Do The Paul Ryan Music Video

‘Do The Paul Ryan’ Music Video Hits The Web [Watch]

Just in time for Thursday’s vice presidential debate, GOP challenger Paul Ryan has a cheesy yet funny music video in his honor.

The video is called “Do The Paul Ryan” and was apparently made by The National 912 PAC and Little Bonanza productions. In the video, the Paul Ryan-smitten lead singer among other things enthusiastically declares that “8 percent unemployment really sucks, but 8 percent body fat really rocks!”

Of course, everyone knows the real-world unemployment rate is much higher than that, but the video seems to be more concerned with the results of Paul Ryan’s famous p90x workout regimen.

Viewers can also vote for who’s hotter, Paul Ryan, the Wisconsin Congressman, or incumbent VP Joe Biden at the website. Guess who’s winning that contest?

Ryan will be debating Biden on Thursday evening at Centre College in Danville, Kentucky from 9 to 10:30 pm Eastern time, and it will be moderated by Martha Raddatz of ABC News. Reportedly Biden has been off the campaign trail for six days so he can cram for the event. The debate will cover both domestic and foreign policy issues.

According to Steven Hayward of the Powerline blog, “All I can say is if you like the theory that the coolest campaign wins, Romney-Ryan are indeed heading for a landslide.”

Watch the “Do The Paul Ryan” music video:

Do you think this video will actually change any votes? What do you think will be the outcome of Thursday’s vice presidential debate between Paul Ryan and Joe Biden?