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Britney Spears Releases Ad For New Fantasy Twist Perfume [Video]

Britney Spears recently released a new ad for her highly anticipated fragrance Fantasy Twist.

Spears has been releasing photos from the shoot over the last few weeks and today the ad officially arrived online.

The new Fantasy Twist perfume is a combination of two successful scents already created by Spears. The X Factor judge combined her Fantasy perfume with her Midnight Fantasy perfume to create Fantasy Twist.

The new perfume combines the “feminine scent” of “red lychee, kiwi, cupcake, jasmine, white chocolate, musk, orris root” from her Fantasy Perfume with the “casual, citrusy scent” of her Midnight perfume.

The combination of the two scents is highlighted in the print ads as well as Spears new commercial.

The new ad shows the famous singer walking down the hallway of a hotel as various people peer out at her through their peepholes. Spears transforms into their fantasies as she walks down the hall. From Cleopatra, to a glamorous stripper, to a dark and sexy goth girl, Spears’ new fragrance, according to the ad, can turn you into whatever you fantasize about.

Here’s the new ad.

Are you excited for Britney Spears’ new perfume? Here’s the full print ad.

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