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Columbia Professor Marc Lamont Hill’s ‘Overrated White People’ List Includes Bill Clinton

15 most overrated white people list marc hill

Columbia professor and political commentator, Marc Lamont Hill, recognized Columbus Day by creating a “15 Most Overrated White People” list. Christopher Columbus is considered by some to be a controversial historical figure. Hill’s list was designed to highlight his belief that the national holiday is a “bizarre cultural” ritual.

In his Huffington Post blog, Hill maintains that history has proven Christopher Columbus to be both immoral and a treasure hunter. The Columbia professor points out how difficult it was for the explorer to discover a land which was already inhabited by indigenous non-whites.

Marc Lamont Hill had this to say about why he authored the list of overrated white people:

“To honor the true spirit of Columbus Day, I have created my own list of overrated white people. Of course, the list is not exhaustive, as there are countless other white people who are equally underwhelming.”

Although Marc Hill typically voices the liberal point of view when appearing Fox News and other programs, his overrated white people list takes aim at notables from both parties. Politicians and celebrities that Hill considers underwhelming include Ronald Reagan, Bill Clinton, Elvis Presley, Babe Ruth, President Obama’s economic team, Joel Osteen, Justin Bieber, William Shakespeare, Tim Tebow, and Eminem, according to excerpts republished on The Blaze.

The English professor had this to say about Bill Clinton:

“Black folk regularly regard Clinton as a messianic figure. He may have been better than Bush, but Slick Willie was far from a savior.”

Marc Lamont Hill notes that the tween favorite, Justin Bieber, can sing and dance, but feels the young man cannot perform better than dozens of black Rhythm and Blues singers. Hill also chastises President Obama’s economic team for pushing forward a business-as-usual strategy that he feels stimulates the wealthy, rewards big business, and denies poor people around the world the opportunity to earn a living wage.

Some “15 Most Overrated White People” list readers feel the professor’s blog post is racist and promotes an “us against them” mentality. What do you think?

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24 Responses to “Columbia Professor Marc Lamont Hill’s ‘Overrated White People’ List Includes Bill Clinton”

  1. Heather Johnson

    Even as a kid, I thought Columbus Day was silly. Why were we celebrating a man who got lost, refused to stop for directions, and still called the local people "Indians" even though he was clearly not in India?

  2. Liza Peterson

    What would happen if there was a list made of the 15 most overated black people? This is racism! What a joke!

  3. Liza Peterson

    What would happen if there was a list made of the 15 most overated black people? This is racism! What a joke!

  4. Chris Powers

    You should be ashamed. It's people like you that keeps the hate going. Always have to compare what black people don't get. I can tell you what you will get if you ever see me and that s Black-er eye.

  5. Sarah Davies

    Our society has reached a point where black racists can get away with racism like this because nobody dares to challenge them.

  6. Brian Withers

    Top ten most over-rated black people :

    1. Barack Obama— look at our economy.

    2. Martin Luther King Jr.— Plagiarist, chronic philanderer.

    3. Tupac Shakur– Common thug that knew how to speak fast and rape women.

    4. Jesse Jackson– Makes his living off of non existent race issues.

    5. Al Sharpton– Ambulance race chase.

    6. Michelle Obama– doesn't seem to like America.

    7. Minister Farrakhan– Racist man that believes white people were made by an evil scientist!

    8. Warren Balentine– Truth fighters? The way he talks on the radio, it's a wonder how he got through law school. Would he say aks, in front if the Supreme Court?

    9. Marc Lamont Hill- typical lifetime educator living in a bubble, who cares what he thinks.

    10. Spike Lee– What have you done lately?

  7. Diepiriye Sungumote Kuku-Siemons

    The fact is that if there has been discrimination in the past, then it stands to reason that there are hoards of mediocre whites in places of power, right? Think of it in terms of the legacy privileges that universities use. Whereas Black people simply do not harness the social or economic power to influence countless generations of whites in any way near to the way that whites have impacted Blacks. That's fact. Consider that "Black power" does not imply the demise of white people, because you hear people talking about pride, etc. BUt, white power has always meant the annihilation of all others.

  8. Diepiriye Sungumote Kuku-Siemons

    Indeed. And your characterization is an apt one. BECAUSE he was the right white guy, he was taken seriously, and history unfolded. yeah, he was lost, ignorant, bigoted and insensitive. These are apparently qualities that our culture celebrates in white men, yet demonizes in others. What if a woman had made such a mistake? Would she be branded yet another with or B*tch?

  9. Heather Johnson

    Once we get to a point where we can make lists of overrated black, asian, etc. people, then we'll know we've come a long way.

  10. Tim Hassan

    Ive been watching him on OREILLY for years and found his comments are infused with racism so this list is of no suprise to me. Howd he like it if a list of 15 underwhelming black people was out there? let me see, lets fix that : 15) Barry Bonds, 14) Denzel Washington, 13) Jesse Jackson Sr., 12) Michael Jackson, 11) Morgan Freeman, 10) Nelson Mandela, 9) Maya Angelou, 8) Hank Aaron, 7) Jim Brown, 6) Al Sharpton, 5) Tupac Shakur, 4) Louis Farrakhan, 3) Michelle Obama, 2) Barrack Obama and last but not least the over rated, underwhelming 1) Martin Luther King Jr…….so Professor Hill how you like them apples?

  11. Anonymous

    Let's see,
    1) Rosa Parks was too lazy to get out of her seat. The bus was probably going to work.
    2) Martin Luther King Jr? Hell, I have dreams all of the time.
    3) Obama? Oh wait, never mind, he's Muslim.
    4) George Washington Carver learned how to grow crops because he was allowed to do it for white people.
    5) Booker Taliafero Washington was a poet. Come on… Roses are red, violets are blue, the top five are black and booker is too. Okay, can I be famous now, I wrote a poem.

    If you want, I can continue my list, but I fear that I might be over-rated.

  12. Anonymous

    yes that was wrong and I don't agree with my comments, but it goes to show that anyone can create stupidity, just like Hill did. He's an over educated idiot.

  13. Anonymous

    Yes Troy we missed all but the last however many years we are old. And the fact is, in yourlife time, racism has been equal. You have more rights than the average white person. Hopefully you suceed with the rights that you have been afforded. Also, I hope when you do suceed, tht you let go of a sad history that has only impacted you positively and do something productive with your success. Not write some absurd ass-brained list like Mac Hill did. He is a very smart racist, Comunist idiot. Be better than that.

  14. Anonymous

    Diepiriye Sungumote Kuku-Siemons, I like your appraoch, but think that your "facts" are merely perceptions. Theories, hypothesis', studies, and most other educational approaches to "facts" are just that… perceptions. Sure we have mediocre white people in positions of power, just as we do black people. Barack Obama is a prime example. While he is great at political deception (like most politicians) any work that he has ever done (which is very little) has been mediocre, at best. He really hasn't done much in the way of production. His attendance and voting record in the Senate is far below average. All in all, he's not a strong person. We could call out Jessee Jackson, and many others, but the true FACT is, that whether black, white, asian, indian, or martian, people are weak and everyone has a positives and negatives. The closer you get to the top, the more people gun for you. I don't know what you do, but I'm sure that someone would say that you don't deserve it and that something about you is overrated. Not because you are a certain color, just because things work tht way. When one chooses to put race, color, creed, nationality, age, sex, etc to a group of people, that become discrimination and nothing more. Stop living around how white people that you know nothing about impacted black people, again that you know nothing about and make something of yourself as a person, not a person of a race. The list is racist and uncalled for. Don't make my list of….. whatever it becomes

  15. Jason Chestnut

    He had the courage to make a journey across an ocean that at the time had no conceivable end. Was he lucky, hell, he had to be. It's not like he knew where an undiscovered land was. What have you ever done but take a self indulgent picture of yourself, agree with an idiot that believes Columbus should ask for directions (Indians??? seriously…moron), and post on this site! You are a lemming!!…Sorry, I just noticed that you are a "Top Commenter", I take back everything I said!!!

  16. Zepher Stone

    Marc Lamont is a racist. He hates Asians. Why put down the only Asian man down in the NBA. California HIgh school player of the year and did not receive one college scholarship. Isn't it remarkable he overcame all these odds? The fact is there are a lot of overpaid athletes. Why focus just on one kid who barely played 38 games? Why all the hate Marc? Because you have a complex. PHD = Playa Hating Degree.

  17. Peter Pappas

    Dipiriye, stop feeling sorry for yourself. Life is unfair. Good looking, tall, intelligent people get all the breaks. Deal with it and stop being a victim. It's pathetic. As Shakespeare (an underrated white man) said "The fault is not in the stars, but in ourselves, that we are underlings."

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