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Linda Blair, Exorcist Star, Now Runs Dog Rescue In Remote California Desert

Linda Blair, 53, came to prominence in her Exorcist role, starring as the possessed little girl at the center of the film that rocked the world of horror in the late 70s, but the now-grown actress has moved away from Hollywood and toward a cause close to many people’s hearts: needy dogs.

Linda Blair was 14 when she was cast in her biggest role to date, one that earned her an Academy Award nomination as well as international notoriety for the film that was at the time one of the scariest ever distributed.

But now Blair’s life is less about red carpets and more about wet noses, as the former movie star devotes her days to caring for a bevy of homeless dogs at her remote California ranch, raising funds, and ensuring the canines find families to give them the love and companionship they deserve.

Linda Blair sat down with TODAY to discuss her work as doggie savior, and she says that rescuing pups hasn’t been all smooth sailing; she explains:

” … in the last couple of years we were threatened with foreclosure. I got … us out of it on my own, and nobody assumes Linda Blair off on the mountain with the dogs … I’m rich and famous, you know, but I’m not, because all my money through my life has always gone to charity, and they say if you give, it will come back to you tenfold. I know that what I do here is really important.”

When asked about her affinity for the needy dogs, Linda Blair explained she felt that she understood their plight, having been an “underdog” child actor.

You can watch a clip of Linda Blair discussing her animal rescue work on this morning’s TODAY below.

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