Donald Trump Next Fake Trump Victim Plot

Donald Trump Reportedly Knew Sexual Assault Accusers Were Coming Forward, Massive Attack Against Victims Plotted in Advance

Last week, Donald Trump was planning a parade of alleged sexual assault victims of former president Bill Clinton to put on display at a nationally televised debate in an effort to rattle opponent Hillary Clinton. Meanwhile, his internet army was also planning an attack on new alleged victims that might come forward levying sexual assault allegations against him reports Tech Mic. Last night, the New York Times reported there were women coming forward with sexual assault claims against Donald Trump.

Tech Mic also reports that this same Internet army has been working hard to keep Donald Trump at the top of every number they can. Reports from the group message board indicate they are in regular contact with the Donald Trump camp. The group even manufactures auto bots with trending hashtags to keep the Presidential nominee relevant on social media. In a separate report, Tech Mic also says that the group even manufactures polls in Donald Trump’s favor, using an Airplane Mode toggling device, polls which Donald Trump then proudly and promptly tweets.

Buzzfeed also reported this week that five women accused Donald Trump of entering a women’s dressing room, without permission. Donald Trump is also heading into a rape trial December 16 with a woman is claiming he raped her when she was 13-years-old.

This brings the total alleged victim count of Donald Trump’s, that we know of, to 11. Eight of those have come forward within the last 48 hours.

Donald Trump calls all of these women liars, every single one. But, every alleged victim that he brought out this weekend at the second presidential debate has been proven wrong about their allegations against former president Bill Clinton, or for having lied to the FBI on sworn affidavits as The Inquisitr previously reported.

As The Inquisitr reported this week, Paula Jones had to settle a sexual harassment suit against Bill Clinton when it came out that her witnesses lied to the FBI and she did not have enough evidence to go to trial. Yes, she settled, but President Clinton did not admit guilt, and that was part of the settlement that Paula Jones agreed to when finalizing the case.

Kathleen Willey is another woman who claims to be a victim of President Clinton. She also frequently complains that Hillary Clinton doesn’t treat women well. But, her own statements about Hillary Clinton aren’t exactly “women friendly.”

She’s not exactly truthful either. During the FBI investigation into Kathleen Willey, she swore in an affidavit by her own admission to the FBI that the sexual assault claims she had levied against President Bill Clinton were lies. She did that so she wouldn’t go to jail for committing perjury with the grand jury.

She later recanted that story and then said Hillary Clinton killed her cat. Nobody to date has gone on the record to say Kathleen Willey has a clean bill of mental health.

Today, Donald Trump is saying that the latest eight women, in addition to many women before that, that have come forward levying sexual assault allegations against him are fakes. A massive retaliative attack against them was plotted, a trending hashtag on Twitter: #NextFakeTrumpVictim.

The WikiLeaks Connection

This new hashtag was a massive assault plotted against alleged sexual assault victims, since last weekend, as told by an insider to the Trump camp before last week’s debates. Everything the insider has said has come true and actually happened this week. A massive WikiLeaks dump was also plotted in an attempt to shed the light off of Donald Trump, in an effort to create negative press for Hillary Clinton, in the wake of some very negative press on Donald Trump.

Every time damaging information comes out about Donald Trump, a major WikiLeaks dump happens.

It also seems that WikiLeaks is a partisan entity. No negative or damaging Wiki Leaks dumps have come out about Donald Trump. And they are not expected to.

Trump’s ally and campaign aide, Roger Stone, is friends with Julian Assange, founder of WikiLeaks. Roger Stone also predicted in August that “soon” the Podesta emails were coming out.

Roger Stone also has a link with the women Donald Trump brought to the pre-debate meeting on Facebook live last weekend. Washington’s Top News reports that Roger Stone also offered to pay off Kathleen Willey’s mortgage if she appeared at the debate pre-event last weekend.

Another woman that was there, Kathy Shelton, was also paid $2,500 for her appearance at the pre-debate event last week. Her funds came from a company known as “WeSearchr,” a media group that crowdfunds “rumors it believes are not being covered by news outlets” and is co-founded by conservative Charles C. Johnson, reports Washington’s Top News. He is an outspoken Trump supporter.

So these women weren’t really at a press conference to tell their victim story. They were attending a paid appearance to say, whatever their employer wanted them to say. And they did.

But Roger Stone’s link with the Podesta emails is even stranger. On Friday, when the Trump tapes came out, so did the emails of John Podesta, Hillary Clinton campaign chair, on WikiLeaks. But the Podesta email dump dropped like a deflated balloon on Friday night.

Nobody was talking about the Podesta emails because everybody was talking about how Donald Trump was caught on audio saying he wanted to grab a woman by the “p***y,” and how he could kiss women without consent.

“Almost like a magnet,” he said on tape.

By Tuesday, Clinton campaign chair John Podesta was connecting some dots for reporters. Yahoo News reports that he said he believes Roger Stone may have had “advance knowledge” that Podesta’s emails were going to appear on WikiLeaks.

Podesta said, “I think it is a reasonable assumption – or at least a reasonable conclusion – that Mr. Stone had advance warning and the Trump campaign had advance warning about what Julian Assange was going to do. I think there is a reasonable belief that Mr. Assange may have passed this information on to Mr. Stone.”

There is. That reasonable belief came from Mr. Stone himself, who tweeted in August that soon it will be Podesta “in the barrel.” John Podesta said he thinks that Julian Assange “wanted to change the subject” from the Trump tapes and that “he didn’t succeed in doing it.”

Podesta also gave Donald Trump a strong condemnation on Tuesday night with reporters, condemning him for refusing to admit that Russia was behind the WikiLeaks hacks, as acknowledged by the president and national security officials.

Podesta also said, “I would say that the Russian interference in this election and their apparent attempt to influence it on behalf of Mr. Trump should be of utmost concern to all Americans, whether Democrat, Independent, or Republican.”

Oddly enough, the same thing happened to Podesta again on Wednesday night. Another dump of Wiki Leaks. As The Inquisitr reported this week, WikiLeaks has been linked to Russia according to the White House and 16 bipartisan national security officials.

In the same evening as the second WikiLeaks dump, the New York Times published their now famous report that three women have come forward with startling allegations against Mr. Trump. The second round of WikiLeaks dumps was again considered to be just a distraction from the big story of the night, that multiple women were coming forward with sexual assault allegations.

Then the floodgates opened. More women telling stories.

Mr. Trump immediately acted like this was all a big surprise. He expressed outrage on Twitter. Supporters rallied to make claims:

The truth is Donald Trump did know the sexual assault claims were coming forward, as well as he knew that the WikiLeaks hack had been connected to Russia. The New York Times even reported he had been contacted about it. And he’s linked to Roger Stone, who is linked to Julian Assange, who is the founder of WikiLeaks.

So it’s not really a coincidence that a WikiLeaks dump happened at the same time as the sexual assault allegations. Trump supporters tried to make it look like the media rigged a massive flood gates of sexual assault claims. In fact, it was the other way around: a WikiLeaks dump was planned around the same time as a sexual assault scandal of a presidential nominee hit the airwaves.

A massive attack on the alleged sexual assault victims had been planned well in advance of the pending story, knowing it was coming out. And it was planned at the same time a WikiLeaks dump occurred.

Truth About The Next Fake Trump Victim

That seems to be the trend in this election cycle. Something horrible comes out about Donald Trump, a completely anti-Democrat partisan WikiLeaks dump happens.

Donald Trump knew Thursday’s report from the New York Times was coming out, and was preparing his defense, a defense his internet troll army had been planning for days. Stage one of his defense was to distract attention from himself and onto his opponent, his standard response over the past several months when bad things come into the public about him.

Stage two was for his internet army to launch an all-out attack on the alleged sexual assault victims that came forward in the New York Times and Buzzfeed by trending the hashtag #NextFakeTrumpVictim.

When Trump was planning a parade of real women that have been proven as levying false sexual assault claims, his internet troll army was also planning a massive Twitter attack against any woman that would soon come forward levying claims against him.

The hashtag began trending yesterday, but the attack on the alleged new victims had been planned for days.

This means Donald Trump knew there might be more alleged sexual assault victims. Why would he know there were victims coming forward to make claims about him if there were no claims to make?

He is not the only one that knows there might be more victims. Bill Pruitt, producer of The Apprentice, has gone on record to say, “As a producer on seasons 1 & 2 of #theapprentice I assure you: when it comes to the #trumptapes there are far worse. #justthebegininng”

On October 9, two days into the Trump tapes scandal, Donald Trump began unraveling on Twitter, as he usually does after someone calls him on something ugly. It was the day of the second presidential debate. He was not going into the debate with the upper hand, because of the Trump tapes.

He already had his first line of defense planned: paid appearances by bogus victims at a pre-debate presser. After apologizing to America for anyone that he offended on the now infamous Trump tapes, he then called everyone who had a problem with that “self-righteous hypocrites” on Twitter.

He was then notified of stage two of his line of defense when someone posted to his Twitter handle.

In that message, this person warns Trump of “future attacks”against him, including one that would “further magnify some assault charges which will be held against Trump after the debate.” Trump received this message on Sunday.

The poster says, “I’m not sure I can effectively communicate how important it is somebody counters this. I’ve thought about contacting the Trump campaign but I found out they’re implicated in the leaks as well.”

The post then goes on to reveal the counter attack. The counter attack would not be on the Hillary Clinton campaign, but, on the alleged victims themselves. So, on Sunday, right before the debates, the attacks on the #NextFakeTrumpVictim were planned.

This was to counter attack any complaints of sexual assault that would come forward about Donald Trump after the debate. The instructions were specific, to “flood Twitter at exactly 4 central to spread this tag.”

The post also warns of a racist video of Donald Trump’s that is to be coming out. An attack is already planned for that as well. That is expected to start around Friday with the #MediasNextTrumpLie according to this post.

The post said, “in a couple of days you will realize this is legit.” And it was, thus far up to the point of #NextFakeTrumpVictim.

Right on cue, #NextFakeTrumpVictim started on October 10. Some, even sooner, starting the day after the Trump tapes scandal hit the airwaves.

This hashtag blew up on Twitter on Thursday morning after the New York Times story broke.

Donald Trump did know that alleged victims were going to be attacked, again, on his watch this week. He did nothing.

The attacks were an effort by a group that is part of an online community. You could almost call them a Basket of Deplorables. Most of their Twitter handles have the word “Deplorable” in the name. They spend most of their time on Twitter, Reddit, and a Propoganda General Forum board called “Politically Correct” or “4chan.”

All of the details of the planned attack are on these sites. The members post anonymously, although we have been able to get some identities from the boards. One member said to another this week, when planning this attack, that it was important that key players in the Trump campaign knew what was going on, as soon as possible. You can follow the entire thread on the forum in the “You’ll be Sorry” thread.

Here is an excerpt.

“Tweet to the big personalities that aren’t necessarily in with the campaign, or tweet Don’s sons, Jr., and Eric. Email them if you have to. Hit up anyway who hasn’t been in the beltway, before. Unfortunately, at this point, I don’t even trust Conway or Stephen Miller. Bannon would be good, I believe. But contact his family members (AKA his children). They are the only ones that you can trust with regards to such information.”

The group also talks of Podesta frequently, and also Roger Stone.

On October 13, a post read, “Okay everyone. The Podesta Emails. While we don’t have anything that’s truly definitively damning, hint at some SERIOUSLY shady s**& going on. We need to get more organized. We have less than 30 days to get all the dirt organized. Any anons with scripts to generate trends for the above hashtags? We are going to need bots.”

This is the poster referring to automating Twitter to keep #NextFakeTrumpVictim trending. And it was weird. On Thursday, one minute it was trending, and the next it wasn’t.

Another anonymous poster said, “Yeah we’re correcting the record for him, but that’s because we’re just doing what feels right, having a paid army of trolls promoting propaganda.”

One of the members of the group is known as Mitch Peter, and he has his own YouTube channel. He is proud to post on the group about how he “broke” the story of Hillary Clinton’s fake seizure.

The group also has what they call a “Paste Bin” called “Propaganda General” which is, just a general dictation of what the group is about.

“With election day nearing on us, we need a huge propaganda campaign for Donald Trump. Propoganda General is a place where we are collecting resources (memes, infrographics, vidoes) that are pro-Trump or anti-Hillary. The tactics we used during the primaries aren’t working anymore: the media is against us. People are brainwashed to react negatively when we touch their sensitive nerves such as anything related to hinting at racism/sexism. It’s no more time for evil Nazi frogs.”

The group encourages posting things that involve minorities, noting, “Liberals have a hard time going against a minority.”

They also say, whenever someone says Trump is racist or sexist, “This is easy. Simply ask, ‘What, when, how and why did he say something?’ Because they won’t find one.”

People might now, though. There seems to be a long list of sexist things about him. And the Latino vote may have a few comments about Trump’s racist remarks.

Instructions for attacking Hillary are also included. Members are told to “quote racist phrases” and “explain that she is using minorities as tools. Quote the leaks. This makes sense. Say she is one of the most corrupt politicians of all times.”

At 9:30 p.m. on Thursday this week, the Reddit thread of this group known as “The Donald” on Reddit, had a huge post by poster Da_UniqueUser, with all caps.

“ATTENTION!!!! Everyone here PLEASE start tweeting #NextFakeTrumpVictim. TWITTER WILL TRY TO CENSOR IT!!!!! JUMP ON THIS NARRATIVE FAST!!!!”

This isn’t the first time this group has been in the news for hate acts. Mic reports that in 2015, the group was attacking transgender people to commit suicide. It started as a parody account mocking Australian feminist Caitlin Roper.

On May 13, 2015, Mic reports that a poster from this same board bought a Twitter ad and posted the following to the board.

“I’m going to use Twitter Ads to send out kill yourself messages to trannies. Using Twitter Ads, you can send out promoted Tweets to millions of people and you can target specific people to receive your Tweets. Twitter doesn’t check Tweets beforehand, so I made a bunch of Tweets encouraging trannies to kill themselves, and I customized it so that trannies will be the ones receiving those tweets. Hopefully, I’ll actually be able to get a few trannies to really kill themselves. The only good tranny is a dead one.”

The group incites harassment as well.

A posting later on May 20 says, “Make sure to harass this feminazi whore for promoting transphobia.”

The group speaks in code, which is really more of a lingo. Words are short forms or acronyms, or symbols. CTR means “Clearing the Record” and usually consists of a campaign to spin bad Trump news into a different light aligned with their propaganda message.

For example, when one of the victims in the NYT piece said her assault by Donald Trump happened in first class on a plane, the Politically Incorrect group tweeted a picture of an airplane cabin and said, “Proof she’s lying! The arm rests in first class don’t go up!” To them, that’s “CTR” or, clearing the record.

A campaign might also involve giving someone the “red pill.” That’s generally a damaging meme of some sort, such as a meme calling Hillary Clinton the most corrupt politician ever. A “shill” is another common word there. It refers to someone only promoting one candidate, like a Hillary shill or a Trump shill and can also be called “shilling.”

The group prides itself on being the key demographic that Donald Trump leads in the polls, white uneducated men. Politico did a story on them last night, and described them as anti-semitic. Politico reported that the group had stolen a cartoon character as their logo, “Pepe the Frog.”

The owner of the logo wants his frog back. He doesn’t want his character associated with the likes of them.

But this is what at least one branch of the Donald Trump campaign has become, or has been this entire time. The forum threads have noted publicly that their efforts in the primaries have been successful. They are in essence, a group of trolls using the internet to try and put a white man into the Oval Office, and proud of it.

But, the New York Times hints that probably won’t happen. The New York Times, who broke the story of three women coming forward to levy sexual assault stories against Mr. Trump says, the Trump campaign “feels like it’s in death throes.”

The biggest problem with all of this besides the victim shaming? That Donald Trump thinks he can both win an election, and also, slime past serious sexual assault allegations using Twitter alone. The real America doesn’t work that way.

Hillary Clinton has a lead on educated voters and on women voters. Most of the people voting for Hillary Clinton, now, the majority of recent polling data, aren’t going on Twitter to find out what Trump trolls are saying, or what victims they are bashing today. They are reading the New York Times, with mouths dropped today.

The Allegations

So what are the actual allegations that Trump is trying to avoid talking about this time? Let’s have a look. Lisa Bloom, attorney for one of Donald Trump’s alleged victims, says, there are many.

Donald Trump has a busy fall schedule that does not include Elections 2016. As we previously reported, his multi-million dollar racketeering and fraud trial for Trump University is set to begin November 28 of this year.

On December 16, he is also scheduled for a settlement conference hearing on a rape case where Jane Doe accuses him of raping her when she was 13-years-old. Jane Doe is just one of many women with very strong allegations levied against Presidential nominee Donald Trump.

To date, at the time of press, there are now 11 women that we know of that have come forward since last week’s presidential debates to make claims that Donald Trump touched them or physically assaulted them in some way without consent. More are expected to come forward.

Here is a video of another, Jill Harth. She is also represented by Lisa Bloom. She describes her experience with Donald Trump here using words like “aggressive” and “entitled.”

Donald Trump will also be in court on December 16 over another case, where he is accused of raping 13-year-old Jane Doe. She is no longer 13. She was threatened with death if she told anyone about her rape experiences with Donald Trump, which include being tied up and being forced upon.

Here’s a detailed look at that case, not for the faint of heart.

At the second presidential debate, after parading women that accused Hillary Clinton’s husband of allegations, Donald Trump was asked if he ever committed sexual assault. He said no.

Seventy-four-year-old Jessica Leeds said, she wanted to punch the screen when he said that, reports the New York Times. She was in her 40’s when he victimized her. She described him like an octopus.

A 22-year-old woman in 2005 was kissed by Donald Trump within minutes of meeting him. Just like Trump said on the tapes, he couldn’t help himself. She felt violated.

Donald Trump was asked for a comment on Tuesday evening. He told the New York Times, “You are a disgusting human being.”

Then, the alleged victims were attacked again: #NextFakeTrumpVictims. Some 160 GOP members have fled Trump as fast as they can. But the New York Times reporter is the disgusting human being. The reaction from the public to #NextFakeTrumpVictim, especially women, has been, sickened.

Donald Trump has denied the allegations and, in Trump form, threatened to sue the New York Times. This, of course, would prompt discovery for the New York Times and Mr. Trump would not be protected from testifying in a civil matter, he would have to.

The NYT legal team responded yesterday with, the message, “do what you have to do Mr. Trump, we are doing our job and protecting and informing the public, and we will see you in court.” If Trump does sue that would be two sexual assault-related civil matters, in addition to a racketeering and fraud trial, on his legal agenda.

This morning, the 4chan Politically Incorrect group began another hashtag:#WomenWhoVoteTrump. This is another propaganda campaign to flood Twitter with tweets to make it appear as if there are women still on Trump’s side. It is very easy to determine when one of these campaigns is in progress as they are run by automated bots and scripts, as reported in the Politically Incorrect board.

Yesterday, the #NextFakeTrumpVictim hashtag trended, in a storm, but not for long. It literally vanished after about a couple of hours, the time it would take to run a script. Looking at Twitter today, you should expect to see thousands of #NextFakeTrumpVictim, but many have just disappeared.

Watching the #WomenWhoVoteTrump hashtag today, similar trends are happening. There are many tweets happening quickly, and this hashtag too will die out today once the script is over. At 7:44 a.m. EST this morning, there were 17,000 tweets under this hashtag. Within two minutes, at 7:46 a.m. EST this morning, there was almost 20 thousand.

That is one way to tell these hashtags are nothing more than promotional advertising for a propaganda group. Many are also easily identified by having the word “Pepe” or “Deplorable” in their Twitter or social media handle, however they do work very hard to try and maintain anonymity and do not want their Twitter handles disclosed.

Stay tuned to see if the basket of deplorables comes out again this week with #MediasNextTrumpLie. That Twitter campaign is expected to launch around the same time a video depicting racist remarks of Donald Trump comes out.

Given the pattern of behavior, there is likely to be another WikiLeaks dump as well. Although, the White House has definitively linked those as hacks linked to Russia and few are giving the Wiki Leaks much credit anymore. What is your reaction to the scandals that have rocked the Trump campaign this week? What is your reaction to “Next Fake Trump Victim?”

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