President Obama knew about Clinton's unauthorized email server all along.

FBI Docs Reveal Obama Knew About Clinton’s Private Server All Along

President Obama has spent the last eight years being progressive, and not in a good way. He has progressively disappointed his base with each and every year that passes. His policies and governing style have progressively become more right of center than the platform upon which he originally ran in 2008. He has progressively become more authoritarian, has jailed and condemned whistleblowers, and has used drone strikes that killed innocent civilians in war-torn countries.

And now, the FBI has released documents that reveals Obama lied to the American people at least on one occasion: He sent Hillary Clinton emails over her private email server using a pseudonym. Previously, the President has said he never knew about the server until it was brought to the public’s attention. The correspondence occurred while Clinton was serving as Secretary of State, so Obama was clearly aware that she was using an unauthorized, unsecured server on which to conduct national security business.

The FBI released 189 pages of interviews with Clinton aides, such as Huma Abedin, Cheryl Mills, and Jake Sullivan. These documents provided proof that Obama communicated with Clinton, but do not provide the contents of the emails due to presidential privilege. The Hill reports that when Abedin was told that a sender’s name through Clinton’s private email server was actually a pseudonym for President Obama, she was visibly surprised.

“How is this not classified?”

Shane Harris, senior correspondent with The Daily Beast, tweeted a portion of FBI docs wherein Abedin told the FBI that Clinton had to notify the White House when she changed her email so Clinton could continue to send messages to Obama.

“Abedin noted that the President could only receive emails from approved addresses. She recounted that when Clinton changed her primary email address they had to notify the White House so that Clinton’s emails would not be rejected by the server.

Indeed, Abedin’s shock at how easy it was to reveal who was behind the presidential pseudonym really should come as no surprise. After all, President Obama has spent the last eight years disappointing his supporters, many of whom have spent the last eight years blaming Republican obstructionism for the President’s lack of progressive actions.

FBI docs reveal Obama knew about Clinton's private server all along.
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The Daily Beast notes that Abedin also told FBI investigators that “she routinely expected people sending information to Clinton to know what information was classified and what should or shouldn’t be sent via email”

Could this mean that Obama probably should have known better than to send Clinton emails over her private server using a pseudonym without marking it classified?

This latest revelation seems to prove that unlike his outward facade of compassion and change, Obama is more of the same political establishment corruption that the American people have grown vocally weary of.

If Obama weren’t in the last four months of his term his lying to protect Clinton about her email server would be an impeachable offense, no doubt. And the recent revelation that Clinton’s former IT tech, Paul Combetta, allegedly asked Reddit how to scrub her name from emails shows intent to obstruct justice into a federal investigation.

Earlier this week, the Inquisitr discussed how Redditors connected the dots of Combetta’s various online accounts, leading them to a 2-year-old post where a user named stonetear asked the r/Exchange subreddit how to remove a sender’s name from emails that had already been delivered. Combetta eventually deleted thousands of emails from Clinton’s server since there is no way to strip a name from an already sent email.

FBI docs reveal Obama knew about Clinton's private server all along.
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Not only did President Obama know about the private email server, he likely knew about the utter mess Clinton was making of national security at the State Department, which makes his lie all the more damning. It also answers the question as to why the FBI chose not to recommend indictment Clinton, for to do so would mean they would have to also recommend action against Obama. The President may be worried that his legacy is being destroyed by hackers, leaks, and rumors about Clinton and her private email server, but the truth is, he destroyed it with his dishonesty and shady dealings long before anyone knew what he was doing. Perhaps, instead of “Hope and Change,” Obama’s 2008 campaign slogan should have read, “More of the Same.”

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