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‘Hobbit’ Coins Become Legal Tender In New Zealand

A set of Hobbit coins will soon go into circulation in New Zealand. And, no, this isn’t collectible movie memorabilia. The coins, which will feature characters from the new Peter Jackson movie, will be real legal tender.

According to RT, New Zealand will mint $1 Hobbit coins and $10 Hobbit coins.

The value of the coins, however, is expected to skyrocket upon their release.

The $10 coins are made from 28.3 grams of pure gold and are expected to sell for about $3,700. The $1 coins are expected to sell for about $30.

The $10 coins will feature Gandalf, Thorin Oakenshield, and Bilbo Baggins.

The coins will go on sale on November 1. The new Hobbit movie premieres on November 28.

New Zealand has been trying to capitalize on the Hobbit craze since the first Lord of the Rings movie debuted in 2001. According to the Telegraph, New Zealand saw a huge tourism boom after the first trilogy.

The country, which is also releasing Hobbit stamps, is currently trying to brand itself “100% Middle Earth” to coincide with the premiere of The Hobbit.

New Zealand has even renamed its capitol Wellington to The Middle of Middle-Earth.

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