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Pittsburgh Teacher Assaulted, Knocked Out Cold By Teenager [Video]

Pittsburgh CAPA school exterior

Pittsburgh, PA – A teacher was viciously punched in the face by a teenager in an unprovoked after-school attack in downtown Pittsburgh last Thursday, and the disgusting ambush was caught on a newly released surveillance video.

James Addlespurger, 50, an English teacher at Pittsburgh’s Creative and Performing Arts magnet school located in the downtown cultural district, was sucker-punched while walking down an alley near the school and was knocked unconscious. The video shows the teacher’s head hitting the curb after he was blindedsided as the perpetrator and five other of his friends walk away and treat the whole thing as a big joke.

The suspect and the others in the group are still at large, but Pittsburgh police are confident that they will identify them and track them down especially with the release of the video into the public domain. Police also indicated that they don’t believe the teens involved in the attack on the teacher are themselves students at the Pittsburgh magnet school, which offers six art majors (visual arts, literary arts, theater, instrumental music, vocal music, and dance).

The detective investigating the case called the assault on the Pittsburgh teacher a “sick, cowardly act.”

Mr. Addlespurger is recovering at home after being treated at a local hospital. He has yet to make any public statements to the media about the assault.

Watch Pittsburgh CAPA teacher Jim Addlespurger being assaulted by a teenager in an alley in the downtown section of the city in this report aired by the CBS affiliate KDKA Channel 2:

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21 Responses to “Pittsburgh Teacher Assaulted, Knocked Out Cold By Teenager [Video]”

  1. Joe Dutra

    The gang of thugs has been identified as a group of gay young men.

  2. King Fox Mathias II

    Those kids should be arrested. Future gang members if not already. They should be tried as adults and punished. This is what happens a society that puts feelings in priority over right and wrong. And children are raised with a sense of entitlement and this is the result. Disgusting.

  3. Christie Halldorson

    If that was my kid, id hall his ass down to the police station myself! Disgraceful!
    I'm a tree hugging liberal but I say bring the paddle back in schools. There are no consequences so kids act like this

  4. Tammie Schmidt-Austad

    Hope they catch those teenagers, but really glad the teacher is okay.

  5. Danielle Bord

    My nephew graduated from CAPA last june. I lived in pitts. for a while and sad to say it is the mentality of the people in that region. My nephew got out of there and I pray my neice does too.

  6. Anonymous

    Remember white or non-black people, your not suppose to feel any angst or fear when you walk down an alley alone with black kids…well, because that would be racist to make that kind of judgement.

  7. Anonymous

    Hate crime? Nah, White men aren't worth as much in the eyes of the law. Now if it would have been a bunch of white kids hitting a black man, well, that's a different story (of course I don't see that happen very much, almost never). Don't you just love our f***-up country! For those of you voting for Obama…that bid was sarcasm. That means I really don't like what has become of our country.

  8. Anonymous

    Just think about what was going through this kids head. "oh, snap! A older white guy alone and outnumbered, I hate white people but especially white men. I've always wanted to do this!" "That's for slavery cracker!"

  9. Ellen Odell

    Unless he has some kind of brain damage or disease, that kid had to learn that kind of behavior somewhere!
    Whenever minorities complain about the violent kids in their own cultures, I want to ask, "WHO RAISED THESE VIOLENT KIDS?"

  10. Fred C Ellenburg

    Throws the book at the scum bags regardless of their ages.

  11. Joseph Stratton

    If the races were reversed, they would be calling this a 'hate crime'.

  12. David Carter

    Well lets assume this happened at school the student would get suspended for a week or so, now lets assume instead of a teacher it was another student or on the bus the kid would only get a three day suspension, so why is everyone wanting to get the police involved. OHH wait I get it one person assaulting another is a crime not just something that should be handled with suspensions, remember that next time some bully get a five day suspension for assaulting a kid at school.

  13. Hector Rodriguez

    I actually blame the worthless parents of these kids and the laws that basically give kids more power over the adults. Let me tell you, if one of my boys was involved in something like this, they know I'd better not find out. It gives me the sh*ts when parents claim they can't raise their kids because of their 3 jobs. STOP HAVING KIDS IF YOU CAN'T RAISE THEM!

  14. Anonymous

    We need more cameras everywhere. Technology is the enemy of the dumb urban animal. The more cameras that are installed the higher probability that we can catch these worthless morons and put them away before they kill. This should be attempted murder.

  15. Dave Bagdy

    well I'm an older white guy and will be outnumbered; ))) I think I'll walk that alley every chance I get.

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