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‘General Hospital’ News: Bryan Craig Finally Reveals Reason He Left The Show

The fans of General Hospital were shocked when they found out that Bryan Craig was leaving the role of Morgan Corinthos. Last week, everyone saw what appeared to be a car crash that killed Morgan, but so far they haven’t found a body. Soap Opera Digest shared the details about why Bryan Craig actually decided to leave the show. Bryan is moving on after three and a half years of playing this role.

Bryan Craig is admitting that he isn’t upset with General Hospital or anything, but it was just time to move on so he could do other things. This was taking up most of his life. Here is what Bryan revealed.

“It’s really hard to schedule anything when you’re at GH under contract. There had been some projects that I had gotten close on — and some things that I wasn’t even able to give a shot because of the scheduling [challenges]. My manager and I just wanted to free ourselves up and see what came through. Giving up your weekly paycheck is always a scary thing.”

This isn’t all that Bryan Craig had to say about leaving the show, though. Bryan explained, saying, “But I talked about it with a couple of close friends and my parents, too, and Kelly [Thiebaud, ex-Britt, his fiancée] definitely pushed me to go out there and see what I can get. Maurice [Benard, Sonny] was also a big supporter of me going out there and doing my thing.” Bryan Craig shared that Executive Producer Frank Valentini was also very supportive and helped him with the entire transition.

Bryan Craig’s fans are really going to miss him on the show, but that doesn’t mean that he regrets his decision. He said, “I kind of do things and don’t think about them afterward; I’m kind of like that with everything! So, after I decided to leave, I didn’t really worry about it. It was more like, ‘What am I going to do next, to make this decision the best decision I could have made?’ And I wanted to do good work leading up to the end, that’s for sure.”

She Knows shared that since leaving General Hospital, Bryan Craig has already booked a new movie called Ride. He actually shaved his head for the role. Bryan shared that it was going to be a busy two weeks for him. Craig will play a character named Jack in the movie, but there are not a lot of details out at this time.

As The Inquisitr shared recently, there is a lot of speculation that Bryan Craig will be replaced, and they will put a new actor in the role of Morgan Corinthos. At this time, they have not found a body that would prove that Morgan is dead. If he was in a fiery crash, it would make sense for him to have plastic surgery and look totally different when he returns. A casting call even came out that makes it sound like they are looking for an actor to replace Craig.

The casting information says, “20 to 25 years old, Caucasian male. He is brooding and intense. He is complicated and troubled. Underneath his edge, he is a soulful young man trying to figure things out.” This is a perfect fit for the role that Bryan Craig has been playing, so it is probably the role they are trying to cast. Only time will tell what they decide to do with this role.

Are you still shocked to see that Bryan Craig is leaving the show as Morgan Corinthos? Do you think that they should replace him with a new actor playing Morgan? Sound off in the comments section below on your thoughts and don’t miss new episodes of General Hospital weekdays on ABC.

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