Charlie is still biting Harry's finger

‘Charlie Bit My Finger’ Kids Get A Web Series [Report]

Charlie and Harry Davies-Carr of the now-legendary “Charlie bit my finger – again!” YouTube video are set to headline a web series documenting more of their daily antics.

Nearly everyone over the past five years has affected their best English accent and proclaimed “Char-lie! That really hurt!” or “Charlie bit me!” in humorous ode to a viral YouTube hit that debuted in 2007 and has racked up almost 500 million views. When Charlie bit Harry’s finger, the two made internet history (and quite a lot of money, t’boot) and now the Davies-Carr family is betting that their boys will do it again with a new web series.

According to Mashable, the companies Viral Spiral and Rightster have teamed up to produce and market the series, which will follow the now-6-year-old and 8-year-old Charlie and Harry and document their daily antics. Apparently, the boys have more in them than a mere 56-second film, and the two production companies are banking on it.

Reports suggest that the Davies-Carr family walked away from “Charlie bit my finger” with a cool $500,000 in advertising kick-backs. Their sons became an internet sensation with the sixth most-viewed video on YouTube, inspiring a blog, a t-shrit, and an app along the way.

We don’t know anything thus far, aside from the plan to adapt “Charlie bit my finger” into a web series. How many episodes will there be? How long will they be? Are the Davies-Carr kids still funny? Perhaps more importantly, are they still cute? We’ll let you know when we know.

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