HTC Tablets Leave US

HTC Abandons US Tablet Market, Will Watch For New Developments

Smartphone and tablet manufacturer HTC has pulled out of the tablet market in the United States. The move comes at a time when Apple’s iPad has continued to dominate the tech space and when Google Android tablets including the Amazon Kindle Fire HD and Google Nexus 7 offer an increasing amount of hard to beat competition.

HTC global online communications manager Jeff Gordon says the company will continue to “keen an eye on the market.” If all goes as planned, HTC will eventually roll out a new product offering in the tablet space when it feels the market will allow for adequate competition.

HTC hasn’t gone quietly; over the last two years, the company tried to carve out a tabled-based market segment for itself with the HTC Flyer, HTV Evo View 4G, and HTC Jetstream. None of those mentioned devices are still available for sale in the United States. All three of those devices used the same Google Android OS implemented by HTC’s competitors.

You may recall that HTC helped herald in the tablet market when its Windows OS devices in the HTC Advantage series debuted. Shortly after making an appearance, Apple and other competitors with their sleek interfaces and bold designs took over the space.

Speaking to FierceWireless, Gordon says:

“It was a great learning experience for us, and they definitely met expectations.”

HTC is now eyeing the smaller 7-inch tablet market instead of a market that has been dominated by $300 to $700 devices.

HTC joins LG and HP in exiting the US tablet market to focus on other countries and smartphones.