Song Hye-kyo goddess of asia

Song Hye-kyo Slaps China In The Face, Talent Always Triumphs, Proves Goddess Of Asia

Much to the delight of fans worldwide, South Korean actress Song Hye-kyo just won the Pan-Asia beauty contest Goddess of Asia.

Hosted by a Chinese enterprise, the contest evaluated participants based on beauty, brains and popularity.

The results were announced on the website nvshen on Monday.

Under normal circumstances, it would have come as no surprise if Song Hye-kyo had taken home the Goddess of Asia crown. However, with the series of unfortunate events in the recent past, Song Hye-kyo’s win does seem an accomplishment.

Here’s how Song Hye-kyo beat all odds. The Goddess of Asia contest began on July 1.

At the time, all was well between South Korea and China. Moreover, during the time of the virtual pageant, China was still hooked on to the K-drama Descendants of the Sun starring Song Hye-kyo, which concluded in April. The performance of Song Hye-kyo and her co-star Song Joong-ki was brilliantly spectacular, and in China the fan count for the duo skyrocketed. Any aspect of Song Hye-kyo and Song Joong-ki was much celebrated.

However, this happiness was short-lived for actress Song Hye-kyo. In August, China declared a ban on all Hallyu stars. Some lost major contracts, some were banned from attending fan meets.

In short, China did everything to thwart the success of South Korean stars. And this childish act by China is a response to South Korea’s decision to deploy the Terminal High Altitude Area Defense (THAAD).

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Despite this ban, Song Hye-kyo maintained her poise and started actively engaging in projects in China.

Meanwhile, some fans speculated that China rigged the Goddess of Asia website to prevent Song Hye-kyo or any South Korean actress from winning. Despite these concerns, Song Hye-kyo fans toiled day and night to ensure that the actress emerge victorious and she did.

The moment fans figured out the results, they pinged Song Hye-kyo on Instagram and congratulated her.

User xu6815 said, “Congratulations, my good girl! You get the 2016 Asian goddess in china! This is not easy. Are you happy? We were so excited that we didn’t sleep for a night! If you are very happy, give us a look at your latest beautiful photos, give us a reward!”

Another fan on Instagram was enthusiastic about the win.

“Unnie! We made it. Congrats, you will be crowned as the Goddess of Asia 2016. All the hard work, has paid off! This is all for you, we love you and we will support you till the end. Congratulations Unnie,” said user larquezada29 on the social media platform.

What’s worth noting is that despite the ban on Hallyu, Song Hye-kyo has always maintained her poise and charm.

Recently, the actress promoted Laneige’s campaign “Her True Colors.” According to the report by Asia Starz, the South Korean actress, who is in her thirties, flaunted her flawless face by elegantly showcasing different shades of Laneige lipstick. Song Hye-kyo has been the brand’s ambassador since 2008. Besides Laneige, Song Hye-kyo has endorsed various popular brands, including Levi’s Lady Style, Etude House, Conway, Olay, and LG.

Until the next goddess is elected, Song Hye-kyo will proudly carry with her the title of “Goddess of Asia.” Besides, she will also be featured along with nine other runner-ups on the cover page of a top Chinese magazine, according to a report by Inquisitr.

The style and charisma displayed by Song Hye-kyo in the K-drama stole the hearts of millions of fans not only in Asia, but across the world. Song Hye-kyo became an embodiment of Korean beauty when young women across Asia started surfing the supermarkets for lipsticks, clothes, and accessories that the actress sported in Descendants of the Sun.

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