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Jessica Ridgeway Missing: Search For 10-Year-Old Girl Expands With Backpack Discovery

The search for Jessica Ridgeway expanded this weekend when authorities found the little girl’s backpack and water bottle in the town of Superior, Missouri.

Ridgeway went missing after school on Friday morning on her way to school in Westminster, Colorado. According to the Denver Post, the 10-year-old girl’s backpack and water bottle were found in the Rock Creek subdivision in Superior.

Westminster police spokesman Trevor Materasso said:

“Obviously, it gives the investigation something to go on. At this time, we don’t have more information of her being in Rock Creek other than the backpack being found.”

Over 800 volunteers spent the weekend searching for the little girl. Authorities have now expanded the search area in an effort of locating Jessica Ridgeway. Officers, police dogs, and detectives are currently searching through Superior for the 10-year-0ld girl.

CBS reports that police have already searched the home shared by Ridgeway’s father and grandmother.

Donna Moss, the girl’s grandmother, said:

“The police asked if they could search my house and I said yes because we’d do anything in the world to get her back… We want her back as soon as we can get her.”

Ridgeway’s father, who lives in Missouri, is currently in a custody battle for the little girl. Police do not believe, however, that he was involved in the girl’s disappearance.

A missing Jessica Ridgeway Facebook page has been set up for people trying to find the little girl. Missing posters can be downloaded from the site, and tips can be shared.

Police are asking volunteers to stop searching for the girl at the moment because it interferes with the work of the police dogs. A new search may be initiated at a later time.

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