$4,500 Gas Heist

$4,500 Gas Stolen During California Heist

Approximately $4,500 worth of gas was siphoned from a California gas station over the span of three days, according to ABC News. With the price of gasoline rising to record levels on the West Coast, folks are taking extreme measures to ensure they have plenty of fuel without having to pay through the nose in order to acquire it.

Authorities in Roseville, California arrested the man who may be responsible for siphoning $4,500 worth of gasoline out of an area gas station. However, his female accomplice is reportedly still at large as of this writing. Over the course of several days, police claim the suspect and his cohort managed to swipe nearly 1,100 gallons of gasoline while the station was closed for business. How the thieves turned on the pumps remains a mystery.

According to KCRA, the thief casually pulled up next to the filling station and proceeded to pump a large amount of fuel into the tanks located in the bed of his truck. “He stopped. He knew what he was doing obviously. Got inside the pumps, bypassed it so he could just take as much gas as he wanted,” store employee Cory Cookson explained.

The amount of gas stolen during the heist — nearly 1,100 over the course of three or four days — has led authorities to speculate that the thieves intended to sell the gasoline on the black market.

“That much gas, I don’t think he’s going to hoard it for himself, he’s probably trying to sell it to people he knows, so he could be trying to make money,” Cookson theorized. Regarding the gas station itself, the employee revealed that changes are currently being made to prevent this sort of thing from happening again in the future.

“Now we turn off the pumps at night so no one can even purchase gas at night, which is also going to hurt us because now we don’t get any gas sales during the night,” he explained.

Although gas station owner Tony Sandhu doesn’t know whether or not he can recover the money from the $4,500 gas heist, he hopes the thieves spend quite a bit of time behind bars for their crimes.