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BBC iPlayer Radio Rolls Out For iOS, Android Coming Soon

The BBC is on a social media and mobile tear lately. Only a short time after announcing two new YouTube content channels, the company on Monday rolled out the BBC iPlayer Radio app for iOS. The free program is currently available in the App Store and functions as a standalone radio service for mobile devices.

Using iPlayer, Radio fans of the BBC can listen to the network’s live radio programming and on-demand content directly from their iOS device.

The company also announced that an Android application is currently in development, although no estimated time of arrival has been announced for that smartphone.

Using the application, listeners can access all 57 BBC radio stations and their available live streams. Users are also given access to individual program pages that provide extra information about each show alongside their future broadcast schedules.

Also included are video clips from the shows and on-demand episodes and podcasts which can be viewed at any time.

The app even includes an alarm function which turns the program into a radio alarm clock.

Moving customers to a digital format is important for the BBC; the UK government has promised to switch off FM broadcasters once most users have converted from analog to digital signals. Buying a DAB digital radio allows users to listen to broadcasts and use dedicated satellite channels and internet streams.

Will you be listening to the BBC on your Apple or Google based mobile OS, or will you hold out until FM stations cease to exist?

iRadio Player

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