Amazon Kindle Fire HD 4G

Amazon Kindle Fire HD 4G Receives FCC Approval

The Federal Communications Commission (FCC) have given Amazon permission to begin selling its Amazon Kindle Fire HD 4G in the United States. Unveiled last month, the 8.9-inch tablet was forced to display disclaimers about its lack of US sales clearance. Disclaimers were being run on web pages and email promotions.

The Amazon Kindle Fire HD 4G was delayed because of a new 4G chip the tablet is carrying. Last month analysts and attorneys proclaimed that the device would no longer be delayed after thorough testing.

Amazon’s move to officially announce the new product ahead of FCC approval is rare.

According to Electronista:

“The newly-designed cellular modem coupled with recent submission of the device for the lack of approval or the device.”

An FCC representative then added:

“Should Amazon have given us the device earlier this summer it would have been done in time for the release, assuming the modem was in compliance.”

Orders and payments for new electronics cannot be accepted by companies until the device in question has received FCC approval.

Most companies avoid pre-orders for devices without full FCC approval, a move meant to slow any disappointment felt by customers if the device fails to arrive in a timely manner or is canceled permanently.

Given that Amazon with its considerable influence was not likely to give up on FCC approval, the company’s decision to advertise for the Amazon Kindle Fire HD 4G was probably a smart move as the holiday shopping season approaches.