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Model Step Feliz Grabs 100 Penises In Response To Controversial YouTube ‘Social Experiment’ [Video]

Many YouTube personalities have attempted to use the video-sharing site as a way to teach a necessary lesson or two, but one beauty may have somehow missed her own point by pulling off a problematic “social experiment.”

In response to a previously controversial visual that was offered by Moises Castro, better known to his audience as Niti2Show, Dominican model Step Feliz recently teamed up with Castro in order to give him a taste of his own seemingly-misogynistic medicine by showing him what it was like to be manhandled by a complete stranger.

As noted by Unilad, the clip, entitled “Primera Dominicana En Toca 100 Penes,” or “The First Dominican Woman To Touch 100 Penises,” features Feliz literally walking around a town while fondling, grabbing and rubbing up on a bunch of random men with her hands. Most of whom she accosts are immediately taken aback by her forwardness, with some of them attempting to pull away from her reaches. However, there are others who are seemingly more than fine with having an attractive stranger approach them in such a crass way.

The video can be seen below. Be warned that it is slightly NSFW, the Inquisitr readers.

Once Step reaches the 99th individual, whose genitals she makes direct contact with by going inside of his basketball shorts, she returns to Castro’s residence and makes him her final target. Feliz then implores those who are watching to follow her on Instagram and to subscribe to Niti2Show’s channel, before walking out of frame.

“Wait, explain to me why you did that,” a bewildered Castro inquires. “Touching 100 penises on my channel? Why did you do that?”

To answer that, one would have to be familiar with another of Castro’s “social experiments” from October 2015. In that video, titled “Primer Dominicano En Tocar 100 Tetas,” more innocently translated as “The First Dominican Man To Touch 100 Breasts,” Niti2Show approaches 100 women and places his hands on their chests. Most involved seemed to be in on the joke, but just as with Feliz’s act, some of the ladies do show noticeable contempt on their faces.

To make the matter even worse, every time Castro reaches a multiple of 10 with his subjects, a “1-UP’ sound effect from the legendary Nintendo game, Super Mario Bros., is played. That visual can be seen here. Please be advised that it is also a bit NSFW.

Reactions to Feliz’s video are mixed, with some taking it as a fantasy that they’d love to be a part of.

“Sign me up,” Unilad commenter Tom Kaye expressed. “Wish girls would do this ‘experiment’ in my town!”

Others, however, could not help but notice that unlike in Castro’s first video, where most of the women came across as active participants, the men from Feliz’s response were clearly unaware of what was going on.

step feliz
Moises Castro, a.k.a. Niti2Show. [Image by Niti2Show/Facebook]

“The problem is that, in the other video, he gropes women’s breasts and they seem to have given the go-ahead before the video (note the thumbs up to the camera and so on),” adds Callum Peat, “whereas the men [in Feliz’s video] didn’t seem to realize what was going to happen. The biggest problem [I have, however], is that I don’t know of a single person who thinks that groping girls at random is perfectly fine, and so this video has no purpose other than to be edgy.”

Regardless of the opinion of those who have viewed it, Feliz seems to be loving the attention it has brought her.

“Wow, making this video was not easy,” she relayed on her Instagram while celebrating the 1.75 million views it has amassed since being posted on Castro’s channel.

Wao pero esto no esta facil video 17.5 millones uufff rico

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