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Phil Ivey Denied $11 Million In Poker Winnings From Casino

phil ivey

Poker champion Phil Ivey won $11.7 million at Crockfords Casino in London. He’s still waiting for his money.

According to the Huffington Post, Ivey, who has won the Poker World Championship 8 times, won his $11 million playing a Baccarat variation called Punto Banco. Punto Banco is a “no-skill” game. Winners and losers are chosen purely by the luck of the draw.

That’s why the famous London casino is a little suspicious about Ivey’s $11 million streak. The casino decided that it would return the money that Ivey put into the game, $1.6 million, but decided to withhold his winnings.

According to ABC, Ivey lost $80,000 during his first night at the casino. After that, he walked the casino floor with a “beautiful companion” and went on an impressive streak that ended with over $11 million in winnings. Crockfords said that Ivey’s unidentified companion had her membership revoked by another casino.

It’s unclear if the casino is accusing Ivey, or his companion, of cheating.

Lance Bradley of Bluff magazine said that the situation is even more strange because Ivey has a “spotless reputation.”

Bradley said:

“There’s nothing in his past that would hint at his being a cheater or unethical in any way … People say he’s arguably the best poker player in the world; but, really, there’s no argument: He’s #1. He’s known both for his skill and for his love of high-stakes games. He loves anything where there’s some sexiness at stake.”

Do you think Phil Ivey cheated? Should the casino pay him his $11 million?

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46 Responses to “Phil Ivey Denied $11 Million In Poker Winnings From Casino”

  1. Anonymous

    LMAO. Casinos are like insurance companies, they have no problem taking in the money, its always the payout that comes into question.

  2. Wayne Hamilton

    Pay him you bastards…… He most likely didn't cheat but even if he did he'ss smart enough to teach you pricks a 11 million dollar lesson so pay him and stfu.

  3. Joe Yerkes Soke


  4. Anonymous

    You know in some parts of the world if you don't pay your gambling debts they break your legs and then…….

  5. Anonymous

    how can he cheat if he's not touching the cards right? pay the man.

  6. Eddie Theisen

    He didn't dircetly own it, he was just a pro on the site. Ivy also held out on playing in any WSOP event until every player on Full Tilt was played and he's in a braclet race for the all time lead. So, yes he does have a spotless reputation

  7. Benny Christian

    i agree with u, if they can prove he cheated he shall be paid

  8. Yancy Slagle

    The odd part of this for me is that a player as skilled as Ivey at cards, especially games like Hold 'em, Omaha and Pineapple would play a game that basically are won by the luck of the draw. Seems like he's be more inclined to play games that required his incredible poker abilities.

  9. Bret Twigg

    For the record, he has had millions withheld from him from Full Tilt. He, along with many of the other pros, have been unsuccessfully suing them to try to obtain their bankrolls.

  10. Anonymous

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  11. Anonymous

    Eddie Theisen you need to get your facts straight before you comment and make a fool of yourself –
    Number 1 yes Ivey did have a percentage of ownership in Full Tilt
    Number 2 He held out of LAST years world series because of the shit storm that happened(he played in a number of events this year)
    Number 3 – NO ONE from the USA has been paid back yet

    Get your facts before posting again moron

  12. Anonymous

    Bret Twigg you people need to get your facts straight before you post and make yourself look like idiots

    Phil Ivey has NOTHING withheld by Full Tilt – he received millions in interest free loans – he milked the shit out of the company just like all the rest – and I have not been paid the money I am owed yet

  13. Anonymous

    Unless they can show proof that he was cheating, he should have been paid out on the spot. That is how casinos are supposed to operate. That is definitely what would happen at any casino in Las Vegas or AC, and probably any other casino in the US. If the casino is too small to handle the loss, they shouldn't have let him bet at such high stakes.

  14. Anonymous

    Some poker players avoid any games of skill, while others are known to play other casino games. Ivey is a HUGE craps player also. It doesn't surprise me that he plays other games as well.

  15. Charles Dilley

    WTF… Good Thing this guy IS a nice guy and known to be on the up n up. Pay him or tell the world why you're not.. maybe you simply don't have the money, maybe YOU as a casino aren't on the up n up.

  16. Jon Hennemann

    To quote Dan Harrington (80's -90's WSP Champ) "No Limit Hold'em is a game of wagering based on imperfect information that uses cards to construct the situations for wagering" All pro's are gamblers first.

  17. Anonymous

    Its not like some guy walked in off the street and had a lucky winning streak. One of the best poker players in the world sat at your table, you took his money, then he took all of yours and you are surprised. This is why I don't go to Vegas or Jersey.

  18. Anonymous

    Carl Christie These guys were used by the owner. They didn't have a clue what was going on.

  19. Anonymous

    He will never get this money. Most casino's like the ones in Vegas are under know obligation to pay you your winnings. Yes I couldn't believe it either.

  20. Anonymous

    Unless they can prove that he cheated–they need to pay the man.

  21. Olden Mann

    Spotless reputation? Now, that's a stretch. The guy was good friends with Lederer and Jesus. They ripped off Full Tilt Poker customers for ~50 million. Something smells fishy.

  22. Anonymous

    This casino, "Crockfords", is London's oldest and most prestigious casino, they definitely have the money to pay him… they already gave him back his 1.3 million, and have gone over all the 10+ cameras that had different angles on the man, with no cheating found! They need to pay him, and they will…. but they aren't making it easy to get the money so a man with such skill or 'luck' in this scenario, won't come back and take another 10+ million. I get it, but time is up Crockfords, you need to pay the man.
    On another note… Ivey has won *8* World Series of Poker bracelets, and now this amazing 11.5 million? The man knows what's up with card games…. my God

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