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Actress Stacey Dash Attacked On Twitter After Voicing Support For Mitt Romney

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Actress Stacey Dash of Clueless and CSI fame initiated a firestorm on Twitter after she announced her support for Mitt Romney. Shortly after she endorsed the Republican presidential nominee, angry tweets which claimed she was not “black enough” and asked the young woman to kill herself flooded her Twitter page.

Dash’s Twitter post read:

“Vote for Romney. The only choice for your future.”

The short tweet also included several Mitt Romney hashtags and a photo of herself next to an American flag. One angry man who presumably supports President Barack Obama’s re-election posted this on Stacey’s Twitter page:

“This hurts, but you a Romney lover and you sl*****g yourself to the white man only proves why no black man married you.”

Once news of the Stacey Dash attack spread quickly online, a new hashtag was born: #ISupportStaceyDash. Some Twitter users applauded the actress for using her First Amendment rights to voice her support for the man she believes should win in November and for not giving in to angry tweeted infused with racism, The Blaze reports.

Both black and white Twitter users who attached posts to the new hashtag noted the actress is voting with her brain and not her skin color and applauded her for judging the candidates based on the content of their character.

The television star was apparently undeterred by the surprising reaction to her presidential endorsement and fired back at some of those who uttered vicious insults in her direction. Dash not only re-tweeted her original Mitt Romney endorsement but reminded visitors to her page that she is entitled to her own opinion.

A follow-up tweet posted by Stacy Dash read:

“Women have had enough of Barack Obama’s disappointment. We need new leadership to get our economy growing again.”

Twitchy published some of the angry and supportive tweets which were garnering a lot of attention online. Warning, some of the posts contain graphic language.

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11 Responses to “Actress Stacey Dash Attacked On Twitter After Voicing Support For Mitt Romney”

  1. Shane Williams Sr.

    Wow. People who wont vote Obama (not just republicans) tend to give you reason when they tell you why or try to sway you not to. It figures the Obama slober fest would resort to grade school insults.

  2. James K. Miller

    We have got to address the overt despicable racism, intolerance & hate coming from the Black community and liberals. These two groups are by far the Most racist, hate filled areas of our society. The fact that 98% of blacks voted for Obama in 2008 is evidence of their being almost completely polluted and occupied by racism…Disgraceful!

  3. Tammy Glover

    martan l. king ,{REP} lincon{REP} segragation cause came from (DEM.} KKK.big part of the {DEM}party in the 60s.Just don't under stand why on earth other than skin color black people would even consider voting for a demacratic pupet like Obama knowing how the demacrates have done blacks the way they have been treated for the past 250 years. he is just doing what he is told. reson for this idea is dems have tried to get this same health bill through ever since bill Clinton was in office the only way it get past was because dems new if they put obama in office it would get the black people and the poor peoples simpathy. and through crocked back room deals got it… o also 6 trill. or more in debt….whitch if this econ don't get straight out and going in a pos. direction. china will be in control of the USA..or what ever they will call it.

  4. Shane Wright

    i think the Us is almost part of China ! …lol, but im a person about Promises, and i remember Obama promising the world on elction, he has basically delivered very little…let someone else have a crack

  5. Sandra Criss

    Biggest crock of BS I have tried to read! I can't believe you wrote this.

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