car sliced in half 2012

Car Sliced In Half In Gruesome Long Island Accident That Kills 4 Teens

A car was sliced in half by the force of the one-car accident, and four teens were tragically killed early Monday morning during a horrific accident on the Southern State Parkway near the border of Nassau County and Queens.

Four of the five teens killed when the car was sliced in half by the force of the accident died heading westbound on the Southern State at around 4 am. The victims were all teen boys from Queens: 17-year-old Neal Rajapa and 18-year-old Peter Kanhai of South Ozone Park, 19-year-old Darian Ramnarine, and 18-year-old Christopher Khan.

The sole survivor of the crash after the car was sliced in half on a stretch of road known as “dead man’s curve” (on which two other single-car accidents had occurred on the same day), was 17-year-old driver Joseph Beer. Beer possessed only a learner’s permit when he took his brand-new 2012 Subaru Impreza out for a spin at a time many of the kids’ parents say they did not even know their sons had left the house.

The tragic case has family, friends, and neighbors of all five of the boys in massive shock, and all were described as serious, studious young men with bright futures. Beer is said to have received the vehicle as a gift from his parents for enrolling early at St. John’s University, and teachers described him as a serious and dedicated student unlikely to get into trouble.

Beer is expected to pull through his injuries and survive, and investigators are attempting to piece together what happened in the moments leading up to the collision that sliced a car in half and killed four young men.