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The Undertaker: WWE Superstar Reportedly Now Using Crutches To Get Around, Could His Days As A Wrestler Be Numbered?

There has recently been a lot of widespread speculation about the future of The Undertaker in the world of WWE wresting. The aging wrestling superstar has long been a favorite of WWE fans, but at 51-years-old, many are wondering if this might be The Undertaker’s last season wrestling for the WWE.

Especially since The Undertaker was spotted and photographed using crutches just to get around at his local Starbucks. Fans are worried that if the WWE star is unable to grab is daily coffee without the assistance of crutches he wont be able to get in the ring, let alone hold his own against formidable WWE opponents.

As Comic Book reports, the WWE’s Undertaker apparently posed for a photo with a Starbucks barista, and that picture quickly began to circulate on social media. About the same time, fans of The Undertaker began to publicly wonder if his days as a professional wrestler might be numbered.

Unfortunately for The Undertaker of WWE fame, the barista photo wasn’t the only recently captured image that showed The Undertaker’s crutches. The second time around, The Undertaker was standing on his own two feet (while leaning a bit on a giddy-looking fan), but his crutches were clearly visible in the background. A Twitter user shared the photograph of himself with the WWE superstar, and in that photo (as in the barista shot), The Undertaker’s crutches play an obvious role in the shot.

In addition to the photo, a photo that could have devastating repercussions for The Undertaker’s WWE career, Twitter user @TheZachLethal added a caption that confirms both The Undertaker’s crutches and the fan’s concerns for the star’s well-being and future both with the WWE and as a professional wrestler.

“Another photo of The Undertaker. You can see the crutches in his trunk which tells you it’s his. I hope he heals up soon.”

Both photos were posted to Twitter on the same day, October 12. Judging by The Undertaker’s outfit, which was the same in both shots, they were taken on the same day, too.

The Undertaker’s most recent reported physical ailment (which has yet to be officially confirmed, let alone explained) is far from the WWE’s first battle with aches, pains, and general physical trauma. Over the course of The Undertaker’s decades-long career, the WWE superstar has dealt with numerous issues and injuries to his joints and back, not to mention the physical pounding his body has endured due to his demanding career as a professional wrestler.

While neither The Undertaker, nor the WWE have publicly commented on the nature of The Undertaker’s crutch-related injury, many fans are speculating that the most likely cause of the wrestler’s need for crutches are decades of punishing exercise and wrestling-related physical trauma. Then again, it’s possible that The Undertaker could be recovering from an unannounced, unconfirmed physical injury or trauma that the WWE has opted not to comment publicly about.

The Undertaker’s career began way back in the 1980s, and he has been a household name virtually ever since. He has remained one of professional wrestling’s most consistent draws for over 30 years; his statuesque physique and dark, ominous persona have always impressed WWE aficionados. Over the course of his career, The Undertaker’s entrances into the ring have become the stuff of legend.

It’s been a few months since The Undertaker has made one of his impressive entrances; he last took to the WWE ring months ago during WrestleMania 32. During that April 3 bout, in a battle that has been described as being “almost to the death,” The Undertaker didn’t disappoint. He managed to wrestle all the way to a win in the much-touted battle, and WWE fans have been eagerly anticipating his return to the ring.

Especially because, as rumor would have it, he’s expected to battle WWE demigod John Cena in the near future. Fans are hoping to see him reprise his role in the WWE universe sometime in the near future, but at this point it’s hard to tell if The Undertaker will ever be back in the ring again.

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