Apple Android 4 2 Keylime Pie

Google Analytics Spots Some Devices Running Google Android 4.2 ‘Key Lime’

Google Analytics is a great tool for discovering when new web browsers and mobile OS are being tested ahead of release. This week’s discovery showcases some users beta testing Google Android 4.2 “Keylime Pie,” the next iteration of the company’s uber-popular mobile operating system.

The Android Authority was delving through OS information when it stumbled upon the Android 4.2 notice in its analytics account, suggesting that Google is in final testing for the new OS.

The data not only revealed what is likely final testing for the OS, it also showed that it was being run on the Nexus 7, Samsung Galaxy Nexus, Sony Xperia Arc S, and even the entry-level Samsung Galaxy Y.

There is no guarantee that the Google Android 4.2 OS will arrive on all of those devices, but it’s a good sign that Google is testing its new OS on lower-end options.

Several rumored devices were also featured, specifically the Motorola Occam and Motorola Manta devices. Trying out Google Android 4.2 on Motorola Mobility devices makes sense now that Google controls the company.

Android Authority claims that Android 4.2 information has been showing up on devices since August.

With the follow-up to Jelly Bean on the radar and Apple suffering its first major outcries against its mobile OS, now would be the perfect time for Google to capitalize on its technologies to attract Apple users over to its competent and always improving operating system.

Are you excited for the upcoming release of Google Android 4.2 Keylime Pie, or will you be sticking beside the Apple iOS offering?

[Image via Pocket-Lint]