh Fard, the owner of the pilot store, chose to take on the iPad setup on his own after discovering the same option in Europe. Fard tells CNET that, since launching the iPad platform, his customers have spent more time at his McDonald’s franchise location.

The new iPad program does beg the question: How greasy are the iPad displays after someone uses them while handling McDonald’s fries and a double cheeseburger.

No word yet on whether McDonald’s corporate will closely watch the store’s new program and possibly offer the same program at other stores throughout the United States.

Most McDonald’s locations in the United States have already been equipped with free Wi-Fi.

Would you be willing to sit down and use an Apple iPad while eating your McDonald’s value meal?