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Galaxy Note II Launching October 25 On T-Mobile, Includes Free ‘Need For Speed: Most Wanted’ Game

Galaxy Note II

The Samsung Galaxy Note II will be made available to T-Mobile customers on October 24. That release date was mentioned in an internal T-Mobile document that was leaked by TmoNews.

Aptly named a “phablet,” the device features a large 5.5-inch high definition display that is powered by the Google Android 4.1 Jelly Bean OS.

The biggest selling feature of the phablet is its new S Pen stylus, which comes equipped with the ability to generate various kinds of functions based on the user’s needs.

Also included with the Galaxy Note II is NFC capabilities for mobile payments and secure wireless syncing. The phablet will also run on the T-Mobile ‘4G’ network with HSPA+ data speeds.

T-Mobile will carry the Samsung created device in both titanium gray and marble white colors.

If you’re a fan of mobile gaming, T-Mobile and Samsung have also partnered to pre-install a free copy of Need for Speed: Most Wanted which should be awesome to play on a 5.5-inch display.

If that is not enough to convince you to purchase the smartphone, the Galaxy Note II also comes with 50GB of free Dropbox storage, which should be enough backup space for even the heaviest of device users when combined with their own device storage.

Samsung and T-Mobile have not yet revealed the price structure for the device.

Do you see the value in purchasing such a large device? Will you be making the switch over from the original Galaxy Note to this new phablet offering?

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3 Responses to “Galaxy Note II Launching October 25 On T-Mobile, Includes Free ‘Need For Speed: Most Wanted’ Game”

  1. Anonymous

    A few days remain until the 25th, which is the rumored release day, so I hope it’s true. I am getting the Note 2 from T-Mobile since they are the only provider with unlimited data. In many cases, it’s faster than the LTE phone that one of my DISH coworkers has. We use the DISH Remote Access app on our phones to stream live and recorded shows through the Sling Adapter that we have on our home receivers. With how much his phone buffers, it hardly seems worth paying extra for LTE. I like that I can stream any show I want and not have to worry about how much data I’m using. I hope the Note 2 comes in the next few days!

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