Ie Cubes net worth goes up, what about his wife and wife

About Ice Cube’s Net Worth, His Unique Relationship With Wife And Son O’Shea

Born O’Shea Jackson, Ice Cube is an accomplished actor, rapper, songwriter, filmmaker, and record producer. Currently age 47, he has an estimated net worth of about $140 million. He began his music career in the 1980s, initially joining the C.I.A. rap group. He, later on, became a member of N.W.A. N.W.A was one of the most controversial rap groups in America in the late 80s, with its music featuring explicit lyrics that degraded women and glorified crime and drugs.

Although the group was consequently banned from mainstream radio, it was very influential, selling more than 10 million records in the United States alone. That said, Ice Cube left the group in 1989 to become a solo artist. He became a rap success, with his rap style being generally aggressive, featuring controversial socio-political and violent lyrics. Going through some of his accolades, he is listed in MTV’s 10 Greatest MCs of All-Time at No. 8, while The Source has included him in its Top 50 Lyricists of All-Time list where he is ranked No. 14.

Some of the films Ice Cube has been involved in over the years include appearances in Anaconda (1997), Trespass (1992), and Dangerous Ground (1997). He also directed the movies Color Me Badd and Prince and co-wrote Friday (1995). On to his family, he currently has four kids, namely O’Shea Jackson Jr, Darryl Jackson, Kereema Jackson, and Shareef Jackson with his wife Kimberly Woodruff.

Ice Cube and his wife got married on April 26, 1992, with their relationship still going strong, making the couple one of the most solid in Hollywood. During a recent interview with Today, he hailed her as his backbone, saying he couldn’t have made it without her. Delving a bit into their union, the following was Ice Cube’s description of their first meeting and how the two are able to stay together.

“The first thing I thought [when meeting her] was, ‘Wow, she could be your woman.’ The first time we met, she wasn’t feeling me, but the next time, we had more time to get to know each other… It’s a true partnership. I respect my wife and she respects me. I still get the butterflies when I see her. Romance and sex doesn’t have to fade. I still want her to look at me and say ‘this is the man I still want to be with.'”

That is as reported by Black Doctor. He also describes his typical day and her contribution in his daily life. The following is his revelation.

“I wake up at 5:30, six in the morning, but don’t head into the office right away. I like to hang out with my wife, talk about things, get some coffee, you know. I go light on breakfast. Sometimes it’s a yogurt, but a lot of times it’s leftovers from one of my wife’s dinners. She’s the best cook, so I don’t bother to even try cooking–it’d be like if she went to go make a record, we just both do what we’re best at.”

On to his relationship with his son O’Shea Jackson, the two are seemingly close and last year, Ice Cube presented his son with VH1’s “Big in 2015” award, terming him as his biggest accomplishment. He also expressed how proud he was about his son trying to make it in Hollywood during the Barbershop: The Next Cut premiere.

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Just recently, Ice Cube also got a bit overprotective over O’Shea after Khloe Kardashian declared on television that she would totally “bang” his son O’Shea. Ice Cube suggested that she stay away from the 25-year-old as she was married. This was during an interview with BET. You can check out the video below.

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