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‘Completely Wrong’ Search Brings Up Mitt Romney Images

completely wrong

When you look up “Completely Wrong” in the dictionary there’s a picture of Mitt Romney.

OK, that isn’t really true. But if you look up “Completely Wrong” on Google Images you’ll get a bunch of photos of Mitt Romney.

So how did the GOP candidate earn the unflattering honor? Well, remember that 47% remark that Mitt Romney made last months? The one that labeled nearly half the country as victims? Well, Romney recently said that the comment was “completely wrong.”

Romney said:

“I said something that’s just completely wrong. I care about 100 percent, and that’s been demonstrated throughout my life.”

The 47% remark was a low point in the Romney campaign. At the time, several members of the GOP started to turn their backs to the Romney campaign.

But Romney has turned things around. After a great debate performance, in comparison to Obama’s, Romney’s poll numbers have been on the rise. Now that he’s distancing himself from the disgusting 47% remark the Republican Party is getting excited again about its candidate.

Do you like Mitt Romney? Do you think he’ll beat President Obama in November?

Or, despite the recent turn of events, do you still think he’s completely wrong.

mitt romney

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14 Responses to “‘Completely Wrong’ Search Brings Up Mitt Romney Images”

  1. Steve Sommers

    He's still completely wrong — about his tax plan, his foreign policy, and his plans for the country. If he wins in November it will be an "unmittigated" disaster for the nation.

  2. Kevin Jones

    And the Obama Administration has not been an "unmittigated" disaster for the nation? Did you see the debate? Obama's got nothing to run on except demonizing the other candidate and that's it. 1 term President Obama, he even said as much.

  3. Shaianna Renee Chambers

    Kevin Jones the United States has been sinking for far too long now, and if you don't have a complete congress (Senate and House of Reps) to back the administration nothing is ever going to happen, can't say much when those supposed to be working with you don't. Kick out the whole of congress' incumbents and things will get a lot better.

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