Kanye West performs in Toronto in 2015.

Kanye West Remixes Desiigner’s ‘Tiimmy Turner’ And It’s As Good As You’d Expect

It seems like everything Kanye West touches these days turns to gold. He’s a talented performer with a colorful personality, so naturally, everyone always wonders what he’s up to. It turns out what he’s been up to is producing a remix of Desiigner’s hit “Tiimmy Turner.”

As Elias Leight of Rolling Stone points out, Kanye played a big hand in putting Desiigner on the map by featuring his underground hit “Panda” on his album “Life of Pablo.” That song saw instant success and became a No. 1 hit.

Then, in June, Desiigner dropped a freestyle rap on YouTube titled “Desiigner Timmy Turner Freestyle – XXL Freshman 2016” that nearly broke the internet. It now has over 10 million views and featured the main hook that eventually was used in the final version of “Tiimmy Turner.”

Of course, once the Internet got a hold of the freestyle, the popularity was too large for Desiigner to resist making an actual track. He did just that and debuted the song later in June on his mixtape “New English.”

Now, in it’s latest, remixed version, one of the industry’s biggest stars decided he wanted to hop on. Talk about overnight success. Desiigner has now gone from a relative unknown to a budding star in less than a year.

In the song, Kanye compares himself to cultural icons like Muhammad Ali, Walt Disney, and Steve Jobs. This is nothing new for the star rapper; he makes similar comparisons in most of his songs.

Desiigner performs at the BET Awards Show.
Desiigner has turned into a star in 2016, but after Kanye jumped on his hit track, even better things could be ahead for the teen rapper.
[Image by Matt Sayles/AP Images]

As Desiigner is breaking in with G.O.O.D. Music, where Kanye is essentially his boss, it’s clear Yeezy sees potential in the teen rapper. That begs the question: will we see more of the two collaborating in the future?

Neither has commented on that, but with Desiigner’s popularity on the upswing, one has to think Kanye will continue to ride out his newfound star’s wave of success as long as he possibly can. At the end of the day, the rap game is business.

Other Popular Kanye Re-mixes:

This is hardly the first time Kanye has jumped on a popular track and made it his own. He was featured on a remix of Rihanna’s hit “Diamonds” in 2012 in which he drops a Will Smith Fresh Prince of Bel-Air reference, “chilling out maxin’, relaxin’, shooting some pool, playing some b-ball outside of the school.”

Kanye West, Kim Kardashian, Jay-Z, and Beyonce having a good time at an event.
Kanye West, Jay-Z, and Beyonce are all stars, so when they combined on a re-mix of “Drunk in Love”, it was an instant hit. [Image by Matt Sayles/AP Images]

One of the things Kanye is best at is taking already-popular songs and putting his own creative spin on it. People already like the original version, but in many cases, they like the re-mix featuring Kanye even more.

Another prime example of this is when he and Jay Z re-mixed Beyonce’s “Drunk in Love”. The re-mix became a hit and gave even more fame to a song that was already a hit in its own right.

Kanye’s Saint Pablo Tour Continues

Perhaps Kanye will perform the re-mix on his ongoing Saint Pablo tour now that it has been released to the masses. The tour is already close to being over with a West Coast swing involving 10 shows, two of which are in Canada, scheduled over the next couple weeks.

Kanye West is hoisted down during a show in Atlanta as part of his Saint Pablo Tour.
Kanye’s Saint Pablo tour continues with several shows on the West Coast in the coming weeks. [Image by Robb Cohen/AP Images]

He wraps up the tour by heading back east and playing shows in Philadelphia on December 13 and Detroit on December 22. That tour ends three days before Christmas, but most Kanye fans probably feel like this latest re-mix is a gift that came a little early.

During the solemn and occasionally excitable track Kanye drops, he reminds us all why he’s a superstar: he’s constantly reinventing himself. Say what you will about the man, but he is an entertainer and this latest track proves exactly that.

He has also put out a memo to the hip-hop and rap industry: if you put out a popular song, you better let me re-mix it.

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